Chariot Wheels At The Bottom Of The Red Sea. Date Hookup!

Bottom Chariot Sea Of The Red Wheels At The

Amazing evidence for the Red Sea Crossing v2

Discovered: Red Sea Chariot Wheels!

17 Mar Claims that chariot wheels and other artifacts have been found at the bottom of the Red Sea in Egypt that are proof of the Biblical story of the parting of the sea. 21 Apr (ABOVE GILDED CHARIOT WHEEL – Mute witness to the miracle of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 3, years ago. Found with metal detector. Coral-encrusted chariot wheel, filmed off the Saudi coastline, matches chariot wheels found in Tutankhamen's tomb. Mineralized Bone – One of. (ABOVE GILDED CHARIOT WHEEL - Mute witness to the miracle of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 3, years ago. Found with metal detector. . There are plenty of bones and autos at the bottom of the world's seas and nobody would ever suggest that it's an act of God. The crossing has no equal in history.

In our last newsletter, we examined the route taken by Moses and the great multitude as they fled Egypt. We will now examine the evidences which tell us exactly who were the Egyptian royalties involved and the approximate date more info Exodus occurred.

This is a subject that gets quite involved and we will only be able to present a bare frame of reference in this publication. Bear with us, as we will attempt to present a large amount of information in a short space. Inon their first dive at the site, they found these chariot remains.

They were covered in coral, which made it difficult to see them clearly, but it appears that the coral was the agent the Lord used to preserve them. They found numerous wheels- some were still on their axles, and some were off. They found chariot cabs without the wheels, also: So far, this coincided with the Biblical account. They found several 6-spoked wheels, as well as an 8-spoked wheel.

Startling Ancient Discoveries on the Floor of the Red Sea [FULL VIDEO]

And finally, inRon found the 4-spoked gold chariot wheel, which looks almost perfect. The reason this one was so well preserved is that coral does not grow on gold.

Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea | Wyatt Archaeological Research

The significance of these wheels is of extreme importance to the dating of the Exodus and determining which dynasty was involved. He took this to Cairo, to the office of Nassif Mohammed Hassan, the director of Antiquities whom Ron had been working with. Hassan examined it and immediately pronounced it to be of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. When Ron asked him how he knew this so readily, Mr.

Chariot Wheels At The Bottom Of The Red Sea

Hassan explained that the 8-spoked wheel was only used during the 18th Dynasty. This certainly narrowed the date. We began to thoroughly research the Egyptian chariot and soon discovered that the fact that Ron and the boys found 4, 6 and 8 spoked wheels places the Exodus in the 18th Dynasty according to numerous sources, such as the following: Pictorial representations, however, do not appear until slightly later in the 18th Dynasty….

Here, we learn that it was only at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty that the chariot comes into use in the Egyptian army. The author goes on to explain how it was only during the 18th Dynasty that the 4, 6 and 8 spoked wheels are used- and that monuments can actually be dated by the number of spokes in the wheel: So widespread and meticulous is the delineation of the number of wheel spokes on chariots depicted on Egyptian monuments that they can be used as a criterion for determining whether the monument is earlier or later than BC.

This group seems too small to have been a division of the army. This would imply that each division consisted of 5, troops. But the army took more than just soldiers, many times. To get a little insight, we need to understand a bit about the Egyptian government and economy. Gardner Wilkinson,vol. This god was known throughout the various times as Amon, Aten and Re or Ra, among other names. The divisions of the army were named after the gods, ie.

Chariot Wheels At The Bottom Of The Red Sea

When the army set out to war, elaborate ceremonies were performed at the various temples, asking the various gods to give them victory over their foes. Then, booty that was gained as a result of victories was dedicated to the priesthoods and temples of the deities. All military victories were directly attributed to the favor of the gods. And the evidence at hand shows that when Pharaoh and his army set out after Moses and the great multitude, he took with him the all priesthood of all the gods of Egypt.

We believe that every priest of every god was summoned to accompany the army as they went after Moses and the multitude, as well as all the ministers of state.

Lonely and just want to chat? We also know that the priesthood were given gold chariots, which were booty of various foreign defeats. Depth-sounding expeditions have revealed a smooth, gentle slope descending from Nuweiba out into the Gulf. Evil is bad sold as good, wrong sold as right, injustice sold as justice.

All of this is leading up to a discussion of the gold-veneered, 4-spoked chariot wheel Ron found in Since he found it on the Egyptian side of the Gulf of Aqaba, that indicates that whoever was driving that particular chariot was at the rear of the army. It makes sense to us that a priest, who is not trained in battle, would be in this position at the rear of the army.

Chariot wheels found at the bottom of the Red Sea?-Unproven!

We also know that the priesthood were given gold chariots, which were booty of various foreign defeats. In fact, we have many, many inscriptions of the kings of the 18th Dynasty receiving gold-plated foreign chariots, either as spoils of war or as tribute received from conquered peoples. There are, as well, inscriptions telling that these gilded chariots were many times dedicated to various temples and gods, which meant that the priests would receive these chariots.

Bill Shea of the Biblical Research Institute, told us a few days ago, that he believed it was possible that the pharaoh may have been at the rear of the army. With all of this information, we feel we may conclude that the gold wheel most likely belonged to a member of the priestly caste who was accompanying the army, or possibly a high minister of state. Either way, we have evidence from ancient tombs that the Egyptians constructed wheels of this design, and also the Retenu Syrian chariot wheels were of this same design and size.

Gardiner Wilkinson, and are taken from 18th dynasty tombs and monuments. They show a depiction of a Retenu Syrian chariot source also Egyptians constructing chariots- both of these wheel designs are consistent with the 4-spoked, gold veneered wheel Ron found.

Just as scholars tried to hide evidence read more the Red Sea crossing so too theologian scholars tried to obscure Gods name in the King James Bible. Human bones are stronger however human remains are much more unpredictable than simple structures. Many may have floated ashore after they drowned, or perhaps drifted quit a ways in the water. I so appreciate the nature of science to just know the truth to the questions we have to the world around us.

God bless you all for the Chariot Wheels At The Bottom Of The Red Sea work of keeping the gospel alive and show that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Your email address will not be published. Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea first published in newsletter 3 in In our last newsletter, we examined the route taken by Moses and the great multitude as they fled Egypt.

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Wyatt reasoned that if this were truly the site of the Red Sea Exodus, there could be evidence in the waters. When arriving at the beach, the children of Israel felt trapped, as they could not turn back, nor head north because at the northern end of the beach was a three story, Egyptian military fortress which is still standing today undergoing restoration. Deb You will know there is a God soon enough. They estimate that more than other bodies could be dispersed over a wider read more, suggesting that an army of large size who have perished on the site. This shows up almost like a pathway on depth-recording equipment, confirming it's Biblical description, '