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Dating, Dining, and Desperation A Dear Daphne Novel

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A woman required to marry within the next year in order to inherit her eccentric late aunt's sizeable estate finds greater rewards in helping a young, parentless girl than in another round of speed dating. Dating, Dining, and Desperation has ratings and 74 reviews. Kemi said: The book was fine. I would give it a solid 3 1/2 stars. I didn't realize this. Dating Dining and Desperation. Daphne Ballinger has learned to accept her deceased, eccentric aunt's strange request that she marry in order to inherit her estate, along with taking over her aunt's hometown paper's advice column. But knowing and accepting that God's will be done becomes harder when a new neighbor.

By Wooley on Feb 12, I read the first Dear Daphne novel and article source been waiting for this one. Dating, Dining, and Desperation is the 2nd book in the Dear Daphne series. I'm pretty sure I know who Daphne is will end up with in the end, but it's fun to see her adventures along the way.

I read this story, Dating, Dining, and Desperation, in one evening and stayed up really late to finish it. I definitely felt drawn into this story and couldn't put it down. I will be reading the next 2 in this series! By Momblogger on Feb 26, What a fun story.

This is the second book in the Dear Daphne series, and though it is fine to read this one as a stand alone story, it does make more sense if you read the series in order - book 1 is Lock, Stock and Over a Barrel.

This story had me laughing, crying and sighing, sometimes all in one chapter.

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It is full of funny situations, well-meaning match-makers, and some interesting and entertaining happenings between Daphne and a few quirky men she is encouraged to date.

The story is written more of a journal style, explaining what is going on in Daphne's life as she tries to fulfill the requirement in her late Aunt Dee's Will. The returning characters from book 1 are wonderfully interesting and the new characters keep the story flowing and the action going. The story is well written and not confusing, it is easy to read and keep up with everything going on.

Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson

As for it being a "christian" book. There is no "preaching" in it, it is a good clean read where the heroine does talk to God, attend church, and live out the commandment to love your neighbors. The author The supporting characters are very interesting with returning characters from the first book as well as introductions of new friends. It is well written and not confusing.

There isn't really a main hero - well, kind of and kind of not. You'll have to read it here figure that out.

There is not much religious content, but the heroine does talk to God, attend church, and live out the commandment to love your neighbors. As this is only book 2 of the series, and I believe there are at least 2 Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson coming out, I will continue reading to see what happens learn more here Daphne! Hope you will join me! All reviews are my personal honest opinion.

By J's Mom on Feb 18, I loved Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel but the book seemed to end abruptly and too soon so I was excited to get a chance to read book 2 in the A Dear Daphne novel series. But since Daphne is waiting on God she isn't running into any relationships until a new neighbor talks her into it! The new neighbor cracks me up. But a different neighbor will steal your heart like she stole mine. Author Melody Carlson gives an update at the end of the book that there should be two more books available in this series but they will be ebooks so get your e-reader ready!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was not required to write a positive review. By Sue Reviews on Feb 18, I purchased this book and had forgotten that I had read book 1 in the series and didn't like that it didn't have a complete ending, Book two continues on with where book one left off, I think the main character has lots of admirable qualities.

Some of the side characters are interesting, I was very disappointed however that once again at the end of the book there was no real conclusion to several parts of the story. I don't like feeling like I have to buy another book to get resolution to a previous book.

Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson

On a good note, This book has good morals and is free of bad language and steamy scenes. Lastly I found the pace of the novel to be a bit slow, I have enjoyed several of read more authors other novels more. By James Dekruyter on May 21, Loved both books and I really am eager for the third one in the series.

I've got to know what happens next! By My Favorite Pastime on Feb 28, In the second installment of the Dear Daphne series Daphne is still looking for a husband. She only has 10 months left according to the stipulations in her Aunt's will.

Right" before her aunts deadline, or will she risk losing everything she has come to love in Appleton? After that, I really got into it, so much so that I read the entire book in one evening approx 7 hours. First there is Sabrina, a young divorcee who is also a southern belle who moves in next door and immediately takes a liking to Daphne and wants to help her fulfill the terms of Aunt Dee's will. I also loved that Daphne was writing a suspense novel!

When new neighbor Sabrina moves into the neighborhood the southern charmer guesses what Daphne's Aunt requires of her and sets about helping Daphne find Mr. When it seems that Jake, Daphne's lawyer, may be getting back together with his ex she crosses him off of her list of prospective husbands.

