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Maybe You Shouldn't Go to Medical School


Consequently, there's often a great romantic mess hanging like a storm cloud over the medical school social scene. Whether you're the young man who vanquished three medical girlfriends before choosing a bride by the end of first year, or you're the young lady with two medical boyfriends on the same. 18 Jan Recently I've gone through some big changes; I broke up with my boyfriend of five years and began my first year of medical school. When I told my mom that we broke up she stated, “Don't worry you'll find a nice guy in medical school.” I've dated a bit and observed a lot and here's the caliber of guy I've. 2 May I've been accepted to medical school and will be matriculating in August. I didn't date However, I'm just not sure it's the most popular look for guys in med school . The guys . It's quite common for first-year students to hook up with eachother during the first months, and then people start relationships later.

Television loves medical shows.

You know what no one makes TV shows about? Being a doctor is awesome, but everyone seems to ignore the path to getting there. An average med school class has roughly students, so chances are everyone is going to know everything about everybody.

Spending almost every day with these people in a high stress environment is a recipe for disaster. By the end of first year, the web of hookups and breakups is so complicated you need a professional cartographer to actually map it out.

How to Get Into Medical School

This is more a function of necessity than passion. We actually have nothing else to talk about. Along the same lines…. Women are attracted to doctors. In their eyes, being a doctor equates to having money, prestige, and great genetics.

In reality, being a med student equates to having crippling student loan debt and little to no free time, neither of which are panty-droppers. In med school, everyone is smart. Also, no one who gets accepted is used to not being the best at whatever they do, which leads us into….

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No one likes admitting they need help, much less asking for it. Add this to the fact that anyone who can help already views you as competition and the situation starts to look worse. No one wants to be the Peeta Mellark of med school, so most of the time we just shut up and pray that Wikipedia will save the day one more time. Pledge class trip to Vegas?

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That sounds like an awesome idea. In the three months between graduating college and starting med school, the way people perceive you will change dramatically. They have absolutely no clue what a terrible idea that is.

Hookup A Guy In Med School

Go see a real doctor, you pervert. Let that soak in for a minute. Being in med school is easy street compared to actually working. The life of a medical student while more difficult than undergrad is realtively much easier than actually working as a physician. Hate to buat your bubble. I have several post graduate degrees, and nothing compares the the sheer difficulty of med school. Not only is the material incredibly difficult conceptually, but the volume is ever expanding.

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Please keep all topics germane to current medical students. I'm currently in a long distance situation and its been around 5 years 2 were in college not long distance. You create your own luck. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Wow, this is such a whiny article. I drank more during my first year of med school than I did all throughout college. Chill out and enjoy the ride, kiddo. You lose the ability to communicate like a normal human. Along the same lines… 3. Your idea of a typical conversation is actually horrifying. It takes a long time before you actually know things.

Also, no one who gets accepted is used to not being the best at whatever they do, which leads us into… 7. Asking for help is admitting weakness. Your friends grow up around you. Everyone will ask you for medical advice. Email this to a friend.

Hookup A Guy In Med School

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If you have a relationship going into medical school and can keep it, good. He is super sweet, a sincere gentleman. Email this to a friend. Came out of a physically and emotionally abusive relationship in college.

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