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28 Jan The Facebook post encouraged us to sit down with our child, ask certain questions without any promptin Here's how my Q and A went with my 8-year- old son and 6-year-old daughter: 1. What is something I I couldn't believe my ears when my son answered question number 3 (“What makes me sad?. I want to interview her and has her 6 questions about life, so when she grows up she can see how she thought as a 6 year old. I don't want Here are some questions that where a part of a challenge from a few years ago HTH 1. What is your happiest memory? 2. Why do you like being a kid? 3. One word. 1 Jan Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories.

Last night I came across a great post on Facebook. The Facebook post encouraged us to sit down with our child, ask certain questions without any prompting, and then to repost the questions and answers along with our child's name and age. My friend posted her year-old son's answers. They were so funny and endearing that I decided to do the exercise with my children. I sat down separately with each of my children to find out their answers because I did not want them to influence each other.

Initially, both kids were nervous about getting the answers "right. What is something I always say to you? Sit down while eating So true. What makes me happy? Playing with our dogs. What makes me sad? When we go with Dad for a long time. Being sick and having to cancel plans. How do I make you laugh? Tickling me with Mr.

I might do a page for each of my boys. Discover five tried-and-tested activities for keeping your children entertained when bad weather means they can't let off steam outdoors. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email. My name is I am years old. August 7, at 9:

Showing me cute puppy photos. What is my favorite thing to do? Get your nails done. What do I do when you're not around? Go to lunch or to a movie, go on a walk. What is something I'm not good at?

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Letting us have pizza every night. Letting us have candy.

Questions To Ask A 3 Year Old Boy

What do I do for a job? Help people make movies. What is my favorite food? What do you enjoy doing with me? Going to see Star Wars. Going to the park or getting our nails done More bonus points. Their responses brought such a smile to my face and really touched me.

How about if I take off my link and put yours on instead? What do you want to be when you grow up? Are we done now? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

After we finished, I had one of those "light bulb" parenting moments. Well, it was a great way to see how they view me and the world. Apparently, they feel here when it comes to their pizza and candy consumption. On a more serious note, I learned a few things from our conversation.

First of all, the exercise reaffirms my long held personal belief in the importance of having good communication with my children.

It is not a matter of sitting down and talking TO them, but rather it is important to talk WITH them and really listen to what they have to share. My children are still very young, but I think this holds true no matter what age the child is. I hope that See more am setting a strong foundation for our future together.

Secondly, I was surprised by how observant my children are, even when it comes to what I think of as subtleties.

Questions To Ask A 3 Year Old Boy

I couldn't believe my ears when my son answered question number 3 "What makes me sad? But since my family's divorce inI thought that I had been doing a good please click for source at hiding this fact from them. Click have tried to be upbeat, smile and energetically kiss them goodbye when they leave, even though inside my heart breaks to see them go.

I have tried to encourage them to have fun with their father and let them know that I am doing ok while they are gone. However, it turns out that I haven't been so good at hiding my real feelings from them. Last night was a wake up call to do a better job of shielding them. I want them to enjoy their time with their father without feeling conflicted, worried or guilty about it.

In addition, our conversation made me realize just how lucky I am to have children who know me so well. Because I'm single, I just assume that no one knows me as well as my ex husband once did. I miss that aspect of coupledom Oh, woe is me. In actuality though, I do have people in my life that Questions To Ask A 3 Year Old Boy me well. This especially holds true when it comes to my children.

I am fortunate in this respect, and I really need to stop hyper-focusing on what I am missing out on by being single. Finally, this exercise cemented for me the idea that there is simply nothing better than looking at the world from a child's perspective.

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The little things matter to them. Our children offer us their awareness, innocence and optimism. Correct me if I am wrong, but couldn't all of us use a little bit more of this in our life?

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I'd love to hear about your child's answers. You can tweet me at www. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Jessica Peterson via Getty Images. Here's how my Q and A went with my 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter: What was I like as a child? How old am I? How tall am I? I'm 5' 9" Son: What am I really good at? Canyon Girl on Twitter: Go to mobile site.