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The country music I grew up with loves to wax poetic about family traditions. We know a thing or two about buying and selling mobile homes. My dad, David, spent the better part of his teenage years working on a Clayton Homes lot in Richmond, Kentucky: He was a high school student when he began at the company during the mids, and continued on as he put himself through Eastern Kentucky University as a first-generation college student.

Years earlier, his older brother, Randy, purchased a mobile home when he returned from service in the Korean War.

In a world where affordable housing stock is growing scarcer by the day, prefab homes, manufactured and modular alike, are gaining serious steam for the first time since Richard Nixon was elected president. A friend sent me this website article of yours tonight. From Adam Ant to Zig Ziglar, what a great collection of quotations.

Randy had a new wife, a young daughter, and no real credit, so a traditional home loan was impossible. Today, as we creep ever deeper into an affordable-housing crisis, my desire to understand this massive housing market seems more pressing than ever: Selling factory-made homes today requires linguistic and branding dexterity on several levels, but perhaps the most important is this: Never, ever call them mobile homes.

Amateur Hookup Pics Quotes Of Inspirational Women Leaders

Those within the sales and production side of the industry are dogged about ensuring that any model created or sold after the adoption of the HUD Code is not discussed with the same lingo as those units made before federal regulations kicked in.

Every manufactured home today has been through vigorous wind safety tests.

Amateur Hookup Pics Quotes Of Inspirational Women Leaders

My dad worked on the lot through the HUD adoption, but he mainly noticed the technical differences in the models. Mostly, he says, people still called them mobile homes. We only want to enjoy our homes.

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The most popular kissing cousin to the manufactured home is the modular home, which is made in a factory but assembled on site—not hauled there. Then there are tiny houses, which have struck an eco-friendly, minimalist chord with millennials, but technically fall more in the recreational home RV family than manufactured homes. But we find some of our members are building much smaller homes to appeal to that group.

In a world where affordable housing stock is growing scarcer by the day, prefab homes, manufactured and modular alike, are gaining serious steam for the first time since Richard Nixon was elected president. When my dad decided to attend law school in the late s, Jim Clayton, founder of Clayton Homes, wrote a letter of recommendation on his behalf.

Today, though, Clayton's connection to the lives of lower-level employees seems click here nutty. Now the company is a do-it-all industry leader that even serves as a distribution center for other manufacturer's homes.

A trailer or motor vehicle with basic home-like amenities meant for on-the-road, largely recreational travel. I shall make of this day, each moment of this day, a heaven on earth. He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life. What a peaceful world that would be.

Thus sounds the death knell for private mobile home retailers. And if the past 15 years are any indication, people are learn more here for good reason. According to industry experts, manufactured-home sales suffered during the housing bubble of the early s because loans for traditional, site-built homes were so readily available—even for those with poor credit.

And they seem to be catching on once again. According to reports, 81, new manufactured homes were shipped in —a 15 percent increase from the previous year.

These parks range from a half dozen to over units, and the thought of that seems, well, a little ridiculous. But under the tutelage of Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds, and their company, Mobile Home Universitystudents have been drawn en masse to a curriculum that makes the thought of purchasing a park not only seem like a stellar investment, but also downright practical.

For over a decade now, Rolfe and Reynolds who own more than manufactured-home communities in the U. MHU operates off of several key principles: Affordable housing is scarce. And the likelihood that residents of a mobile-home park can afford to pack up and move their mobile home is practically none. Put in a little bit of elbow grease to make some modest improvements, and purchasing a mobile-home park means that rent can be raised, and a profit turned, with little likelihood Amateur Hookup Pics Quotes Of Inspirational Women Leaders residents looking for greener pastures.

And, sometimes, the board is used to seek advice in a crisis: How to get him to pay for demolition? One of the biggest points of discussion is the importance of targeting the right geographic region for your park purchase. Over mobile-home parks have shuttered in the past 20 years across California as developers look to repurpose the land for more lucrative projects.

Those parks that remain have become of ever-increasing importance for families in need of affordable housing, and are prime opportunities for potential park owners looking to keep the communities intact.

But scratch the stereotyped surface, and an entirely different picture of mobile home parks begins to reveal itself.

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Dig even deeper, and it quickly becomes clear that, in their highest form, the social fiber of these communities is everything a more traditional neighborhood wishes it could be. For starters, the majority of trailer parks are uniquely safe.

They are also places with fairly strict aesthetic guidelines. In well-managed manufactured-home communities, the rules and regulations regarding exterior maintenance and cleanliness are typically robust, and often result in fines if the rules are broken.

Sundial Mobile Home Park in Salem, Oregon, even gives a blow-by-blow of what paint colors residents can use on their homes: Homes must be washed and painted as Amateur Hookup Pics Quotes Of Inspirational Women Leaders with colors pre-approved by landlord. Neutral or light colors are acceptable and may be trimmed with a contrasting color.

Most park residents spend years if not a lifetime in the same spot. Manufactured-home parks are a two-part scenario: Individuals usually own the home, but not the land, which is leased from the park. Manufactured homes have been the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the country since the late s, offering up the dream of homeownership for millions of Americans.

