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26 Jul all you ***** *** ******* it takes a real women to hold down her a few of you need to get locked up and do a bid and when no one writes or visits or calls or does cominsary your gunna emotionally break and think diffrently about hold in someone pathetic hold our. It's a song I would highly recommend you listen man has never had anyone in his life to love him for him and just be there for him!!! He is such a good man with such a HUGE heart!!! I have been the only stable person in his life. besides the friends he made in prison!!! I told him I would forever be his. 31 Aug For the last few years, I have observed a prevalence of images of prison in rap and r & b songs and videos. Certainly this trend mirrors . and abetting said man. These girls are implicated in the crime either because they actively take part in it or because they harbor the person who is committing the crime.

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Certainly this trend mirrors reality because so many men of color and increasingly black women find themselves implicated in the criminal legal system. In fact, one in ten black males aged was in prison or jail in as were 1 in 25 Latino males in the same age group.

The performers longingly sing about the day when their partners will be released from the pen. Put a hold on me ever since I held you. What compelled you to be my nigga besides passion and love? You ran up on a real bitch with understanding and trust. Fuck the others, none of them compare to us. And under covers, you my muthafucka nigga. Made dinner — collard greens, candied yams, and steak — Taught me how to measure grams, cook rocks, and chop weights. And all this love is waiting for you.

Just the little things you do with the bigger ones I saw better SL five-hundreds, colorful Gucci sweaters and leathers, diamond letters. Cash rules and you remain to be the king of my throne.

You can make it through. We bail on the jealous who tell us the opposite read more that. Forever you and Brat.

You are very caring. That song speaks to my soul. Families that are separated by business travel or military obligations can identify with the message in this song. Feb 10, Messages: And I haven't had a dream?

She takes over the business while he is away, all the while waiting for his eventual release. This is supposed to embody true love and devotion. While this may indeed be the reality for some young women, this and other songs perpetuate the idea that in order to exhibit true devotion, girls must put up with all manner of negative and detrimental behavior.

This notion is also articulated by male performers. If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me? If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century could I count on you to be there to support me mentally? If I went back to a hooptie from a Benz would you poof, and disappear, like some of my friends?

If I was hit and I was hurt would you be by my side? Songs About Missing Someone In Jail

129 Songs About Missing Someone You Love

If it was time to put in work would you be down to ride? We watch as 50 cent is talking to the beautiful Zoe Saldana from jail. In another scene, she is helping him to hide a stack of money as the cops move in to apparently make an arrest.

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These girls are implicated in the crime either because they actively take part in it or because they harbor the person who is committing the crime. The popular rapper T. I recently married his long time girlfriend Tiny after having served a one year prison sentence. He has talked very lovingly about the fact that she stood by him while he was in prison. Many young men who are locked up are unfortunately there for much longer sentences and also do not come out to a successful entertainment career.

Songs About Missing Someone In Jail

The stresses imposed on young women whose partners are incarcerated are incalculable and I really feel queasy that the message in hip hop is that they are expected to patiently wait for incarcerated men to return or worse yet to pick up their criminal enterprises while they are on the inside. To be fair, T. These are not uncomplicated decisions.

I think its worthy of the list and i promise to keep you updated on my big Adventure. Once I became a parent, however, I sought to ensure that my own daughter didn't grow up missing people she loved. I am adding it.

I want young women to find happiness in their Songs About Missing Someone In Jail and if they make a choice to wait because this is a clear headed decision, then great. However, if they are making the choice because of social pressure and the weight of expectations, then this is necessarily destructive.

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Songs About Missing Someone In Jail