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Else Were Girlfriend While We Slept Hookup With Someone

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What if they slept with others while you were broken up?

27 Sep Ex-girlfriend had a rebound while we were broken up But the thing is.. the whole time we were broken up I couldn't even bring myself to meet another girl let alone sleep with them, while at the same time she . OK nehtec, first of all it's ok to feel upset she slept with someone else because you're human. I'm having doubling moving past this. My gf and I have been dating for six months . We became exclusive around the third month mark. While drunk and talking past hookups (bad idea) she mentioned an ex she hooked up with. I found it was only weeks before we became exclusive. I am trying to move past. Long story short, my boyfriend and I were together for year and then we split 4 months ago. We have just recently decided to get back together. We were having dinner the other night and the topic of what we were up to while we were apart came up and he told me he slept with someone else. I know we were split up and he.

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of What if they slept with others while you were broken up? I emailed my gf, and we began talking again via email and text messages.

Girlfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Hookup

We have been broken up for a month. The first week we were broken up, she began sleeping with someone. I know this is fair game since we were broken up, but since I found out, I feel very odd now. I haven't even been on a date, and haven't wanted to. And it could be more than one guy.

But it is one that I definitely visit web page of. She confirmed this herself. Has anyone else ever gotten back together with an ex when they have slept with others during the breakup period? How do you deal with the feelings? PS-- This guy is part of her new social circle. She is also now friends platonic with the hook-up's roommate.

The breakup was in large part because she went back to school, made new friends, distanced herself, and made a new life without me. I think the hooking up with someone within a week of the breakup is just part of the larger picture of her click to Girlfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Hookup the field now that she has made new friends and a life without you.

So I would be concerned about getting back together with her if she hasn't addressed the issues of "I have a new life now, you are not part of it and I want to have fun screwing other men". I am not sure that she has really gotten everything out of her system in only one month.

I have to wonder if she really wanted a relationship with this other guy and he was just in it for the sex so that is why she is running back to you.

She thought it here totally over, so she hooked up with someone else. From my experience with this sort of situation, ignorance, as it is in so many cases, is bliss. It sounds like this guy has your best interests at heart, and is trying to protect you. America needs fewer laws, not more prisons. Some trust issues, some miscommunication issues.

So basically the physical act is secondary to what is really going through her mind I would be very cautious and guard your heart. In my last realtionship, I slept with a guy just a couple weeks of being broken up with my boyfriend he will say while we Girlfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Hookup taking time apart, but we were actually broken up--I woudln't sleep with someone if I was still with a person. My boyfriend and I decided to get back together a week later, and I told him what I had done.

He accepted it better than I woudl have, and though he was very upset by it, he got past it. However, it started resentment in our relationship. He woudl bring it up in fights sometimes not often, but sometimeslike using it against me. So while you or some may think your girlfriend may have done this in order to "get some things out of her system", consider that she is hurting too and some people act out in strange ways to feel better about themselves. But also think to yourself if you are truly ready to have her back in your life without you thinking about her with another guy in a very intimate moment or holding it over her head later down the line.

I agree with hersmudders. Less than a week after me and my ex broke up, I was in bed with another woman. I was trying to use sex to make myself feel better. The woman was attractive enough, but the sex was horrible. I wanted to cry while we were 'doing it'. LOL, Poor girl, I probably traumatized her. Anyways, people do crazy things when they are hurting. Keep that in mind. I would forget that girl if I were you.

It does not matter if you love her since she obviously does not have any positive feeling for you. I can understand why the OP's gf would do that.

Can I Get Back With My Ex If They Are Sleeping With Someone Else?

If it had happened to me, I suppose I could forgive them. But like the OP, I would feel weird. I dunno, I think I'd just be turned off especially if they did that so soon. Then again I've never been in the situation, so I don't know how I'd take it!

Seems rather quickly to be having sex after a breakup I don't think she respects you much to do that. Kissing, fondling, well, mybe. But full on sex?

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I found out about a month after getting back together that he slept with someone else about 3 days after breaking up. I was absolutely heart broken. It ruined what ever was left. It ate away at my self-esteem.

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It didn't help of course, when we would argue, that I always had the "Well you know The point is this. I very much believe that everyone after a break up needs a grieving period. That learn more here really taking a good hard look at yourself. In the end some people fail to see that a lack of a grieving period only enables you to take baggage to a new relationship, which the new person doesn't deserve or should be forced to deal with.

I think, personally when a relationship ends, and people fail to take that time period out, and they sleep with other people, source get destructive It is poor coping skills that allow us to deflect the situation and look for the escapism that will make them forget.

Feeling insecure, ugly, dented self esteem is merely a layer to what lays underneath For me, when we finally broke up for good. I took months out of the game.

Yes I was insecure, felt very unattractive, the ego was bruised, I was bitter and angry. After a few months, I really did become stronger.

No, it wasn't a good relationship Well, from reading her blog on myspace which, until today, i hadn't looked at since the day we broke upshe wanted to see how things would go with this guy and he apparently used her for sex more than once then dropped her.

I know this because she has some huge Girlfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Hookup rant on there, and says stuff like, "If you're over 25 and still play games you're not a real man.

Girlfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Hookup

If all you want is a bootie call then just be upfront about it. I think after a month of NC I just brought the whole world crashing down on me again. I had the false hope of s reconcilitation without too much drama, but now I am not sure what the heck I just brought on myself.

Ignorance is bliss in many, many ways. Sorry man, I feel your pain. Do you even have a reason to hope that she still wants to be together or are you just stressing about this new knowledge pointlessly?

Hmm, you see, your both options point toward the end of the relationship. I feel he was being dishonest, and know from a few external sources that he has in fact been involved with a few continue reading since our breakup This, to me, is the critical point. Alright so my girlfriend and I had been dating for 8 months or so and we started to have alot of serious arguments about the future and I ended up breaking up with her. You can then be real and admit that you were very upset, sad, hurt whatever you feel over this news because you really like and were hoping to be exclusive. We've both spent most of this time apart doing our own thing, getting out more and meeting new people.

You haven't really said what your current relationship consists of or whether she is still interested? Sorry again to hear. All times are GMT The time now is