There still seems to be a long list of potentials though. A lot of nice men, a few frogs, but no Prince Charming for Daphne Dating, Dining, and Desperation was quite entertaining and amused me in several places. I like how Daphne is settling into Appleton and finding her place in the small little town. Her dates made for some entertaining reading and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next Dear Daphne book which is titled: Home, Hearth, and Holidays and scheduled for ebook release shortly after Dating, Dining, and Desperation releases.

By Pengie on Nov 21, Daphne's Aunt Dee has passed away and for the time being, she's living in Aunt Dee's house, writing Aunt Dee's advice column, and taking care of life in general. Across the street, Sabrina moves in--Sabrina, a lovely gal from Atlanta with a yappy chihuahua named Tootsie Roll; Sabrina, a woman who doesn't stop talking, who gets her way in a most persuasive manner, and who never leaves the house dressed less than her best.

Next to Sabrina, Daphne finds Mr Renwald--her favorite teacher from high school and her inspiration to write. The only hitch in Daphne's life is that she must marry before her birthday the following May in order to keep her inheritance. Melody Carlson has written a series of novels about Daphne, and I got to read them out of order. I will be reading Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel soon and review it. But this see more is about Dating, Dining, and Desperation.

I really enjoy reading Melody's writings; she writes with humor and enough realism to make her novels quite an entertaining read. Daphne is a mid-thirties woman who spends a lot of time in front of her computer, writing. Just click for source a result, she's sort of let herself go. Sabrina enters the picture and begins her one-woman campaign to make Daphne over.

Men come and go throughout this novel like ants at a picnic--Jake, the attorney; Mick, the landscaper; Collin, Mick's friend; Harrison, the architect; Tony, the doctor; Spencer, the writer; Ricardo, the chef; and on it goes. Sabrina even takes Daphne to a speed dating event. Parts of the story had Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson laughing and other parts tore at my heart.

Little Mabel and her grandmother, Vera, will break the reader's heart, but Daphne's love for Mabel will warm the heart.

Brown on Aug 26, In book two, Daphne is still looking Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson a husband to meet her aunt.

The only thing that may tip you off is where it says that it's another Dear Daphne story. In the second novel of the Dear Daphne series, Carlson moves the story forward, yet things are still unclear for Daphne. This is the second book in the Dear Daphne series and you will enjoy it more if you read the first, Lock, Stock and Over a Barrel. Trivia About Home, Hearth, and Return to Book Page.

By Bethodye on Oct 15, I found this sequel a little more scattered than the first one. The author jumps around between men so quickly that i can't catch up! And throwing in the little girl after the halfway point just threw me entirely for a loop. That part of the story just didn't seem to flow with the rest, and it escalated so quickly. However, Daphne is still a very likeable and relatable character so I do want to follow up and see what happens from here. I hope the author maintains a sense of reality and gives us an ending that is satisfying without being too cloying.

Harrington on Jul 03, I just don't like how they just end Where's the next one though? I do love the books!

Dating, Dining, and Desperation by Melody Carlson (PDF)

By Amazon Customer on Mar 21, The story was ok, as far as it went, though not one I'd be wanting to read again. But I was very disappointed to get to the end and find it just stopped, and I'd have to buy another book, maybe 2, to find out what happened in the end. By Jalynn Patterson on Feb 17, Daphne loves living in the house Hookup Dining And Desperation By Melody Carlson she inherited after her aunts death, the only problem is the stipulations.

According to the will she has to marry within a year of receiving the home, or she'll have to find a new place to live.

Question is how is she going link do that if she doesn't see anyone who is even interested and she has to continue running her aunts advice column? She has to find a way to do both within a year, all while working on a novel. But luckily she has found a new friend, a nice girl who has moved in across the street.

A girl who resembles a Malibu Barbie, who carries around a yelping chihuahua. From the minute this nice girl asked to borrow Daphne's shower, they were instant friends. Within a few minutes the girl is willing to help Daphne find the one, the special guy who is to help her stay in that amazing home.

But when is that guy going to pop up and help?

Dating, Dining, and Desperation

Because Daphne doesn't see him anywhere. By Vilma J Morey on Feb 28, After reading the 1st book by ms Carlson,it just left me hanging in the end. I was spitting nails when she took me for a fool.