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So then just how much DOES a polar bear weigh?

Complete information on How Much Do Polar Bears Weigh. Get to know the average adult polar bear weight of both male and female. Learn about the baby polar bear weight and how much it gains as it grows. Know the heaviest polar bear ever recorded and a weight comparison table of all bear species to give you a more. The weight of an adult female is one half of the male's body mass. Females weigh around – kg (– lb).The maximum reported weight in females is kg ( lb) but it is extremely rare. Let's study in detail how much does a polar bear weigh in the wild. Wanted to verify the age old pickup line: Person 1: "How much does a polar bear weight?" Person 2: "Hmm " Person 1: "Enough to break the ice!".

Polar Bears being the largest land carnivore, stand at the top of the food chain pyramid in the Arctic.

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This fact makes one wonder about the size and weight of the polar bears. Among all the bear species, polar bears is one of the heaviest and the tallest. To make it even more clear for you we have compared its weight with some other bear species so that you can know where it stands.

How Much Does An Average Polar Bear Weigh

Next article to read: How Tall is a Polar Bear. Learn more about Polar Bear: Polar Bear Facts for Kids. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Chordata Mammalia Carnivora Artiodactyla. The average polar bear weight ranges from to lbs i.

Polar Bear Weight - How much does a polar bear weigh

Kodiak Bears are the only bear species that are a little more heavier than polar bears on average. Male Polar Bear Weight The average weight of a male polar is more than that of a female polar bear. Female Polar Bear Weight A female polar bear weight is almost half as compared to the male polar bear.

How Much Does An Average Polar Bear Weigh

Normally the average female polar bear weight ranges from lbs i. Maximum stated female polar bear weight up till now is of kgbut it is very rare.

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Female polar bears gain weight during pregnancy, which can reach up to lbs i. The average polar cub weight is somewhere in the range of grams to grams.

Polar bear cub with this lightweight at the time of birth has an average length of 12 inches and 30 cm. At birth male polar bears are slightly larger in size and weight than the female polar bears.

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When the cubs leave the den they weigh around lbs i. At the age of one year the weight reaches lbs i. At the age of two years the male polar bear cubs weigh around lbs i. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Why are Polar Bears Endangered? Atilax Marsh mongoose A. While the algae is harmless to the bears, it is often a worry to the zoos housing them, and affected animals are sometimes washed in a salt solution, or mild peroxide bleach to make the fur white again. The bear was able to reach the truck and tore one of the doors off the truck before Hoshino was able to drive off.