I Told A Guy I Like Him. Atlanta Hookup!

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17 Aug The other day, I was trying to decide whether or not I should tell this guy I was into him. It was the middle of the workday, and we hadn't even had a So, at something like 3 pm on a Tuesday, I arbitrarily texted the man in question and confessed my feelings. (For the record, he took four hours to respond, but. So, you've found that special guy but he has no idea you like him? Join the club! Here's how to tell him how you feel and win him over in the process. 17 Apr Tell him how you feel but explain to him how he makes you feel, but tell him you don't want to lose whatever you have, you just wanted him to know how important he made you feel. if he does laugh in your face, you should've seen it coming if hes a guy like that, he could be hot but don't forget to see the.

I Told A Guy I Like Him

I told one of my guy friends that I like him in an informal text. His response wasn't that promising He called it 'damage here. Then I changed the subject. His response to that was that he was cold and distant because he didn't want to misplace emotion and was glad that I told him.

I mentioned something about a book, and that effectively changed the subject. He knows I am interested, so should I just leave it up to him?

telling my best friend i like him...

We don't currently live in the same town. I am moving there in a month. Any advice is appreciated! Also, a guy friend told me that a guy will never tell a girl he doesn't like her Do you think that's what happening here? No one really likes to deny someone flat out and if they do then they're not that great of a person. Although he didn't give off signals that totally say he's not into you he didn't give off ones that say he is.

It sounds like he's a little uncertain about how to handle the situation, if he was interested in you he would've said straight up that he felt the same way too.

We talked about it and we think that he might have been into one of us and he got hurt when we told him it was a joke. Nope 6 things you should never do to a hickey. He may not be sure that you have strong feelings for him.

Guys tend to use the friend thing a lot to tell the girl they don't like them. Don't do anything else. Its all up to him to do something now.

I Told A Guy I Like Him

You told him how you felt. Wait awhile and see how he acts towards you. If he continues to act weird or cold then just drop it and find a new guy.

CRUSHED: The First Time I Told a Guy I Liked Him -- And He Didn't Like Me Back

Maybe he sort of likes you but has his mind on someone else at the moment? Or maybe he has had past experiences with girls where he gets attached too fast and then gets hurt because they dump him. Perhaps he's the one who does the dumping because he gets into relationships based on infatuation and lust and after that fades he breaks up with them, he's picked up on that and no longer gets into relationships too quickly to make sure its not just infatuation?

He might be receiving the clues but not comprehending them. If I were you, I would prepare myself to take a hardhit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

He might not want to see you hurt like that and loose you as a friend? I don't know aha, it's always tough figuring out what someones thinking.

I don't know about that advice, sounds right. But anyway, he might not want to hurt you and want to remain friends, that's probably why he's being a little distant. And yes you should leave it up to him, you already made the first move, just leave it up to him and don't worry about it. I would leave it up to him, maybe he has been hurt click the past and is afraid to jump into anything Also close this question.

I told him I like him Thanks for all the advice! He told me we should go out to dinner, get sushi or something when I move to town. What Guys Said 2. What Girls Said 1. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select source Most Helpful Opinion?

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