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Family · Lost & Found Music Studios is a half-hour tween series following the lives of a group of musicians who are members of an after-school music program where they explore and discover Mr. T., the owner of Lost & Found Music Studios and an established music producer, admits a small number of new members each year to join the group, and. When Shannon was 8 years old, her father Adam Rutherford married a woman named Sabrina Carlyle. Shannon's new step-brother was Boone Carlyle. (Hearts and Minds). Shannon was employed as a ballet instructor at the time her father was killed in a car accident. While attending her father's funeral, she was visited by. No, what I'm trying to convince you of is that Lost was special, that we're unlikely to see anything else like it. The closest modern television comes is something like Game of Thrones, which similarly sprawls all over the place and incorporates more and more characters with every season. But even that show's considerable .

Jacob took her name off the list because she became a mother. She swooped down and immediately captured my heart! Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle.

Well, now that we have all the answers after last night's series finale, "The End," we can relax and revel in our knowledge of all things Lost. In the most amazing, terrible, satisfying, confusing way, we did get some answers, but not the biggies. We found that some people lived, some people died, and some people we thought were here lived.

And in the Sideverse, there was lots of kissing—and everyone "let go" except Ben.

Boone tells Locke someone in the airport was in serious danger. Boone later went to the church where all the Flight survivors reunited. That's the other reason you do it that way.

Locke-ness and his group run into Jack and his ex-candidates. Jack thinks Desmond is a weapon against Locke-ness. Locke-ness thinks he's a weapon against the island. They agree to disagree and head toward the Source. Miles finds Richard alive, but with a gray hair.

They head by outrigger to the Hydra island to blow up the plane but find Frank alive, too, floating amongst the sub's wreckage. Frank suggests that since he's a pilot they can actually get off the island and then Locke-ness won't have a plane to escape in. Jack, Locke-ness and Desmond leave the others behind as they get close to the Source.

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In the cave, Jack and Locke lower Desmond down to the shiny electromagnetic pool of water. Desmond sees skeletons and makes his way to the center of the pool. He pulls out a rock stopper and things don't go well for anyone. The yellow, shiny pool of light goes red.

Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old

Locke-ness thinks he was right, and the island starts to shake. Jack punches Locke-ness, who bleeds As Locke tries to escape off the island and Jack tries to stop him, Go here stabs Jack, but Kate shoots Locke-ness and Jack kicks him off the side of a cliff.

The ex-candidates and Ben show up to confirm that yes, it is still dead. Jack, Hurley and Ben head back to the Source, to undo what Desmond did. Kate and Sawyer head to the plane and convince Claire to come with them. Frank, Miles and Richard fix the plane, but the Hydra island is starting to break apart.

At the cave, Jack convinces Hurley that the big guy needs to take over for him as the new Jacob, because the severely injured Jack doesn't think he's going to survive trying to fix the Source. They do the drinking of the water thing and Jack tells Hurley the magic words, "Now we're the same. He finds Desmond still alive down there, and Jack puts the big rock stopper back in its hole.

Water starts to flow again, and the yellow light comes back. The islands stop falling apart. Hurley pulls the rope up and finds Desmond at the end of it, instead of Jack.

They all assume Jack is dead. In the Sideverse, Jack operates on Locke and fixes him. Everyone starts to gather at a church. A Love To Last Feb 1 finds his dad, Christian, there and he's not Locke-ness.

Jack realizes that both he and his dad are dead, and Christian tells him that they all created the Sideverse so they'd be able to find each other again, and that everyone is dead, but some died before him and some long after.

Jack goes out to find that all the characters we know and love, those who died in the Lost verse Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old those who lived, have come together at the church. The church doors open and a bright light spills forth, which means something really important. Meanwhile, in the Lost verse, Frank manages to get the plane off the island. Hurley accepts his responsibility as the new Jacob.

Ben becomes a good guy.

Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old

And Jack wakes up on the island, still gravely injured. While he's lying on the ground dying, Vincent finds him and sits next to him.

