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How To Get Laid By Being Boring (Art Gallery Pickup)

1 Apr I have been to various nightclubs before, also here in London, with friends and colleagues, but I have never seen/noticed that strangers randomly meet. Are there specific clubs I need to go to, where there are other women who are looking for the same thing? Do you have any recommendations of clubs?. Hi - a bit blunt but I thought I'd come straight to the point. I'm curious if there are nights/events/places where girls of my persuasion would have luck with the above. Say you AREN'T looking for a relationship and you are new in London - I' ve recently moved from the states where we use craigslist for that sort. 13 Nov According to this map these are the places in London you should be visiting tonight if you're more interested in sex than a serious relationship. The preferences of , single Londoners – flings or love – were analysed to create this tube map of where to stop off to get off. Westminster came out on top.

Results 1 to 25 of People in the UK how easy is it to get laid?? What does getting laid involve in the uk? American girls are easy compared to chicks in the UK I wouldnt say easy actually, just more accomodating.

In the UK a smaller percentage of guys get the majority of girls. I've never been to US so I wouldnt know if its harder or not. As a student I can get laid easily, I can go out pretty much every night of the week and the clubs and bars will be full of easy girls. But when im not at uni its much harder, if you know where to go and you got good game its still ok. You coming to UK brah?

I hooked up with a girl from a club on Saturday and she was the one who made the first move. Found out the next morning she has a kid. Good job I didn't leave a name or number Depends where you are.

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Here in manchester it's easy if you go to the right club. You don't even need to be all that. Originally Posted by blancmange.

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Depends where you go tbh. Other times its harder.

I watched Geordie Shore a few times with my brother who's friend is on it. Stephen Fry on TSR! What would you rather have permanently?

Depends on your standards too. Depends what sort of chicks you're into. If you want a high class lay it's pretty difficult.

Follow 10 If you're after a cheaper tart - well hit the clubs and pull some moves. Advice on everyday issues Replies:

You'll have to find a way into her social circle and display some high social value. If you're after a cheaper tart - well hit the clubs and pull some moves. UK has a lot of cheap pram pushing whores so take your pick - couple of vodka and red bulls and her knickers are down.

How To Get Laid In London

Lots of lithuanian and polish women here now too - they're easy as pie. Jump your junk for a club entry. Cheap whores, don't trust them with your wallet though, not kidding. Originally Posted by Bollock-chops. Just to put in perspective, i haven't had a girl since i moved from the UK lol.

Originally Posted by Googooly. Although i must admit i did not sleep with any so perhaps i had some virgin-esque "oh she was eye-fukking me" delusions going on. Originally Source by solidus2k3.

Originally Posted by Randeep.

Revealed: Where to get laid in London tonight

All i know is chicks in the UK have bigger tits. You the one who hate england by judging from your stupid posts Its only people like you who give bad name to Asians Last edited by Rupert IV; at I've never been to the US so I can't say either, but being around Americans who are traveling, I've always considered them very "up for it" Last edited by Resplendency; at Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

How To Get Laid In London