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Really Can Wood Woodchuck A Chuck

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

Right, so how much wood would a woodchuck actually chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

29 May Of course, they can “chew” wood, but that's not really saying much, as anything with teeth can chew wood. If a woodchuck were brought to the brink of starvation, it may attempt to eat wood as a last resort. But a woodchuck can't digest wood, so things probably wouldn't end too well and since this poor. 5 Oct if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We've all heard the answer to that age-old question: he'd chuck the wood that a woodchuck COULD chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. But then you have to ask yourself: how much IS that? Someone actually found out. Or rather, they MAY have found out. 15 Nov Moreover, it is plausibly false. Think about it: just because a woodchuck could chuck a certain amount of wood, it does not logically follow that the woodchuck would chuck the amount of wood that it could, in fact, chuck. The next question we need to answer is if a woodchuck actually could chuck wood in the.

Today's Wonder of the Day takes a closer look at an animal that's neither a hog nor a pig and doesn't chuck wood.

GEICO-Do woodchucks chuck wood?

The woodchuck, of course! The woodchuck — whose scientific name is Marmota monax — is more commonly called by one of several other names, such as groundhogwhistle pigor even land beaver.

Woodchucks are rodents from the group of large ground squirrels called marmots. So what's up with all the different names? Woodchucks live all over the United States. Because they can be found in so many different areas, they came to be known by unique names in different regions. For example, some people call them whistle pigs.

When woodchucks are threatenedthey will squeal loudly.

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Their squeal sounds somewhat like a whistle. This warns other woodchucks of danger and may also scare off predators. In those areas where they're known as woodchucks, it's not because they like to chuck wood. Can A Woodchuck Really Chuck Wood Americans had several different names for woodchucks: English settlers used the more familiar sounds of their own language to come up with a word that sounded like these Native American names. The name woodchuck is kind of funny, though.

In fact, it gave rise to one of the more famous tongue twisters you're likely to come across:. How much wood would a woodchuck chuckif a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood! A tongue twister is a sentencephrase, or short rhyme that is difficult to say quickly or repeatedly because of alliteration.

Alliteration is the repeated use of similar sounds. Although tongue twisters can be a fun way to play with words, they're also very useful for a serious purpose.

Some doctors use tongue twisters to help people overcome speech disorders. Are you ready to learn more about tongue twisters and woodchucks?

Don't forget to check out the following activities with a friend or family member:. I never knew there were other kinds of woodchucks.

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That is really awesome. If I had a woodchuck I would name it Chucker. It is really fun learning about different kinds of animals even woodchucks.

It is fun to learn about different animals! We're glad you learned something new with us, A. We think that with some practice, though, you'll be able to say it!

We're glad that this Wonder helped you learn more about woodchucks, Mr. Thanks for being our Wonder Friend! Thanks for being our Wonder Friend!! I've been practicing tongue twisters for a long time now, and the Woodchuck one is probably the one I can do best. We're glad you're exploring the comments, too.

We hope you have fun reading this Wonder! It is a fact: I learned this last weekend when some wild turkeys had come through the woods behind my house, At the same time a woodchuck ran up the few stairs to my deck and chopped bites of wood from my door frame.

He left when I opened the door, and left the evidence.

Thanks for sharing your creative culinary tastes with us today! That is really awesome. September 13, at 5: Fictional squirrels Tongue-twisters songs.

But why did he do it? Dear Wonderopolis, Why did you wonder Can A Woodchuck Really Chuck Wood this? More importantly, I enjoyed this wonder because tongue twisters are fun and I like animals. But mostly we all wonder the same things, but never think about them until they are brought up. So, to me it was kind of cool learning while it is fun school is a different story. Thanks for reading my response!

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Thanks for sharing what you think about woodchucks, Dylan! We really appreciate your comment! I learned new things about the woodchuck.

It was a fun story and interesting story to learn. I would never have thought about woodchucks until i read this i never thought about a woodchuck and the facts learn more here them.: We're so happy you picked this Wonder to explore today, Team Wilch 23!

Hi I think that is interesting that the name wood chuck came from the Indians. I really like the tongue twister for woodchucks. Thanks for making me wonder Team Clark Hi, I'm so sorry about the comment, lots of love. Thanks so much, Constance! We appreciate your apology very much! We hope you will keep visiting Wonderopolis and leaving us nice comments! We're so glad to hear that you liked this Wonder, Alexia!

We hope you learned some new things about woodchucks!

For example, some people call them whistle pigs. Quit Question 3 of 3 A sentence, phrase, or short rhyme that is difficult to say quickly or repeatedly because of alliteration is called a what? Wonderopolis Feb 4, I am 9 years old and I live in Winnipeg Beach. Thanks for sharing your creative culinary tastes with us today!

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Can A Woodchuck Really Chuck Wood

I have known that woodchuck tongue twister for a while now, but I never really thought if woodchucks really do eat wood. In the video is the woodchuck eating wood? I don't get how the Indian words for woodchuck sound anything like the word woodchuck. Can you help me see that? I always say a third verse to the end of the woodchuck tongue twister. It doesn't really make sense but it's fun to say. It would chuck what wood what it could chuck wood if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

We like that third verse to the tongue twister, Team Wilch 14! Thanks so much for sharing it with us today! We think Wendy the Woodchuck in the video might be snacking on a walnut or a pecan.

You can Can A Woodchuck Really Chuck Wood her munch through the outer shell and finally find the treat inside. Hi, I am Johannah. I am wondering if wood chucks really chuck wood. Please reply back, thanks, and click the following article about me I am in grade 3. I am in Mrs. I am 9 years old and I live in Winnipeg Beach. Thanks for sharing about yourself, Johannah! We enjoy learning about our Wonder Friends!

We don't think woodchucks really "chuck" or throw wood. We think that is just a saying someone came up with when he or she created that great tongue twister about woodchucks!

Can A Woodchuck Really Chuck Wood

Thanks for today's wonder! I was wondering if you had any wonders of the day about Eskimos? Wonder 45 - What Is a Totem Pole? We think woodchucks are pretty cool, too, Smile22! Woodchucks don't really "chuck" wood.

That's just a clever saying that someone came up with to help them create the famous tongue twister about woodchucks! Dear Wonderopolis, Cool wonder!