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Easy Guitar - Mustang Sally - Tutorial How to Play Chords Strum Along

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Basingstoke, and Andover Info: Sam Credit card bookings Monday-Friday 9. Or e-mail us at muzik ipc. I 0, another month, another Muzik, 1 anotherfreeCD. What's onthis one then? I amazing at Glasto. Oh, it'sthatTwin Peaks woman. Shedidan interview recently claiming she'd read more every drug imaginable.

Wonderwhich PRcompanytoldhertodothatfor the UK market?! This isn't Phats and. Confusion continues until track One of many similar mails?

Apologies to all concerned. I've now listened to the BT album non- stop and hearing it in this context it sounds really good. The album, by the way, is just superb and not a lot short of genius. And by the way, the bit about Les Rythmes Digitales being French was a joke. It's cos Dave Fowler had played a French track before - obviously the moment was lost in transition. My God, was I that twatted that I was hearing things again?

Matthew Dempsey, Liverpool Sundissential Rules AS a regular clubber at Sundissential in Birmingham, I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the regulars who have made my Saturday nights and Sundays until June for the past 18 months. These clubbers are the friendliest, craziest motherfuckers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. More info residents especially Andy Farley and Lisa Lashes just play it hard and intense and the crowdjustlapitup.

I have been to superclubs like Gatecrasher and Cream and I'm a regular at God's Kitchen but nowhere seems to have the same relaxed but passionate atmosphere about it. You would never find transvestites, monks, farmers and cavemen having it large anywhere else. And you lot who got caught robbing the cat's eyes, cheers for the laugh. I was having a crap day until I read that. However, you often slag off bands such as Sash!

I got into dance music by listening to Sash I and if it were not for him I wouldn't have crossed over to the dance music I listen to today. Your future ravers will listen to dance thanks to Sash! Where would your future ravers be without him? Martin via e-mail Home alone LONELY clubber- 1 think you should point out that there is a difference between clubbing by oneself and being alone.

I often go clubbing by myself, as there is nothing better than being completely consumed by the music. Letting the music take you to another place, so to speak.

We mucked about in the studio and the result was 'Jump 'N' Shout'! Recently I've been getting personalised presents from the Passion crew like stuffed toys and postcards. Best DJ you heard?

When I go out with a group of friends, you have to be sociable, chatting to everyone, which most of the time is fine by me. So to all those 'lonely clubbers' out there. Here's the proof - 1 had an operation to remove a growth from my stomach six months ago.

I went too mad too quickly after the operation excessive triple drops and have done extreme damage to muscle tissue and the abdominal area in general. This will seemingly keep me out of clubbing for another six to 1 2 months. It was clearly foolish, I grant you, but it was the 'bishis that allowed my weakened body to be damaged.

What is your mixing style? Intheend,the match was declared a draw. Oh, it'sthatTwin Peaks woman. Caen, France in 1

The moral of this tedious tale? The music counts more than the three day comedowns. All of you people who slag others in any other area of the scene - stop! You can all have wicked clubbing weekends. It's amazing how DJs have time to salute the crowd while 'in the mix'.

We can see Mr Oakenfold is busy with not two but three decks - an amazing feat especially with the number of records on those decks. See ya later when you catch up with the next bandwagon, get it all wrong, then realise there's something even shitter.

Gatecrasher pull out -Muzik Which planet was this then, Gatecrasher?

Mustang Sally

Mars, Saturn or was it Uranus? Why did you make the aforementioned quote in your Planet Rock article? What is every dance musician's main instrument? And what instrument did Jean Michel Jarre pioneer? Well, I think that's pissed on your bonfire, don't you? At least the future of dance music is safe in their little glowstick-waving hands.

The winner wi;l receive an Ericsson GF phone, free connection, a year's free line rental and the with 20 minutes of free calls per month. And what's more, you can choose the colour.

Two-step ruled, founto-the-floor rocked and nu skool rumbled. No wonder we 1 needed to chill out occasionally. There's trance, tech-house and twisted big beat. We really are too good to you. Big, bi ight and bristling with string-laden charm, 'Right Here.

And The Jaxx boys were check this out it. Paul Jacobs Presents Soulgrabber Motocross Madnes Loaded This daft, funky acid monster was wisely snapped up by Loaded after being caned by everyone from Van Helden to Darren Emerson and promptly made its way onto the most discerning dancefloors in the country. Editi'Datai Taking its vocal cue from an obscure pom sample, ATBs chart-topping monster- was a gorgeous slice of three-mmute trance, a Gatecrasher staple that crossed over to lb;za and beyond.

The work of Germany's Andre Tanneburger. The Peshay drums were back.

It s not every day that you hear a bluesy Mississippi mama crooning over bouncing timpani and camp, creaky gramophone horns. With breakbeats thrown in. A trance record that sounded great on the beach?

Massive at Gatecrasher and. Then it disappeared - only tp be resurrected ana remixed by Tom and Andy just m time for a sizzling summer. If that hook line doesn't getyou, then the trumpet will.

Alec Greenhough li Paul Ingall 9. Dave Hill Jools Butterfield 2. Clouds, cherubs and Digweed in the Main Room contrast with fire, deep red and Dante in the Def - Mix Red Zone; Roger Sanchez has his own ornate chandeliered space, whilst Toko and Nuphonic play host upstairs with views over the gardens and lake.

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Global Wwmj tWa ;: Centre Behtils Kingston Theatre Desk. Camdon Dorchester Hotel Park Lane. London Gardners Newsagents 48 High Street. With clubs expected to be fitted with the receiving equipment by midEITM will help smaller clubs and student unions hear sets from big name DJs as well as bigger clubs beaming in DJs as part of their line-up.

Astronaut Hookup Tayo Lyrics & Chords To Mustang

Progress, The End, Mezzanine, the Astronaut Hookup Tayo Lyrics & Chords To Mustang tour and The Escape have all taken part in a pilot programme to test out its viability. Pioneering the technology and leading the field in club satellite networks is Swansea's Escape club. Launched at the club in October 1the EITM service enables DJ sets to be beamed live from any club with access to the system to any other in Europe click the same equipment, using an Astra satellite.

Critics of the system believe it could dehumanise nightclubs, with clubbers dancing to images of their favourite DJs rather than the flesh and blood versions.

The scope for DJs earning vast amounts of money for playing one gig, but being beamed to two or three other paying clubs, is also raising eyebrows. It just adds another dimension. We're not about to go into central clubland and upset anyone, check this out aiming at places like Aberystwyth and Scotland where these DJs may not always get to.

EITM is just one example of how clubs are not only becoming bigger and busier but also more technology- oriented. With electronic tools like plasma screens, e-mail facilities and chat rooms readily available at clubs including Renaissance, Gatecrasher and Home, like it or not, EITM seems like the next step towards a totally wired future. What does the industry think?

We have to keep up with technology and if people want to see DJs who are performing abroad then ISDN links are great, but they'll never replace the real thing. Now me and any club can get the most upfront sets by Oakey, Jeremy Healy and a lot of other big name DJs for people who have never had the opportunity to hear these DJs before. This is going to add to already established nights and help smaller nights to progress further.

Clubs are about actual people -you can't beat having the DJ in the same room as the people dancing.

Astronaut Hookup Tayo Lyrics & Chords To Mustang

People like to see the DJ at our clubs and maybe shake their hands at the end. There's no way one of our clubbers can tap Coxy on the shoulder and ask him what that B-side was if he's on the other side of the world! Duncan Busto, Jim Carroll. Bethan Cole, Andy Crysef. Steven Double, Steve Gu!