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8 Dec Discover TOP 5 Tips and Tricks to Make a Girl Squirt EASILY! Become the *** ULTIMATE LOVER *** Over 2 Views and 29K Shares! CLICK HERE NOW!. 14 Apr Summary This is a comment I left to someone looking for some advice on making a girl squirt. I planned on it being short but I keep adding shit. 6 Jul Best Toys for Squirting: Gigi: Glass: Lucid: Slimline: Thanks for wat.

Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

How important is the element of surprise? How about sex after she came? I like this article, I will be trying it tonight! When your confident about yourself youll perform better. Put on a nice quiet one, and go for it!

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Here's a Glossary of Shaming Tacticstry to be creative and avoid these. We know you won't, that's why you're easy to spot.

Read the following threads and the Theory Reading below. Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them. How To Tease Bitches. How To Manage Your How To Make A Girl Squirr. How To Make a Girl Squirt self.

This is a comment I left to someone looking for some advice on making a girl squirt. I planned on it being short but I keep adding shit, so here is everything I know about turning the waterworks on. Yes, every girl can squirt.

I have tested this thoroughly. Most girls have never squirted. After I was seeing a general theme of these girls squirting.

I flat out started asking them, "You ever done that before? I figured this was just ego stroking but after the 10th girl in a row told me she's never done that before I have to question if they really are lying to ego boost. Coupled with the look on their face afterwards I believe most of them really never have. However, only a rare percentage do it naturally. As in they will squirt from penetration, anal, clit and even had a girl squirt from deep throating me once.

Even have a video of it. No, don't ask for it. And for all you How To Make A Girl Squirr fuckers out there let me lay it down to you this way. There isn't a magic gene that miraculously makes these organs or processes disappear.

Link fuck sake we still have an obsolete appendix that hangs around and does jack shit. The spot feels really smooth and different than any other part of the V. Then you can either use your fingers to curl up and down on the spot or the more advanced technique.

That's really it, that's all you have to do but we are going to need to set the stage which we will talk about in a minute.

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Same technique but now lock your finger ridged, like they are steel and don't relax them. Lock them like your flexing those biceps to salute the gods of Swolehalla.

How To Make A Girl Squirr

Use your entire arm in and up and down jackhammer like motion. It's not in and out like a pile driver or one of those sex machines How To Make A Girl Squirr use because they can cum with their betas.

Your arm is basically a flag pole sticking our her vagina straight up to the ceiling and your hand makes an L shape with the spiderman anchor. You can actually do this right now while reading. Make the spiderman motion, then hang your hand down vertically like a flag pole. Then, very important here, you basically want to squeeze the snatch between your spiderman grip. I know some of you autistic fucks will mess this shit up so be care with this.

Start out slow but basically you are hitting the spot at the same time as lightly pulling and pushing her pelvis up and down. Start slow, some girls can only take a little bit, but most girls and be jackhammered pretty damn hard.

Some girls can literally How To Make A Girl Squirr picked up by their vagina if you are strong enough. No fucking joke, some girls will actually go wild if you can pick them up by their snatch.

I have no idea why. If a chick could pick me up by the dick I'd be terrified but some girls fucking love it. I don't even question it anymore.

The key is make sure your spiderman grip is strong, if your hands slip, you will hurt them. If you've never done any of this start with the basic spiderman. Once you do it a few times you can really just click for source a girl when she's about to cum.

Do forearm dumbbell curls to strengthen your fingers and arm so you can do it longer. I've had a girl cum for a minute plus and could have gone longer but my arm gave out.

Squirting hands down is the best orgasm a girl ever has. I've actually had ex plates get pissed at me for not seeing them or ending it and they'll say some shit like, "You cant just make a girl fucking squirt then ditch her!

Bitch don't be crazy and you'd still be around. That was the one I slapped at read article bar because she was into public humiliation, degradation and shit. For those of you that follow my stories. Total basket case but damn she was kinky. It is neural pathway that most girls have never experience or used before. It's there, but most have no idea how to do it, what it feels like or what to expect.

You have to do some shit to get them there. It's not a walk into the restaurant and order my double deluxe pound-town entree with a side of water works kind of thing. This shit takes work. The 1 thing that will cause you to fail is your inability to get a girl over her mental hurdle.

That mental hurdle is that when a girl is about to squirt, it will feel to her like she's about to piss all over your bed. Most girls will stop you before they let loose. You have to get pass this. I prefer shock and awe tactics for this as I'm a very dominant guy so it fits my nature. If you have another way feel free to share it.

If i'm with a new girl I get her really hot and bothered with foreplay, sex, dominating her a bit, just get her super worked up. Http:// will use game and teasing hours before we ever get home and in bed.

I fuck with girls HARD, getting them turned on way before. Once you are in bed and have them really worked up, as in you are going to pound town on them in the very moment.

Stop, pull out quick and in the heat of the moment while she's on her endorphin high go to town with the spiderman technique. To paint the picture of how I do it. I'll bend their legs up to their face, legs together, not apart, go to town for a bit, choke them if they are into it, do anything else that's dominant and they enjoy. Then when they are screaming or about to cum, dead stop, pull out, ring and middle finger in, start doing your bro curls on the spot. You can play with different rhythms, speeds and pressure to find what works well for you.

And yes rhythm, speed and pressure will change your success rate. You'll eventually get to the point that you will have specific rhythms based on how turn on she is.

How To Make A Woman Squirt Fast | The Squirt Bible

Fast and hard for a girl that's right at climax, slow and steady if you are working her up. They usually blast like a fire hydrate within about 5 seconds. More than that and you didn't turn them on enough and they'll stop you. If you succeed though most go into a daze, some eyes roll up. Some go non reactive, they're brain just shuts down, they go half retarded or something. Had one have an asthma attack and i had to give her mouth to mouth for a minute while she was still soaked.

That was a funny one. There are two types of squirters from what I found. My plate right now, the one that actually had the asthma attack and squirts from deepthroating, she is just a natural.

January 15, at 1: I swear I was a desperade young lady who needed to squirt so bad. Sometimes a bit of pee comes out just before ur juices start gushing out.

She's done it since she was a kid and she'll do it from penetration, anal, clit, doesn't matter. Other girls will only squirt from the 2 finger technique. Being dominant is key.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

They all love being dominated. The more you are, the better chance you'll have of click the waterworks. Lift, 1 best thing you can do to improve your dominance. I'll shoulder press my girls and launch them like a little kid onto the bed.

Anything and everything you can do to be more dominant will help you here. If you can throw them over your shoulder after fucking them good and you do the spiderman technique they will explode.

How To Make A Girl Squirr

They won't even be able to walk for a minute or two. Go to pornhub and search how to make a girl squirt. There are some pornstars that actually teach it.