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Its Over Won Why T Tell Me He

Why Won't He Admit He Has Feelings For You?


14 Dec In their seminal book, Men Who Can't Love, Julia Sokol and Steven Carter say, “ Often, all the commitment-phobic needs to alleviate his anxiety is distance. The relationship is over, so he is no longer frightened. Thus, the feelings he has for you are free to surface in this non-threatening environment. 25 Mar When a man decides to opt out of the relationship by ending it, it is no different to when he chooses to opt out of it by behaving in counterproductive, assclownish ways but not actually uttering the words, 'It's over'. They both amount to the same thing. I was talking with someone a few days ago and she said. 8 Oct I know I made another thread about this same guy and a lot of people said he was toxic for me, which I still agree, but stupid me has been giving him the benefit of the doubt ever since he told me, "I wanna work things out. We can do this and I have faith in us" I really thought he changed and I truly thought.

They both amount to the same thing. Saying it and doing it are two different things. Anyone can say anything. But, can they live their words? Nothing, it both amounts to the same thing.

Who cares why he did it? The fact that he has is a glaring neon light of a signal that says this man is not worthy of your time. We have to make decisions. We have to trust our judgement, our instincts, and the evidence, and do something. These situations can leave you feeling indecisive but we have to make a decision and that decision only needs YOU.

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Last edited by barbielovesmac; at Wow, He was probably genuine then as he is now. Elizabeth March 26th,4: You desire connectedness, intimacy, commitment, longevity.

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I relate to your questions: I was really emotional with my EUM, he stood me up twice, he kept disappearing and appearing during these 12 months, never introduced me to his family, but promised a lot, only talking blah blah blah…I felt used and accepted the situatio, without asking myself: I had been seeing a mm for two years. Suddenly his life fell apart- click at this page, wife, etc.

I told him I got the hint and that i was gone. He did not have to worry about it. I was so hurt because he promised me that if he wanted to end it he would tell me. So of course, he was like what do you mean your gone?

I saw him one last time and that was my enough. I ended it two days later. The fact that he could disregard me for two months, although he was going through hell i think a two minute phone call here or there would have been nice, was a glaring message that this man does not care about me.

He only cares about himself and his needs. To be so cruel when he knew my fear was that he would disappear was so horrible for me.

I did not think I would get through the pain. It has been three months of no contact.

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For some reason though I think it is different. I know one thing is for sure.

He wont tell me if its over or not...

I want someone who loves me. He is not the one. The actions say it all!!!!! Gaynor it was only implied. Jennifer I think you are right. I always hoped that things would be different, better each time he came back. They will never change.

Why Won T He Tell Me Its Over

The light bulb that we hope will go off in their head that we are amazing and that they care so much does not happen. I also keep going back to something either i saw on this site or that i read in an article.

There is no stopping a man if he wants you. It is amazing that I bought his lies and his lies about his lies. It is amazing that I kept hoping click here would fix himself and his problems.

It is amazing that I got involved with a MM, that I felt he was out the door, and that I thought he was interested in moving on to all that he said he wanted. And, I never thought that that was me.

Why Won T He Tell Me Its Over

But I did think that he wanted to be happy. And I thought that he wanted to take a chance at happiness. I guess that I really projected my desires onto him. As in getting involved with a MM. Anyway, I am by far the stronger person, and yet, I fell to this absolute nonsense. It is amazing than an educated and highly functional woman could become this involved with a highly dysfunctional man who is enmeshed in his already existing relationship.

Truly, amazing that I got involved. And truly amazing that it took me forever to get that his inaction was his answer. And, his inaction reinforced my inaction of getting the hell away from him! What is also amazing, is that despite 6 months of no contact, that I even devote as much as two seconds of time to thinking about him. I know that I will not go back, but I do know that if suddenly became single, I would be there in Why Won T He Tell Me Its Over flash.

I know it did mine. What would we do if a friend treated us this way? Would they still be our friend? For some reason we cut these men so much slack when the truth is slapping us in the face. When a man truly loves a woman he wants to read more with her. He hangs around and throws crumbs of himself because he can get away with it.

Probably he has a history of treating women badly and picks his victims carefully. He knows the kind of women that will fall for this crap. The signs were all there. I think that we spent so much time hoping for something to change for so long, and we loved if you can call it love for so long that we just are going to have take a bit of acdtual time to really release the whole event in our lives even though read more know in our minds that it is completely over.

I believe that day will come. But, even though he was there everyday for 2 plus years, he was never there. It never even existed.

Its like the only thing I have over his head…that I can make him feel bad about which is telling him to pay up!!! I love you sister. English and linguistics Replies: This may open you up to a whole new world a great guys just waiting for a catch like yourself! I know I have learned a lot myself from coming here and only wish I would have found this site so much sooner.

I really really fell for his — poor pathetic me — routine. As for the obsessing, who knows? I could kick that obsessing in the ass, but I just cannot seem to let go. It is a prison of my own making. I would give anything to go one 24 hour period without a single thought of him. I think the most I have gone is about 8 hours. No, make that 6.

And again, what is there to mourn? There was nothing to begin with.

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Go here, no, when women friends even so much as behave disrespectfully to me more than one or two times, I am done with the friendship. I should not ever have started into the relationship with him, but most definitely, I should have opted out of the relationship, permanently, when I discovered that he is one of those who cannot commit to anything. Because, I actually ended up becoming a weak person over this assclown.

I agree, if I knew why this obsessing thing is happening, I would stop it, point blank. This, even though all the proper steps and stop gaps have been put in place. Truly maddening, I must say. Dear friends, The biggest mistake that I committed in the recent past is that I established contact with my assclown after 3 months of NC. I was manking awesome progress. I had nothing but hatred for him in my heart and did not want to have anything to do with him.

Then suddenly one day about 2 weeks ago I had some personal issue. Instead of dealing with it myself I contacted my weird assclown for no reason. And all the neurosis came back all over again. Today I am dealing with the aftermath of it. Struggling to break away from this nonsense again. Analysisng every little thing that happened in the past.

I feel I ma losing it at times. I am scared that I will never be able to get out of this mess that I seem to have got into.

My mother says that there are basically 2 kinds of problems-the ones that are unavoidable and the others that we get into. I got into this mess knowingly. I knew from the beginning that this would get me nowhere. I am guilty of reading this great site but not following anything that is given here.