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Your Ex Wants to Stay Friends? A Sign Your Ex Still Loves You?

When Your Ex Says “Let's Be Friends”. It sounds like a pretty reasonable suggestion when your ex says, “let's be friends,” doesn't it? After all, you've spent months or years of your life with this person, so you obviously like them and vice versa. So why wouldn't you want to maintain a friendship even after you've broken up?. She had accepted this long before she had ever reached out to me, and her motive for calling was that she had realized how hard it was to get out of the friend zone. As I said, if you want to be together with your ex again, and your ex boyfriend wants to be friends, (even if they say that they don't have feelings for you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to be friends after the break - Does wanting to stay friends mean your ex still has feelings? How to get them back!.

Hey, lets just be honest here. Being in the friend zone really sucks and it is going to take some serious smarts to work your way out of it. In the next 30 minutes I am going to teach you how to get out of the friend zone if you have been placed there and what to do to increase your chances of getting your girlfriend back. Because I write a lot and I go into amazing depth.

I probably go into greater depth than anyone talking about exes that you can find online. It requires a lot of thought, strategy and even a little bit of luck. Luckily, I have created something that can tell you just about everything you absolutely need to know to get your ex girlfriend back.

So, I guess the question on your mind at this point is, is the friend zone that we are going to Hookup Someone With Depression And Anxiety Tumblr about on this site the same as the official definition Google gave above?

Well, what I am going to be talking about on this page is a little different. I am going to be specifically gearing towards a situation where the guy you and the girl your ex dated in the past, broke up and now the ex girlfriend your ex only wants to be friends and nothing more.

So, my definition of the friend zone is slightly different than the normal one but it is very similar in many ways. The thing that you have to remember is that there is more hope with my scenario because if your ex girlfriend send you a text like this.

Now, lets also pretend that you were driving one day and you got into a horrible car accident and the only way that doctors could save your life is if they took your legs. If you get friend zoned you will never get your ex girlfriend back or if you get friend zoned you will never get the girl you want.

The fact that you have read this far shows me that you are interested in overcoming the obstacle you currently face from your ex girlfriend with being friend zoned or that I am an amazing writer who knows how to capture your attention.

When someone has lost their legs and loves running what do they do to overcome that problem and run again? In other words, someone who loves running but has no legs is going to find a way to overcome the obstacle of having no legs to get the love of their life back, running.

Look, there is nothing wrong with relying on each other for emotional support but if you are always wanting more with your ex and she knows that then she is going to take advantage of your feelings so she can feel better about When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends.

Lets say that after a breakup with your girlfriend she is constantly calling you to get your opinion on things and you give it to her. I mean, it seems like any time she has a problem you are the first call she makes and you kind of like it that way. If you really think about it she is using you for support. You are friend zoned and a great first step to not only get your ex girlfriend back but to get out of the friend zone is by using the no contact rule to your advantage.

My Ex Wants To Be Friends What Do I Do? And Is Being Just Friends With An Ex A Bad Thing?

Well, if you continue to let her use you for emotional support then she is just going to continue taking you for granted. Hypothetically if you use the no contact rule on her then you are going to make her realize how much she relied on you and you are going to create this feeling of longing for emotional support from you again with her. For example, lets say that your ex has friend zoned you and you decide to use the 21 day no contact rule on her and around day 7 of this no contact period she reaches out to you because she is very stressed at work and she needs someone to talk to.

Now, before the no contact rule you would have been her knight in shining armor when it came to listening to her problems but now when she reaches out to you there is no response….

While she may be a little upset at first that feeling of anger is going to be replaced with the felling of loneliness as she now has no one to listen to her problems.

When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends

Let her friend zone some other guy while you position yourself as a guy who has a legitimate chance to date her. I may have gotten a little too excited and just told you about the no contact rule without actually explaining what it is.

But has still contacted me almost daily even if just to say a thing or two. Below I have created a graphic illustrating everything that you need to be doing after the no contact rule is implemented on your ex girlfriend. For one, that this pseudo-friendship is only a temporary place.

The no contact rule is an idea that I feature in my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PROthat basically means that you ignore your ex in every form imaginable. God, can you imagine a NC that lasts forever? No, you need to do a lot more. Below I have created a graphic illustrating everything that you need to be doing after the no contact rule is implemented on your ex girlfriend. As you can see there are three main things that I want you to be doing after the no contact rule and they are all an attempt to force your ex girlfriend to look at you like a man of higher value, a man worth dating.

What I would like to do for you now is give an in-depth explanation on each of the three main things that you are supposed to be doing after the no contact rule to get out of being in When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends friend zone with your ex girlfriend. I am going to make believers out of you today so pay attention. Lets imagine that the girl above throws herself at you and showers you with all kinds of compliments and asks you out on a date dinner and a movie.

Because that is what she is used to. She is used to wrapping men around her tiny little fingers. She is used to men saying yes to her every request. So, by reverse friend zoning your ex girlfriend you are putting yourself in a position where SHE is being friendzoned by you rather than the other way around. I am a glass half full kind of guy and try to turn negatives into positives so bear with me here.

