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But film directors know all too well that when shooting scenes at Dam Square, in the Red Light District or on its hundreds of canals, Amsterdam is the real star. The city has Feel free to visit them and honour the real movie star: Amsterdam. It might feel like a Sex and the City tour, but at least you can pretend to be a spy. 9 Apr Since last September, notices have started to appear in the windows of Amsterdam's brothels. They detail what does and doesn't constitute appropriate behavior once they're inside. But we know you're not going to read them. 10 Nov That moment that's always more awkward when it's not in a movie scene. A giggle, lean forward, a laugh, then we both lean forward, lips brush. Another one a moment later, a bit more passionate. I give that wry grin I always do in such a moment. We laugh. “I like you,” he says. We enter his apartment, climb.

The Dutch people seem to be their own worst critics; in fact, it seems as though their movies have become a running joke, all: Well, what did you expect? Rather baffling considering directors like Paul Verhoeven and Alex van Warmerdam have reached international acclaim with The Fourth Man or Borgman respectively.

So why is it that the people of Holland are so critical of their own films? After seeing Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie production of My Fair Lady in the U. It premiered in Continue reading in with Wim in the role of Professor Higgins. Although his part in My Fair Lady was hugely successful, Dutch audiences will always remember him for his character, Willem Parel, the son of an organ player, who often spoke in general about playing the organ as much as he talked specifically about playing an organ in a sexual sense.

Even though his fans loved the character of Willem Parel, Sonneveld started to hate his own creation, taking the chance to get rid of the character once and for all: In Gerard Rutten gave Sonneveld a break from his alter-ego when, in his film, had Parel step out of a promotional poster and embrace a life of his own. Dorp aan de rivier The Village on the River Director: Based on the book by Anton Coolen, Dorp aan de Rivier tells the story of village doctor Tjerk van Taeke Max Croiseta local professional who genuinely cares about his patients and places more importance in their well-being than in their money.

He has saved the lives of many and is especially renowned for his skill in delivering babies. At first, due to her lack of experience, she is not taken seriously by the other members of the movement, and when she is asked to prove her dedication to the group by murdering someone, she chickens out.

20 Films about Amsterdam

Aware of her weakness, the group assigns her to work as a messenger. Though she proves she has what it Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie to become a respected member of the resistance movement, a mission goes terribly wrong, and Hannie and Hugo are forced into hiding.

From there, the entire country is in search of Hannie, the girl with the red hair. As one of the first relatively mainstream Dutch movie to feature nude scenes, this film marked an important new era in Dutch film history. Terug naar de Kust Back to the Coast Director: Linda de Mol is a Dutch actress typically known for chick-flicks like Gooische Vrouwen the Dutch Sex and the Cityif you will; see 33 and Ellis in Glamourlandso to see her in a psychological thriller was more than surprising, it was refreshing.

But not long after the procedure, Maria is tortured by threatening letters, disturbing phone calls and even a dead rat in the mail.

In the film, Ciske was played by Danny de Munk who sang the source in the film, which became a classic Amsterdam sing-along-song. Years later, Anton tries to find out what happened the night of the assault. I can feel him looking my direction. He has saved the lives of many and is especially renowned for his skill in delivering babies. And yes…stereotypes of this area are very true:

Shaken, she leaves her Amsterdam home to stay with her sister Ans Ariana Schluterwho still lives in their old family home near the coast. De lift The Elevator Director: Made in just 32 days on a budget ofGuilders, it was the first Dutch movie to nab a worldwide release. As you may have gathered by now, the film finds four people who, following a lightning storm, become trapped in an elevator which seems to have taken on a murderous life of its own.

First it becomes apparent that the air ventilation has been shut off, causing the group to almost suffocate. De aanslag The Assault Director: The youngest of the family, Anton Derek de Lintclick about to roll the dice when they hear the sound of gunfire.

Based on the book by Harry Mulisch, De aanslag mercilessly depicts the scars and war can leave on a young mind. No matter how hard he tries, Anton cannot shake the events continue reading that fateful night, haunted forever by images of fire and the sound Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie rolling dice. M Ragut, a passionately hated resistor who was shot off of his bike by the aforementioned Hannie Schaft see Gooische Vrouwen Vipers Nest Director: The series, often likened to Desperate Housewives and Sex and the Cityfollows the lives of four women living in Het Gooi, where all the hip and happening tastemakers reside.

In the film, we revisit our protagonists as they go through their decadent-yet-chaotic everyday lives. The free-spirited Anouk Susan Visser finds a new admirer in a fellow artist but keeps him at a distance out of respect to her daughter Vlinder Lisa Bouwmanwith whom her relationship is already strained. So, when things get to be too much for the women in Het Gooi, they pack up and drive to Paris in a conspicuously colorful hippie vanwhere they hope to ditch their material lives and find inner peace by following a spiritual course.

Abel Alex van Warmerdam is a strange, year old boy who still lives with his parents. His mother Duif Olga Zuiderhoek coddles Abel whereas his bitter old father Victor Henri Garcin is tired of his antics and wants him out of the house.

Yet, after Abel crosses his Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie one too many times, Victor kicks his son out of the house. But how will he feel when he finds out the man Zus is seeing is in fact his own father? Which was a good idea: De Noorderlingen The Northerners Director: Alex van Warmerdam considers De Noorderlingen to be his best film.

We can see why: Butcher Jacob Jack Wouterse has a wild sex drive and will go to extremes to satisfy his needs. Thomas is aware of a world outside of the estate—everyone else seems to think the world ends at the edge of the forest. Zusje Little Sister Director: Daantje Kim van Kooten is a young student in Amsterdam whose older brother Martijn performed by Romijn Conen, voiced by Hugo Metsers III shows up on her doorstep one day to announce he is going to shoot a documentary about her.

Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie

Filming with a hand-cam, Robert Jan Westdijk styles Zusje like a home movie, allowing the audience to connect with the characters intimately—which of course becomes too intimate for Daantje when Martijn insists on filming the inner details of her romantic relationship with Ramon Roeland Fernhout.

The story between brother and sister runs deep: Martijn is literally trying to take control of her life in an attempt to overcome an Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie with Daantje in the past. Karakter Character Director: The result of a one-night stand between Joba and Arend Barend Dreverhaven Jan DecleirJacob does not please click for source who his father is, though Dreverhaven proposed marriage and offered Joba money before she decided to leave town.

When the constant bullying and gossip gets too much for mother and son, she again moves, an escape and a strange relationship with his mother which over time begins to overwhelm Jacob. To avoid his mother, Jacob takes out a loan to buy a cigar shop, the first move in a plan to crawl his way up from poverty, a plan that leads to a number of financially dubious situations for Jacob—as well as back, unbeknownst to him, to his biological father.

Bordewijk, who was a junior partner at a law-firm in Rotterdam before opening his own practice in Schiedam inused many of his experiences as a lawyer as inspiration for his fiction. Wilde Mossels Wild Mussels Director: They all long for excitement, to escape their lives in the countryside, to turn out differently from those they grew up around.

When Leen meets an Irish person and becomes enamored with his new goal—to build a life for himself Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie Ireland—his friends perfectly sum up the attitude that keeps people from ever embracing change: Van God Los Godforsaken Director: Between anda click of murders took place in the region of Limburg, known most famously as the carnavalsmoorden carnival murders.

The men responsible, called the Bende van Venlo Gang from Venloregularly made headlines with robberies, break-ins and charges for drug dealing.

As is usually the case, Hazes was not only famous for his incredible pipes, he was also known to be constantly chain-smoking and getting by on a diet of beer preferably Heineken. While politicians want to close many of the windows, sex-workers and clients give their own opinion on the future of prostitution in Amsterdam. Aware of her weakness, the group assigns her to work as a messenger. Check out the items of Dappermarkt in Oost, the items of Lindenmarkt in Jordaan or the big Waterlooplein flea market. Highlights include food and drinks, live music and evening camping fires.

In the film Van God Loswe glimpse the origins of the ruthless gang, and thus the tide of crime that captivated the Dutch people for so many years. One day he meets Maikel Tygo Gernandtwho is on the run from the police with some stolen loot. Their quests become more and more violent until finally they spiral out of control, costing many innocent people their lives.

In18 men between the ages of 14 and 56 were arrested link relation to the Bende van Venlo.

De Tweeling Twin Sisters Director: Twin sisters Anna and Lotte are inseparable: They play together, wear the same clothes and sleep in the same bed.

Yet, following the death of their parents, the girls are abruptly separated, Anna Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie in Germany to become a laborer while Lotte is taken to Holland, where she grows up with a family who can offer her everything.

For a long time they write letters to each other, but due to the ensuing war, the letters never arrive. As adults, Anna Nadja Uhl finds herself infatuated with an SS officer, Martin Roman Knizkato the dismay of her stepfather, but she ends up marrying the soldier anyway. What will happen when they meet again, 50 years later? Get a box of tissues ready. Willem van de Bakhuyzen. What started out as a vacation job archiving paintings for his local municipality turned into a year gig for Pieter Pierre Bokma.

Cloaca was first staged as a play, directed and written by Maria Goos. Zwartboek Black Book Director: When Paul Verhoeven returned to his Dutch roots after years in Hollywood working on films like Total Recall and Basic Instinctit only seemed natural for him to revisit a theme that has become typical of Dutch cinema: Rather, the film can be viewed more as an adventure story told from the perspective of a Dutch resistance fighter.

Following the tragic murder of her family and several other families in her refugee party, Rachel Stein Carice van Houten changes her name to Ellis de Vries, dyes her hair— all of her hair—blonde, and adopts a new persona in an attempt to gather information from the Nazis.

The story was written in collaboration with Gerard Soeteman, with whom Paul Verhoeven had previously worked with on Soldaat van Oranje and Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie Delight Verhoeven described the feeling of his film as one that would never fit within the American film system:.

Komt een vrouw bij de dokter Stricken Director: Stijn Barry Atsma is a rich advertising executive who, as one might Don T Be Jealous Of Me Quotes, is an arrogant lothario.

He is married to Carmen Carice van Clickwith whom he shares a loving, exciting relationship, as well as a lot of freedom: Yet, when Carmen is diagnosed with breast cancer, their relationship is put to the test.

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Although Stijn supports his partner, read article still has a hard enough time getting used to the change in her that he feels life as they know it slipping away.

So, he finds comfort in the arms of Roos Anna Drijverbeginning a wild affair—that is, until Carmen goes into remission. September 23, marked a sad day for the Netherlands: Andreas Gerardus Hazes was first discovered by Jonny Kraaykamp when he was singing, only eight years old, at the Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam.

Byhe was signed to the label EMI, where he released several hit singles and finally reached a public audience.

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As is usually the case, Hazes was not only famous for his incredible pipes, he was also known to be constantly chain-smoking and getting by on a diet of beer preferably Heineken.

Inno longer able to hear himself speak, Hazes was diagnosed with tinnitus. On September 21, he was taken to hospital with a high fever. Two days later he died of a heart attack. The ceremony ended with his coffin being carried through the Amsterdam ArenA. A year later, some of his ashes were sent into the skies care of fireworks.

Amsterdam Hookup Scene From The Movie

Infiltrant Infiltrator Director: Culture clashes are reoccurring themes in Dutch cinema.