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The Fake Girlfriend Chapter 1: Prologue, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

29 Sep The rules? No kissing on the mouth, no staying the night, no telling anyone, and no falling in love. Ally just wants to finish college and focus on her life. Conveniently meeting star quarterback Austin Moon? Wasn't on her to-do list. Until a chance encounter leads to the possibility of something great. A hookup. 27 Aug Ally's P.o.v. I thought love was real but I guess not because the person I loved thought of me as that nerd. Sure I got good grades and was afraid to speak the truth doesn't make me a nerd. Right? Sorry I forgot to tell you about myself. I'm Ally Dawson I'm 17 years old and today is my first day back to school. 23 Dec "No, the thing: exchange the details, pretend we care." she explained. "Look I'm gonna go upstairs and take a shower, ok? And when I get back down here you won't be here so Um.. Goodbye " she said, struggling to remember his name. " Umm " "Dez." he said reaching out to shake her hand. "Dez!.

I heard my phone ringing in the living room but couldn't answer it because I was too busy cooking in the kitchen. Could you get that? No, this is her sister. Can I take a message?

I don't want you to take me back. I did, and regretted it immediately. Trish had already had enough of this stuck up teen and it hadn't even been an hour. Just In All Stories:

She appeared in the doorway a few seconds later. He wants you to call him back ASAP. I wrote down his number. Vanessa and I live alone in LA because our parents died a few years ago. I moved only a few months after her because she'd always been my best friend; we needed each other. We'd both had a pretty tough life, and she hated the thought of me staying alone in Miami without her. After we'd eaten, I went up to my room; determined to call back that number. It rang a few times before a woman answered, "Hello, Jayden Pearson's office.

I'll put you straight through to Mr Pearson. He'll be with you in a moment.

By now, I was really confused. A male voice spoke through the phone not long after, "Hello, Miss Marano. I'm sure you're wondering who I am, and why I called you. What will Laura say?

I probably sound like a snob. Jimmy didn't want that, but I figured you'd need some poison medicine to get through this. Dez let out a sigh as he watched her walk away. I didn't steal it. Eyes that make you want to search their depths.

I think it's kind of obvious, hehe. I hope you guys will enjoy this story as much as I'm gonna enjoy writing it. Chapters will definitely be longer, this is just the prologue.

Austin And Ally Fanfiction Fake Hookup

Orginally, I only shipped Raura but I've seriously warmed up to the idea of Rinessa, I think they'd be too cute for words. I also have this story uploaded on Wattpad, if you'd prefer to read it there. Search 'sxshaembeth' or I'll put the link on my profile.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Laura Marano is hired to be Ross Lynch's fake girlfriend, he's a total jerk; or at least that's how he acts. She has to go on tour with him and his band, much to her dismay, and drags Vanessa with her. Vanessa and Riker instantly get off on the wrong foot; and it seems as though all hope is lost.

Total Raura and Rinessa. I hope you're hungry. I recieved a call earlier, and I was told to call this number.

Austin & Ally SEX Fan Fiction!

I nodded forgetting he couldn't see me, "Mmhmm. What does that have to do with me? The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Austin And Ally Fanfiction Fake Hookup

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