For example, lets pretend that you are moving into a new apartment and you need help moving. Well, in that case the thing that you want to do is call up your ex girlfriend and ask her to help you move just like she would call you up and ask you to help her move.

My ex wants to stay friends, what should I do ?

Assuming she says yes which we will for this example make her help you for hours with the move. Another popular way that you can reverse friend zone your ex is talk learn more here her about your relationship troubles.

For example, talk to her about a cute girl you saw on the job the other day and how you are thinking of asking her out. Ask for her advice on how to do that. In fact, if you do this right you can incite some jealousy.

It is going to take time and you are going to have to stick with it but if you do it correctly your ex is going to be the one that where you are right now and you are going to be where she is. Another way you can really mess with your ex girlfriends mind and get her to classify you outside of the friend zone is to send her mixed signals.

Now, I am the type of guy that likes to lock down plans ahead of time so I immediately went to work on the second date a few days after the first date. So, like any great man I tried to adapt to the change and ask her out again which she accepted and then promptly stood me up again. I mean, when a girl texts you that she misses you and wants to kiss you, you begin to think she may like you.

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Well, that was the last I heard from her for a couple of weeks and then when I brought the kissing text up to her she said that she was in the hospital and was delirious when she sent it….

Nevertheless, the mixed signals from her made me think she might want to date me for the stretch of six months. A roller coaster takes you on a big climb and then a big drop and then on another climb again and then on another drop again. They make us think that we are going to get into a relationship with someone and then they take that hope away right when we think we have it in the bag and then at the very last moment they restore the hope again.

You need to do this to your ex girlfriend and create a roller coaster effect that will cause her to continually chase you. These are women are are actively looking to try to get their ex boyfriends back. Heck, these women could be your ex girlfriend if you do this tactic correctly and then everyone wins. Sometimes the smartest thing that you can do to win her back is to just walk away and end your relationship with her entirely.

Well, sometimes women get a bit of the grass is greener syndrome in that as they go out and experience other things they begin to realize how good they had it with you and begin to want you back. Last month with my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, I began a podcast where I allowed women to record a voicebmail and I would answer their questions on air.

One of the first women to call in had the following question. What had happened in her situation is that he broke up with her and then as she moved on and improved her life he took notice and began to want to be a part of her life again. It made me think that sometimes the best thing anyone can do here re-attract their ex is to completely press the reset button and revisit the situation later after they have significantly improved her life.

You work on improving your life and finding inner peace, happiness, success and all that good stuff. After a year passes your ex girlfriend calls you out of the blue and seems to be interested in you again. All of a sudden you appear to be When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends of the friend zone and it was all made possible because you walked away.

So my girlfriend moved out about 11 months ago. Since then, nothing changed much we remained best friends and hung out multiple source a week. We continued to hang out as nothing changed.

Even though we had been broken up, not much changed so I was very surprised. She said he likes him and she is just going with the flow.

In some cases, your boyfriend or girlfriend will use friendship as a safety net. I hope this helps, Coach N. Hi Jason, Thank you for your share. The problems with accepting her offer of friendship are that A.

She wants to remain friends but but said if i need space she will give me it and for me to text when I want but she wont force it on me. Since that talk she has been texting me and seems much more friendly in how she talks. A couple days we spoke normal, but its been very short on my end. I wonder why she is texting after she said she understands if I need space.

When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends

IF she had my support to get over me these past months and has the emotional support from me responding and the physical support with her new guy who I still think is very beneath her standards. I was thinking about going NC even though I would feel bad.

Is it possible to make her miss me or has she When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends all this time to adjust to just seeing me as only a friend. I hate to go NC and lose the special bond of our friendship, but I feel friendzoned and as she gets to have her cake and eat it too. While I want to accept it because we have been broken up a while, it still When Your Ex Says She Wants To Be Friends me a bit. My question is to what I should do and if after just seeing me as a best friend for the past how many months while she got to have me while getting over me, if it is even possible for her to miss me in the way I am hoping.

Or if I should just accept that she might never feel that way for me again and will only see me as a friend. In which I would try to accept things and remain friends, even though it might be too soon to do so? We never argued much or had any fights and the more info just fizzled out.

Is it possible to make her miss me again or has that ship long sailed? We hung out all the time until not long ago and I still get texts from her, though it has been less and less because she might realize I have been being short and said I needed space. But has still contacted me almost daily even if just to say a thing or two. Any help would be appreciated. Do at least 30 days. Anyway after school started again, around October I had met another girl and started to talk to her.

Then a week or two of talking to this new girl my ex stops me and says that she is leaving next year and wants to be friends. She told me the reason we broke up again and this time I believed it. I thought she had started talking to more info again because she wanted me back but a few days later she saw me and my new girlfriend for the first time. She said she was happy for me and that this girl was better for me than her.

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