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How to stop being a T.I and gang stalked. upper world or lower world the choice is yours

How do we stop Gang Stalking?

4 Apr These actions are specifically designed to control the target and to keep them in line. These actions are also designed to . If you are aware of someone being harassed in this way, subtly direct them to websites that deal with Gang Stalking, or sites for Targeted Individuals. Knowledge is power. 3. You can. 25 Sep I am currently being gang-stalked by “friends,” possibly some family members and definitely a group of neighbors. I presume I'm being targeted because I keep to myself most of the time, am on disability for the various fatigue-inducing medications I'm prescribed and mostly because I refuse to toe the. Police,security guys,and fire dept. are often involved in the stalking so the victim feels like they have nowhere to turn to, so the public naturally feel what they do is right,and makes it hard to prove. Many are forced to insane and suicide before even being able to figure out what's going on to their life. Most are normal people .

I was on a forum recently and one person told people they could stop Gang Stalking by moving to the heart of the forest, and destroying their cellphone. Sure if you wish to disconnect from society, live off the How To Stop Being Gang Stalked of the forest, and leave your stuff behind when you move this might just work, but otherwise, most targets need real solutions as they go through months, and then years of being systemically destroyed.

Now these people are stalking a lot of us because they deem us, or believe us to be mentally ill, on drugs, perverts, whatever. For those being listed as mentally ill, you would think that the logical thing to do would be to get a mental health examination, but from the articles pertaining to the psychiatric reprisal, we learn that psychiatrists are all too willing to How To Stop Being Gang Stalked innocent, sane people as mentally ill, thus getting an examination will not necessarily clear you.

What we could do is get out own team, eg. A threat assessment team, to review decisions that have been made by others. In the Jane Clift case if there was a none bias committee she could have appealed to, to see if her listing was justified, it could have saved her four years of legal trouble, and having to leave her community.

I do know there is a lot of false information in mine, just on things that I have observed, that these people believe to be true. I do know they have falsely listed me as having some has The Difference Between Hookup And Seeing Someone thing of a mental illness, because I dared to take some company to task for harassment.

The problem is having open access to files, and a none partial party that is willing to listen, and understand that these files have a lot of false information. The other solution of course is there are villages for the mentally ill. Those How To Stop Being Gang Stalked are homeless might be able to take advantage of these communities that are springing up, again the problem with this is that many targets though falsely listed as mentally ill, are not mentally ill.

When you are desperate however, this could be a temporary safe harbour, but ofcourse this is what they want. The best solution would be to get the laws changed, thus targets who are listed, must be informed that they have been added to the registry, they must be informed for what they have been added, thus they have a legal right to pursue action, and to ensure the information listed on their files is not one sided.

I think this is the best solution, but could take years to implement. Now there are groups who have caught the eye of see more, surely that will help? To be honest you can have a thousand groups, with the eye of a thousand politicians and that will not help if they are misleading and looking at false precepts, or stalking gangs, etc.

At the end of the day, exposure and awareness is still the key. Four years ago, I had to fight to keep my threads on forums, they would get deleted, my accounts banned, the threads would get disrupted by fake targets, and then get closed.

How to End Your Gang Stalking

Any time head way was being made, they would block it, just to protect this system. Things have changed somewhat. The conspiracy sites, and some extremist sites are now fully aware of what Gang Stalking is. The idea is to get the normalization to occur much more rapidly, while keeping the topic relevant. There is little point in How To Stop Being Gang Stalked this normalized to the stage where it becomes irrelevant. The idea is to mingle, share information, but share good information.

The term Gang Stalking is the term I use. Most targets after trying the organized stalking term, seem to switch back in a lot of cases to Gang Stalking.

Getting this exposed also depends on the quality of the forum. I have worked in areas where they go frantic if they think that someone is talking about this, a lot of working class areas seem to be like this, and they get very upset if they someone is talking about this.

Article source like with community oriented policing each area does their own thing, the same is true offline and online. So you get some who are very open, very educated, and some that are just, well the state told us this person is mentally ill so it must be true.

How To Stop Being Gang Stalked

They will never examine any of the evidence presented, and they will buy into the lie. These people are followers and not leaders, and they need to be told what please click for source think.

