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21 Feb And of course the Raid, which will either give you the best items in Destiny, or practically nothing at all, depending on your luck. The problem for many players? The three “best” activities in the game for getting rare currency and gear do not have randomized matchmaking, meaning for the Heroic and. But while the team at Bungie continues to address the concerns of players, it sounds like the team does not plan to ever make one of the most-requested changes to the game. Ask any Destiny player to list their top three most wanted additions to the game, and matchmaking for the six-player, extremely difficult Raids will. Without a doubt, raids are the most amazing experiences in Destiny that few get the chance to experience. At this point, it is certain that those Challenge of Elders, so long as it's not a crap week, can be easier that Level 42 Prison of Elders, so why not add matchmaking to it. Then we get to the last icon.

Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Who finally got a PS4? Discussion I believe raid matchmaking should be added with Age of Triumph. Before I begin this post, I would just like to remind you that my opinions are mine alone and it's fine if you don't personally agree with them.

If you don't, it may be helpful by picturing this post as a sort of Devil's Advocate. Please keep your pitchforks tucked away. With that out of the way, yes I do think raid matchmaking, based off of what we know right now albeit very littleshould come with the Age of Triumph event. Without a doubt, this web page are the most amazing experiences in Destiny that few get the chance to experience.

At this point, it is certain that those experiences will be relived at relevant light levels come the end of March. The problem is, that's all we know of right now. The image of the new weekly playlist shows a couple familiar yet new options.

Starting from the left, we can see some sort of new Crucible mode hopefully. Second to last is an icon that bears a striking resemblence to the Challenge of Elders symbol.

By placing it at the bottom left of the Director's main screen, it wouldn't be a stretch that the playlist may be recieving matchmaking. Challenge of Elders, so long as it's not a crap week, can be easier that Level 42 Prison of Elders, so why not add matchmaking to it.

Then we get to the last icon. The familiar skull with two swords is now presumably a playlist icon. Unless Bungie snuck that one at the end to Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids us, there will be either a weekly raid or a raid playlist.

Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids

I'd argue the former is more likely in an effort to draw out the content drop as long as possible before Destiny 2 releases. Regardless, I hope that Bungie adds matchmaking to this icon and here are my reasons. Remember, you may not agree with them and that's fine, but please respect my opinion. I might as well start with getting the Sherlock one out of the way. By restricting content to people who aren't able to plan out fireteams, you're essentially charging them extra money for something they'll never touch and is usually a very large part of an expansion.

The most common complaint I have heard by far is that matchmaking will suck, won't be fun and will be a pain in the ass. It will in times. Why complain about matchmaking if you're playing with your friends anyway? All you're doing is hindering the experience of someone else.

Opinion PC PlayStation 4. It also stops many of us from reaching the max level in the game, this is another glaring problem for fans of the game. Discussion Do you think Destiny 2 will have raid finder? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

You have quite literally nothing to lose. If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that raids take a lot of work to put together and iron out. Bungie will probably modify all of the raids in some way King's Fall may be an exception and we don't know read article anything else in Age of Triumph will be interesting.

Sure, there's something cool going on with Crucible but we know nothing about it. Until we hear more, I would consider it kind of a dick move in this regard to restrict almost all the content to those who have online friends or the time to go on LFG for each raid.

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The reality is, most don't have those opportunities. That's it from me. I'd love to hear about the genuine opinions of all of you reading this. I would like raid matchmaking to be added for the reasons in large, bold text. We have a type of this post from time to time.

And every time, I still think the strongest counter-argument is that it ruins the player experience. Imagine you are a new player. You played the story, played some strikes. Now you have a questmarker over a raid. And so you load into a raid, having no idea what it is.

Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids

There is no dialogue, the only indication on what you have to do is a small, rather cryptic text on the top right. Together with you are five random Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids. You happened to load into KF, not that you are aware of it. Two strange balls spawns. Everyone tries to grab one of the balls.

