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What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her

30 Sep It took a fluke of timing and a major fucking earthquake, some 30 years later, to rattle my cage, while some , Haitian men, women and children were .. But it also has to be said that I am personally unaware of any other earthquake infringed upon landowners, whether white, black, rich or poor, who. 28 Apr Brooklyn, New York - When Jean, a year-old Haitian living in Florida, first came to the US, he was afraid to live in a high-rise building. It was residual fear, he said, from the earthquake he survived in Port-au-Prince. "I had just finished rehearsal, singing and dancing, because I'm an opera singer. 13 Oct Former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaricq was “not surprised at all” that the Clintons used Haiti's earthquake to enrich friends. Haiti has a completely outdated army, 7, men that were ready to flee as soon as the Americans hit Haiti,” he recalled. “So it was not an I'm not saying “million.

Anderson Cooper, Fighting Back Tears, Defends Haiti Against Trump – Variety

Purchase a digital-only subscription now for unlimited online access to local news and information. Set up your account. February 15, 1: Following negotiations, Bartow walked with leaders in a protest march and she spoke to a crowd of about 4, regarding Americans. Bartow, along with her family, has been working to support Haitians since she was a baby. The game is continue reading like jacks, but played with goat knee caps.

Protesters ransacked La Caban where a group of "blan" white American were staying, but the Americans had enough time to have a helicopter evacuate them. The rioters went though the whole hotel.

They also went to an orphanage where they knew Americans were staying and stole suitcases and passports. Her most recent trip to the hurricane-ravaged city collided with the arrest of local populist hero and senator-elect Guy Philippe, who has been on the U. All of a sudden, hundreds of people were running towards us, yelling. Facing international narcotics trafficking and money laundering conspiracy charges, Philippe pleaded not guilty on Jan.

During an initial hearing before U.

Look up Naco and Piantini, Santo Domingo; you cannot find that level of development anywhere in Haiti, or anywhere else in the Caribbean for that matter. In the meantime, migrants from all these poor nations land in the United States or Canada and within one or two generations earn more than the host nation's ethnic or racial majority populations this correspondent has met many of them from both sides of the island providing further reinforcement to conclude that it's less a matter of DNA than it is the environment. Marie, a college graduate who works with immigrant youth, said she, her father, who is a bus driver, and her stepmother are all on the status, but her eight-year-old and year-old sisters were born in the US. The march lasts for six hours. Garber in Miami federal court, Philippe was ordered held without bond, according to the U.

Magistrate Judge Barry L. Garber in Miami federal court, Philippe was ordered held without bond, according to here U. There were reports of increasing violence with Haitians scouring hotels to kidnap and kill foreigners. Bartow said protesters ransacked Hotel La Cabane where a group of Americans were staying. They also went to an orphanage where they knew blan were staying and stole suitcases and passports.

Protesters talk about Clinton and Haiti

They say the U. They feel like the Americans attacked their sovereignty through the extradition of Guy Philippe. He was a brother to me. He was a father to me. And just like her daughter, Lisa has been going to Haiti since she was a baby and now continues her family legacy of supporting the people who live there through their Full Life Crusade FLC7. Still, she was not certain how the protesters would react to her daughter being there at this time.

When there is not a crisis, the Bartows go to visit people in the countryside several times a year, just like her great-grandfather did, to love them and share time with them, she said. And they take groups from the Glens Falls area on trips with them.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Man Protests Clintons And Haiti

But during an emergency, like the recent hurricane, they step in with aid. About two weeks after Hurricane Matthew, the Bartows and others from the Glens Falls region traveled to Haiti to help the wounded. And since then, the Bartows and FLC have been gathering building supplies and tools to help rebuild homes. Currently, there is a container packed with building supplies and tools sitting in customs in Port au Prince, Lisa said, adding that many of the people here do not have any shelter.

Local woman faces protest leaders amid recent Haitian riots | Lifestyles |

The greatest need right now is for tarps, steel, lumber, roofing, hurricane straps, seeds, fruit trees, tools, screw guns. Some may go to community shelters rather than individual homes. Right now we are raising money toward the purchase of a saw mill we can ship down so as not to see all the downed trees go to waste.