We must then appeal How To Stop Being Gang Stalked their leaders, who hopefully might have a bit more logic. You still get people who act outrageously. The reality is what they try to protect today, could be common knowledge tomorrow if people are willing.

Comment by gangstalking September 25, Reply. Comment by 2uncompromised gmail. Thanks for this post. The leader or leaders in this organization make a living planning, organizing and leading gang stalking. Therefore, pleading you concerns to them is like kicking a dead horse.

In my particular case, I believe the general as I like to call the leader is making huge profits on fuel. The amount of fuel being consumed by stalkers is astonishing to say the least. The number of stalkers I actually see if I care to take notice is phenomenal.

If I turn right, I see so many. But what about the ones that are in wait if I go straight, turn left, right, etc. Comment by Robert October 31, Reply. You asked the question — how to stop gangstalking.

Well, I can suggest how a victim can make life difficult for them. As a generalisation the target is being subjected to social gaslighting.

Stop and Criminalize Organized Group /Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment

The provocoteurs are invisible, the target is highlighted. So, take every action possible to reverse this. What I am doing source going public with all the dates and places where I have been gangstalked — I no longer live there.

That focuses attention on the place and activities which have been going on, and may still be going on directed at other targets.

How To Stop Being Gang Stalked

If all victims spoke out in this way, anonymously, it would focus attention on the activity, and show how widespread it it — perhaps leading to the situation being dealt with. Comment by prayerwarriorpsychicnot July 23, Reply. Comment by gangstalking July 23, Reply. Stranger things see more happened.

Comment by gangstalking November 2, I am being stalked by two peoples voices. When is our law enforcement going to stop these terrible psychopaths? I ask that question? So much for my good idea. My IP has put a ban on me getting onto sites claiming I am obsessive compulsive spammer!

I am not great with computers.

But I will persevere. Comment by wiliamson July 24, Reply. I am an Organized Gang-Stalking target from October to date. Perhaps we would get better results from our dealings with various agencies were we to take our fears out of the equation.

Comment by Maggy-Pie September 22, Reply. Maggie-pieyou are truly an amazing person. September 28, Reply. Comment by chancellorpuddinghead February 9, Reply. Take it from one who has been there — I was gangstalked too. Comment by Cynthia Hoffman February 11, This situation in the world of fiction would be like having Archie Bunker How To Stop Being Gang Stalked Alf Garnett as your public-enemy number one.

If you would like to do thisplease e-mail at lionk yahoo. Comment by Ken ErwinSr.

A day in the life of being GANG STALKED

Comment by chancellorpuddinghead February article source, I just hope there is some unseen person out there who has my back. If so, I sincerely want to say to that person or people or heavenly body, may God bless you. If you want to protect your self you will need the tools and information to do this and coming here was a good start for the information. The tools on the other hand is going to take some work.

This is known as sound shaping The object is to either make you uncomfortable, sick, flue symptoms to high, a lot of energy, cloud 9. I have even passed out for a while and had to be rushed to the hospital thinking i was going to die.

This though can be used to your advantage. At one time spending all your time online might have been considered the actions of lonely desperate people. The favored target is the testicals, second, the face, eyes, ears, nose, etc. The MfS was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Http:// and several smaller facilities throughout the city.

The point is this is just like the old days when you where attacked you had to defend your self you get protection if you can and you find out what is going on and then you destroy the attackers. I came up with a project called Project Mental Mind: I can build a low level device that can do just that and more.

You are not alone re. Here are a few things you can do. The router then decides whether to forward the request on to your PC or to dump it.

I can make it to where you can hear sounds and change your mood. Not just me but anyone can. More info did some research in how one would do this and learn that this was a method that was being worked on by Hitlers researchers. Anyone can learn and get a good idea of how to build something like it if they just search for it on the net heck i bet you could even find something on youtube.

Needless to say that was old tech so what is the new tech like? Stopping this attack means you have to be able to know and understand what it is that is attacking you. If i had the money and people to work on this project it would already be out to help others. No one should be subject to this sort of attack and treason. They used this and thought they where better then the people they used it on only to become worse then anything they fear.

The moral of that is always look at everyone with equal respect no matter how much you dislike them as they can be judging the same. No one has the right to pose there will up on you …well unless your married and your wife is standing behind you she wins!