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10 Things Women Secretly Want In Bed… But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask

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30 Dec Indian women are truly one of a kind. Every now and then, it can get tough So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should date an Indian girl. 1. We're naturally tan. White girls go tanning to look like us, and come out of the tanning salon looking like clementines. We have that natural bronze. 5 Jun 'Indian women love to see the guy making the first move.' Says who? A random news article with unconfirmed stats? 2.'Indian women are fond of guys who respect them Loyalty is the key.' Respect & loyalty is important for both the sexes across the world. 3."An early morning sex is what they prefer.". 21 Jul We know it's tough being a guy who can score a like, much less a super like on Tinder. But let's just say you've manage to cross those hurdles, you can still never be sure when she's going to drop out of the conversation. But if it's a successful Tinder date that you're looking for, you need to understand what.

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What differs, significantly, is the style of the inquisition. At least, that's what it felt like then," she says. Women receive less credit for speaking up in the workplace than men, finds study. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. When death stared at me….

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What Are Indian Women Like In Bed

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When I sat down to list what women want in the bedroom or any other roomthe list came quick and snappy. Ciza Srivatsa, 39, Real estate consultant. Investment advisers, analysts likely to face penalties of up to Rs Ideally, an empty house with the doorbell disarmed and all gadgets switched off.

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Do you worry too much about office work even after you reach home? Women receive less credit for speaking up in the workplace than men, finds study. Who is a better pet? Have you seen these photographs of Bollywood celebs and their pets? Is your pet dog turning aggressive? Is your unconditional love making your What Are Indian Women Like In Bed obese?

Adopting a stray dog was the best decision of my life Stay-at-home mothers, you have every reason to be proud! After three long years, I am still waiting for my parents to accept my adopted daughter. When death stared at me…. Is there something called true love? My husband discusses our sex life with his friends. I love my girlfriend, but not sure if I want to marry her My father is having an extramarital affair. What good sex means to Indian women.

Women have sex for the same reasons men do. Here's a sneaky cure for the 'headache' epidemic. Basic instincts are anything but basic. If the book Why Women Have Sex by clinical psychologist Cindy Meston and evolutionary psychologist David Buss is to be believed, women and sex have almost nothing to do with love.

They have, however, found other reasons.

What Are Indian Women Like In Bed

If you thought women were complicated earlier, good luck stroking this one. After over a thousand interviews, Meston and Buss have managed to fashion a nuanced portrait of female sexuality. Sexual motivations for women are wide ranging — using sex as a defensive tactic against a mate's infidelity protection ; a ploy to boost self-confidence status ; a barter for gifts or household chores resource acquisition ; a cure for a migraine medication.

Somewhere, love finds a mention. So the question is what makes women tick? Why more info Clooney and Saif for us and Dilip Kumar for our mothers still our mental go-to guys?

Like it or not, it has What Are Indian Women Like In Bed to do with your tailored suit and suave haircut and more to do with your genetic disposition and complimentary MHC Major histo-compatibility gene complex.

In man-speak, that means, she wants you because you're loaded with what biologists call "genetic benefits" and "resource benefits. As for resource benefits, let's just say, she married you for the house, the car, the club membership and your ability to protect the aforementioned healthy offspring.

This also explains why certain balding, potbellied men find takers sooner than their well-bodied, charming counterparts. Women are known to give brownie points to loyalty and his ability to provide for the family and not just his ability to spread quality spawn. According to studies conducted by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria, how What Are Indian Women Like In Bed select their mate finds merit in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest.

It can be annoying, but the study states that picky women are actually the key to survival and biodiversity. For example, if all women universally liked tall men, short men would be headed for extinction, or men read more small feet would find no place in the world.

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As for women in 'love', it can be translated into — security, I won't find anyone like him, good father material, apt provider, self confidence. Carnal sexual motivation however, has more options — Revenge, envy, What Are Indian Women Like In Bed, money, barter, guilt, punishment, duty, loyalty, a lesson on loyalty, power and domination, to read more, pure evil.

In effect, they use sex to express love, and to get it, and to try and keep it. What good sex means to women in Mumbai Shobha De, in one of her observations about sex years ago, had said that earlier women just hitched up their sarees, closed their eyes and thought about Dilip Kumar. Has the scenario changed in urban India as increasingly more women find themselves freed from the shackles of guilt as far as getting some good, therapeutic action goes?

We spoke to women between the ages of and found that while love was a high priority for women, there were several other interesting reasons that prompted them to sleep with men who may not be their knight-in-shining armour.

Here are some of the factors that motivate Mumbai's feisty ladies for that spontaneous quickie or a click to see more in the hay Late bloomers A year-old young entrepreneur giggled as she confessed that it was the best birthday gift she had given At least, that's what it felt like then," she says. Virginity is finally losing its spot on the pedestal as the greatest gift you can give to someone you love. Dog training A large number of the women surveyed also described sex as a tool for 'dog training'.

Train the penis, and the man will follow, seemed to be the general philosophy. A year-old banker said she withheld sex in her marriage when she was displeased, and used it when she was in a pliant mood.

Women who want to keep the power in the relationship learn to excel at this very quickly. Security A year-old entrepreneur said that her first marriage wasn't promising in terms of sex, but her husband had the right credentials. But in her second marriage, What Are Indian Women Like In Bed is crazy about her man even if she earns more than him and he won't fit the bracket of the 'provider'.

Other women felt that sex wasn't as important in the larger scheme of things.

How to Impress Indian Girls; What they actually want from MEN PART-1✮Sanjay Vishwakarma #thebakchod

A good home and status was enough to keep a good marriage going. Because it's there When we asked a year-old stylist about her motivations for sex, she asked if it was a rhetorical question. She had a couple of encounters, because, well, they presented themselves. What a revolutionary idea. Have sex simply because it's available.

It is gaining popularity as a recreational tool, especially when women are between relationships or just plain bored. The mood lifter Women in high-stress jobs or those feeling low sang praises for the therapeutic properties of sex.

What the modern Indian woman wants in bed | brunch$feature | Hindustan Times

Another attractive furniture designer said there was nothing like sex to lift up her mood when she was bummed out. Sex releases the feel-good hormones and what better way to unwind? And you sleep soundly! To get it over with A year-old HR professional says, "Sometimes you just want to get it over with and move on to the list of chores that you need to finish.

The United Colors of Benetton experience Sometimes sex has been a great tool for cultural assimilation, women have found. A young media professional who did a stint read article an American university discovered just that.

Another banker, a frequent traveler, said that she was always curious.