Enemies spawns, everybody kills enemies well, duh, they have to be killed after all! Maybe one player even manages to slam ball into the statue - but timing it together with the other player? Even if you manage the first round - splitting into three teams of two, picking it up at the same time, without even knowing what is going on? So after playing around for 15 minutes, you leave and think "what a damn shit this game is" and play CoD.

Even if you manage to complete the first section somehow, somebody drops Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids at. Too bad, nobody with a totems checkpoint is currently solo-queuing, nobody takes the now vacant spot - you are only five, and can't continue. Better luck next time! The problem most have when proposing something like this: You know the raid blindfolded.

You can't make a popup before loading into the raid "watch a damn guide on youtube before continuing! So out of six players, chance are six have no clue whatsoever what they need to do.

Strikes are straight forward, raids Especially KF most of the times are not. And you NEED to talk. Fine for you American guys, I know. If I travel a few hundred kilometers to the east I hear a completely different language than a few hundred kilometers to the west. And I don't know most of these languages. And a few hundred kilometers is nothing for an Internet game, I play with people from Italy or France or Poland all the time in strikes.

So I think it won't come because it will not only not help anybody in completing raids, but also will actually worsen the game experience of everybody just trying it blind with strangers. That is why it won't come. I'm a taken tot. We were three people.

I figured out that I need to follow the lamps quickly - but never even having watched it on youtube, not coordinating with the two other guys, I just died all the time. After 15 minutes of dying, I was frustrated, gave up and left the group. I know what it feels like to do a raid completely blind with no experience at all. Not only no experience in that particular raid I did link blind run through WotM - it was fun!

It's why I don't MMO anymore. Log in or sign up in seconds. Using a script or add-on that scans GameFAQs for box and screen images, overloading our search engine Running a "scraper" or "downloader" program that either does not identify itself or uses fake headers to elude detection Using a badly configured or badly written browser add-on for blocking content Overusing our search engine with a very large number of searches in a very short amount of time. It would make playing a whole lot more enjoyable for those who aren't quite into pvp or looking for players to more info with and are the old school type who play to get away from the hustle of everyday life by playing pve. The same goes for regular strikes as well.

I had no idea what was expected from me during a raid. It is not that fun. You reposted your OP, because it took some time to write this wall of text I just repost it too: My counter to your counter is that a vast majority of people Will Destiny Add Matchmaking To Raids going to use click sites or even know they exist, so it's better that they at least get to experience a bit of a raid than never at all.

In fact maybe that experience will lead them to seek out another solution and they might learn about lfg. To me what the game really needs is an in game lfg as opposed to blind matchmaking. I know mmos like wow have this so I'm sure Bungie cam figure it out. For the commitment we know that a raid requires, why wouldn't anyone use LFG sites?

Assuming they don't know what such things are, a quick internet search will reveal these great tools. This is perhaps the easiest mechanic of a raid to figure out! I agree that an in-built LFG tool would be great, but matchmaking is a bad idea as has been well explained.

So that, after it Boyfriend Is Scared Of spectacularly and people realize it's brings nothing positive to the game, We'll never see these posts when Destiny 2 launches.

Destiny Developers Still Not Interested In Adding Matchmaking

Is it not enough when you have spend an extra ten minutes in the Nexus boss because someone took the relic and is doing god knows what with it?

That strike alone should tell you raid MM would be terrible. I try to message them, cause some very good guardians have helped me out over the years. I can link hope to pay I forward. I already know it'll be variations of a single theme that goes pretty much like this: This week, it took me 53 min.

So that was fun. But at least we able to clear the raid, which you wouldn't be able to do with random matchmaking. An in-game LFG system, though, would be great. For people who haven't done raids, this would ruin it for them.

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click It'd be a miserable mess of an experience. It is very easy to get into raids using the existing LFG tools. I suspect that the vast majority of those who refuse to use those tools are solo players who don't want to have to speak to or interact with other players whether due to social anxiety or something elsewhich both the LFG tools and--more importantly--raids require.

The LFG tools require a very minimal amount compared to the raids; so if you are not willing to put that in, I don't want you in my raid, where more is expected and required for success.