Contrary to what one might imagine, though, the majority of please click for source properties almost two-thirds sit on privately owned land—not in a community setting. This means that the mobile homes are standalone dwellings or clustered in multigenerational family estates in rural areas, not unlike more traditional site-built houses.

But for those manufactured-home owners who opt in to a community scenario, whether by choice or because they live in a densely populated region, the social and emotional benefits of such a network can be extraordinary. One of the first advocates for the potential of manufactured homes as models of community and social support was landscape design expert J.

Such villages, Jackson argued, compared favorably with middle-class dwellings, which were divided into discrete spaces to ensure isolation, privacy and limited interaction with neighbors. Gloria Steinem, who traversed the country in a trailer as a child, discusses being smitten with the air of camaraderie at a women-only park in the Southwest. Much like Jackson, she is particularly taken with how the park makes use of public, communal space. At the center of all the neat rows of trailers was a clubhouse where women could gather for everything from book clubs to gambling.

Mobile- and manufactured-home parks have also long attracted—and proven to be a safe haven for—the LGBT community. The Resort on Carefree Boulevard, a lesbian manufactured-home community in Fort Myers, Florida, for example, has amassed such popularity since opening in that the founders recently broke ground on a second woodsier-themed location in North Carolina.

Cataloged online under the masthead RainbowRVcommunities range from male-only and clothing-optional spots with a volleyball court in New York to a place in Michigan for female-identifying individuals interested in watersports. Mobile home communities that cater to plus populations provide a means of maintaining independence while offering necessary social and, occasionally, medical support.

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They also know how to have fun. Activities include cook-offs, shuffleboard, choirs, movie nights, and formal dances. Of course, not all manufactured-home communities are flanked with swimming pools and collectively tended gardens. For parks with neglectful landlords, infrastructure can swiftly fall into serious disrepair, resulting in everything from poorly maintained water systems to cracking driveways and foundations to trash overflow.

Other times, a more dire situation emerges. If a landlord receives an offer to sell a park to a different management company, residents are often left stuck in limbo, unsure whether the new ownership will actually maintain the property, raise rents significantly, or even force evictions.

And most of the time, residents are trapped. This means an unscrupulous new management company can boost rent through the roof, knowing that the likelihood the resident will be able to move his or her home—due to both physical and monetary constraints—is practically none.

But those facing the sale or foreclosure of their park can work together to take back their communities. And the contrast of the prejudice and the reality has inspired me to get on the side of helping these homeowners.

Currently, there are Resident Owned Communities across the U. His mother recently moved into a manufactured-home community an ROC, of course for people 55 and older.

It feels like a house to me. Today, there are some beauts out there—and no shortage of resources for those ready to plunge into the trenches of modern manufactured-home design. There are wood-paneled interiors galore, off-the-wall mustard and orange wallpaper, and even one design, the Kropf Eldorado, which boasted a butterfly roof.

Authored by journalist-turned-mobile-home-scholar John Grissim who has a head of snowy hair that would put Kenny Rogers to shamethe guide not only rates all manufactured homes on a scale of 1 to 10, but provides lengthy profiles of each company, examples of popular models, and a blow-by-blow of what each manufacturer offers, designwise, over the competition. The guide is also, inexplicably, written in Comic Sans.

And while newfangled gadgets have always been used to some degree to woo potential mobile-home buyers—like the Lazy Susan in the s—the push to increase aesthetic appeal while maintaining affordability is a more recent priority. Driven largely by a desire to shake off the persistent stigma of manufactured homes as barebones options that value function over form, producers are inching ever closer toward making manufactured homes indistinguishable from site-built houses. Much like putting toppings on an ice-cream sundae, buyers of newer models now have the option to trick out their homes with an ever-expanding roster of add-ons.

Want sliding barn-style doors inside your doublewide? This could include stand-alone Jacuzzis, a stone fireplace, tile showers, granite and quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and all-wood cabinets. Even architects on the cutting edge of innovation are now embracing the versatility of manufactured home design. All of that is even more relevant now. Siegal sees the recent rise in appreciation for pre-fabricated design as a boon for the manufactured-home industry.

When I educate people about off-site construction, I like to compare it to cars: We don't build our automobiles in our garages, but you Amateur Hookup Pics Quotes Of Inspirational Women Leaders make changes to them and plug different things in and out.

The change in attitude can also be attributed to the growth of places like Ikea. People are starting to embrace design off the shelf. But go here most interesting group redefining what mobile-home design looks like today are the amateurs.

These manufactured- or mobile- homeowners are passionate about making unique DIY upgrades and—armed with page after page of Pinterest hacks and a lot of elbow grease—have demonstrated just how malleable the homes can visit web page once they roll off the factory line. I figured if I had questions, other people did, too. I decided to write about it.

And the questions poured in. Fifteen thousand Facebook fans later, Mobile Home Living has become the leading online resource for all things manufactured housing, covering how to upgrade vinyl walls, make low ceilings seem higher, and build external additions on a budget. Founded by longtime affordable-housing advocate Stacey Epperson, Next Step has partnered with a network of nonprofits everywhere from Montana to Virginia in support of this mission of on-the-ground service and advocacy.

It has helped over families since launching in and preserved 1, affordable homes in manufactured-housing communities.