Those can be turned into building materials as well. There was a guard at the gate and there were two big metal doors. We entered and were in a room totally empty except for a generator and a small dim light bulb hanging from a wire. They are big and strong, tight T-shirts, gold chains.

Comments will not be posted if any of the following rules are violated: Haiti would not be the chronic disaster today, if it were an English colony. Currently, there is a container packed with building supplies and tools sitting in customs in Port au Prince, Lisa said, adding that many of the people still do not have any shelter. Magistrate Judge Barry L.

check this out They asked me to walk with them in the rally the next day and to meet them in the morning. As we march, more and more follow. They just watch me with respect. I am for them. We arrive at the town square and hundreds of people are packed tightly together.

Holding signs high and cheering for the freedom of Guy Philippe. I have never experienced anything like this. We get on a truck and the leader speaks and sings into the microphone.

There are thousands of people following. The march lasts for six hours. As the march comes to a close, the leaders give Bartow the microphone. Our people are safe. I was in the right place at the right time and I am glad I got to stand for Haitians and Americans. They are some of our closest friends. She can be reached at kphalen-tomaselli poststar. Whenever Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli posts new content, you'll get an email delivered to your inbox with a link.

Kathleen, what a wonderful job you did on this article! Thank you so much for telling the story so accurately! White people have been throwing money, goods and services at these Haitians for ever. I'm 72 and remember way back white people going down to that crap hole getting themselves hacked to death helping them. It's time to let these people fend for themselves.

Many other Anglo areas have had a problem they also dig in without rioting and chopping people up. When will these church lead dogooders learn? Yes I read that someone was a partial Haitian. Article too long and I got the "who cares" feeling. I gave up a long time ago.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Man Protests Clintons And Haiti

She thinks he's a warrior, but she'll learn, hopefully before she's dead or worse. Some of you guys should give it a rest. I found her story fascinating. This girl has a big heart and these people are her relatives. I am praying for her. It wasn't the smartest thing for "someone" to grab their leader without warning, while Americans were visiting unprotected.

I think she is a very brave girl and I hope she stays safe. This probably is not the time to mention that some "clinton foundation money" that was slated to help Haiti got lost and some Haitians are angry about that.

Lisa, just read this from Louisiana! You should be proud of your daughter. I grew up as a missionary check this out in Haiti and indeed, it is a beautiful place. Refreshing to see how proud both you and your daughter are of your Haitian roots.

Continue to give an alternative narrative to the demonisation and victimization of Haiti and its people. What an amazing story! Kate and family, your humanity is unmmeasurable, your strength is obvious and your empathy bleeds through your actions.

Click to see more people you are. To think I may have contributed to her education with my school taxes. There's a lot of work you can do to save the local natives and they won't want to slice you up!! If those people were my relatives I would do whatever I could to help them. I bet you would do the same. I have to admit I would not be over there risking my life if I was not related. Those people willing to do that are better than me but I'm still happy with myself.

Good idea, bring a bunch to GFS! We do need some diversity. I'm tired at looking at the beat up looking people here. Besides I like the accent of the Haitians. I met a bunch of Haitians while working in NYC. Many murders and assaults. We paid into the public school district, but we didn't reap from it. We homeschooled our four children, one of whose is Kate Bartow and all of whom are brave, compassionate, loving, and intelligent humans.

My kids didn't cost you one Im White And Hookup A Haitian Man Protests Clintons And Haiti cent. You should probably turn the page to some traffic jam and take your rant to what really matters to you. Philippe's extradition looks like an inside job between the DEA and Haitian government. Quick and easy operations like this demand lots of cooperation.

If he is convicted of international drug trafficking charges as suggested then Bartow can potentially be viewed as a supporter of this type of activity by standing alongside her Haitian friends and sympathizers. Should anyone care to do some research about Philippe and find out more about the ever-corrupt Haitian government: