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7 Reasons Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want Sex

Why Doesn't He Want to Have Sex With Me?

28 Oct It hurts that he says he loves me all the time, and then he won't even touch me. Anyways, I'm on here because I have no friends to talk to. I have always been a boyfriend girl and never had many close friends. My bf shares me with no one. And I've always been the girl to connect with guys more than girls. 2 Apr What are the reasons your man has stopped having sex with you? Don't play “the blame game.” If you find yourself rejected and in a sexless marriage or relationship without touching, hugging or kissing, without the comfort of the words “I love you,” it may not have anything to do with you. Believe it or not. 19 Nov I have been able to get him to jerk off with me every once in a while, but that's all I ever get out of him. And when we do that, he won't touch me. He doesn't ever do anything for me. I'll give him blow jobs and suck his nipples and lick him, and he seems to enjoy it, but when it comes to my turn, I get nothing.

My Boyfriend Won T Touch Me

I shower daily and get a Brazilian monthly. I smell fresh down there and have very good hygiene. I've brought it up to him a few times that I would like it if he focused on me on of these days and he says he agrees but "one of these" days never comes.

I am 20 years old and very attractive I am awesome in bed and enjoy pleasing him but I think it's unfair that I never get my chance to O. I want to have sex and he makes me feel ashamed of it. So many nights I go to bed wishing he'd touch me or go down click to see more me or have sex with me but fall asleep disappointed. Of course I don't tell him I want him to, I give hints and open up the door for My Boyfriend Won T Touch Me to do it.

But I don't act desperate because I know he doesn't like it when girls are sexually aggressive. We have sex only when he is up for it which is 2 or 3 times per week. In my opinion, we should be doing it at least 5 times per week. BTW, we live together. OK, so maybe I have a high sex drive but I am young and attractive My Boyfriend Won T Touch Me good at pleasuring him What should I do? Am I wrong in how I feel?

You're not a sex toy. If you're going to pleasure him you have a right to your pleasure too. So many women neglect their needs to focus solely on their partner. Ladies, you deserve to be pleasured. I pity women in love with sexually selfish men. I think female sexuality is such a beautiful and when a woman orgasms and feels pleasure, that makes me a happy man. I'm not the only one and there are guys who would love nothing more than to pamper your vajayjay.

As a guy I stick up for my male brothers but there's some things that are just indefensible. For many of us - no oral is a dealbreaker. Why shouldn't it be for a woman? My Boyfriend Won T Touch Me is a big part of a relationship and sexual selfishness is still selfishness. You wouldn't stay with more info guy who can't be bother to part with the change you buy a pack of gum, why would you tolerate a guy who won't give your poor clit the time of day?

If he really has a problem with oral, whatever but there is no excuse for not fingering a woman. It should read "You wouldn't stay with a guy who can't be bothered to part with the change to buy you a pack of gum. Going down on women or men has always been health risk. Sexually transmitted infections STI I don't like going down. Very few times I done it only because I know where it leads too.

Also, are you seeing anyone for your depression? I never found port, or evidence of an affair. But I don't act desperate because I know he doesn't like it when girls are sexually aggressive.

The game at the end. Just do it to be able to bust in her. I don't care for it. Most times I just don't. I enjoy good make out sessions and fouling around more. I only met one women that it was her thing. I can't go down on women who had a child. It's a mental block. I article source have a kid.

Call it lucky or not. Women I gone down on are ones who never had a child. But if she had my child. I can not answer that yet. I would like to think I would to please her. It's all about the game of pleasuring your half. Maybe when or if I ever marry. My views will change.

I honestly don't understand any man that doesn't enjoy going down on a woman much less touching her there. You are right in the fact that you're young. You have needs and desires that he's not meeting. If you are always giving and then he never returns the favor then its a one sided relationship. You are now asking your self and us if you're fair in feeling this way and if you're wrong. Especially if you have talked to him about this and nothing has changed. He gets his, has sex when "HE" wants to, and you feel guilty or confused and frustrated so your drive goes higher because you're needing more.

My Boyfriend Won T Touch Me

I would ask if he's ever gone down on you or fingered you? If he has then I'd ask what's changed for him and if he hasn't ever then I'd ask what the reason is that you two moved in together? I would place it to him in the fact that you've told him how you feel and what you need before and you're telling him again because he's not hearing you.

After that you have two paths. One, move on and find someone that will give you what you need sexually and has the same drive as you that should be almost any man or two, settle for the way things are and change your self and desires to fit him and your relationship.

I sure hope you never ever settle in life Personally, I like more info down on my girl more than her giving me a bj.

I feed off of it. When my girl gets so excited he can't even see straight turns me on so much I can't even describe. I'm probably fairly average in that I last about minutes. I know my girl is capable of going longer. When you take minutes to "warm the engine up" before going to town, you're both hapier. Regarding the libedo thing, I guess that's him. You'll have to work that out with him. Try showering right before sex just to make sure, and see if he feels differently. You're not wrong in how you feel.

He sounds like a very selfish lover to me. If he's not willing to go down on you, he shouldn't expect to get blowjobs from you.

My husband doesn't touch me unless we have sex. What can I do so he touches me other times as well?

I love going down on girls even more than receiving oral sex. I wouldn't consider it aggressive to tell him you want oral when hinting at it is not working. I would suggest telling him more directly what you want. If that doesn't get through to him, there are plenty of guys with higher sex drive who also love going down on girls. That is not right I know I would be.

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You absolutely should get yours. I would go down on you every day of the week Its time to cut him off until he is ready to do his part. Sexual gradifaction should not be a one way street.

Stick to your guns! Simple, no more hand jobs or blow jobs for him until he goes down on or fingers you.

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Never go down on a guy until he goes down on you first. Stop going down on source. If he can't please you then why bother pleasing him? I'm sorry but I don't think I could be dating a guy like that for long. It's like he doesn't even care about your sexual pleasure. Just cut him off. It's a 2 way street - give and take. Also close this question. My boyfriend won't go down on me or finger me? What Guys Said 9.

Damn what a great guy.

I know he's not cheating. As I started to reflect on this situation, it made me take a look at my past sexual situations, rather in a relationship, or just a one night stands. With over 15 years of our expertise in producing passport, SSN, license, I. You have every right to decide with whom you have sex.

He has high morals.