Jack looks up and sees the plane flying overhead and smiles, knowing the others got off the island. He closes his eye. In yet another alternate universe, the Smoke Monster gets a gig selling smoke detectors for a mysterious place called Target.

We're at the end of our search for answers to our plus questions below.

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Below, if a question Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old in boldface, it was answered in the most recent episode. If a question is in italicit was answered in earlier episodes and the subject of a previous article. This is the eleventh and last of our Lost Questions and Answers stories. Normally we'd post unresolved questions first, but we're going to let you do that in the comments section below.

So what questions do you feel remained unanswered? Apparently he's a ghost now, along with possibly being God. Or if he's not telling the truth, we're thinking Jacob as a jailer of sorts has trapped Old Smokey ON the island. Maybe that's why the Locke-ness Monster says he's "trapped. He was born on the island a long, long time ago and the Man in Black is his twin brother. He took over the responsibility of protecting the Cave of Light from the woman who raised him, so she probably viewed Jacob and the MiB as candidates for her job.

Is he good or is he evil? The jury is still out, but he certainly seems gooder than Smokey Locke, who we're now calling the Locke-ness Monster. The theories that he was actually the Smoke Monster were right, and we found that out in very dramatic fashion when the Locke-ness Monster transformed into the Monster and smoked Jacob's Bodyguards under the four-toed statue.

However, we also discovered that what he really wants is to "go home. Locke-ness really wants to get off the island, and he managed to convince Sawyer to go with him, which we're guessing is a really bad idea for Sawyer. He also has to follow "the rules. And he told Sayid he has the ability to offer him anything he wants, which we're guessing includes Sayid's long lost love, Nadia.

We also Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old that at least his body is the Adam skeleton. The light does indeed go out of the Source, but when the island's magic stops working, he becomes human again. And that means Jack can and does kill him with Kate's help. Why does he need a loophole, and which one did he find? We're thinking the loophole might be that the MiB couldn't harm Jacob himself and needed to talk someone else into doing the deed. However, Jacob did harm his Brother in Black.

Why does the MiB hate Jacob? Jacob is in some way the MiB's jailer, who keeps him on the island.

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Is Jacob really dead? Maybe dead really is dead. Our Locke is alive in the new Sideverse. However, he's dead in the old Lost verse, according to the Locke-ness Monster.

In fact, he filled Ben in on all the details of what Locke was thinking as he was dying when Ben strangled him. Nice touch, that one. Did time reset and keep the Oceanic from crashing? Yes, but not without changes and at least one alternate universe. Apparently the island is under the water in the Sideverse.

And yet the surviving Lost verse Survivors and Others are running around dealing with the fallout of the bomb explosion or possibly non-explosion in that 'verse and the Locke-ness Monster's newfound vengeful power. Will Juliet and Sawyer find each other again in Lost Character Hookup 16 Year Old Sideverse? They did, thanks to a candy bar. And then they died happily ever after. What kind of damage would an explosion from a hydrogen bomb create? Apparently it threw the surviving Survivors into an alternate past, which we're calling the Sideverse.

It also sank the island. What's the deal with the four-toed statue, and if it was really a statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret, why was it built? What's the Smoke Monster, and what's up with it? It appears the Smoke Monster is going to become the Big Bad of the season. The morphing monster seems to be some sort of evil force that can apparently take any form, such as Dead Locke, and possibly posing as Alex, when she told Ben to do whatever Locke says.

In fact, we're guessing there's more to come when we find out how much this Big Bad has been messing with everyone since the beginning. And one more thing This is my friend. Locke as Smokey took out the Temple in pretty extreme fashion, and then turned into Locke-ness and gathered up his recruits and Kate. Jack's figured out that Locke-ness needs them to kill each other because he can't kill them.

That led to Sayid, Jin and Sun's deaths, and possibly Frank's. After all, it's tough to get a job when you get typecast. What's up with the ash, and why was it around Jacob's cabin? One of the Others check this out the ash which may be something other than ash to try to protect himself by pouring a circle of the stuff around himself when Smokey went ballistic and smoked the gun-toting Others under the four-toed statue.