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Aries & Sagittarius: Love Compatibility

Aries Women’s Confidence Turns on Sagittarius Men

Whether at work or as friends, there is always a strong possibility of Aries women and Sagittarius men crossing the lines and taking their relationship to a deeper level. Since they already share many compatibilities and have similar outlooks on life, even the slightest bit of physical attraction can ignite a fire so strong that no. Both love adventure and have an open attitude to life. Sagittarius man has a quest for variety and Aries woman provide him with that. She is spontaneous and proves to be an exciting partner. Sagittarius man possesses great sense of humor and entertains his partner with interesting conversations. The time flies when both. What do you get when you mix a person who is very hard-headed and very bold with somebody who pretty much can get along with anybody in any room anywhere? You get a mix between the Aries woman and a Sagittarius man. A lot of the questions revolving the Aries woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility tend.

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I'm an Aries woman dating a Sagittarius man. Oh my god, it's crazy how well we work together. He reads my body intuitively and always says that it's me that touches him. He's funny, adventurous, outgoing, and he loves to dance. All Sagittarius Man In Love With Aries Woman friends think he's great and his tell me they're happy he found me. It was love at first sight, passion from the onset, cohabitation within 3 months and engagement after 5. We're not rushing the wedding, it's still over a year off, but there was no reason to wait.

He loves me more than life and I'll never find a man more perfect. I won't even look. I am an Aries woman with a Venus in Pisces. I gotta say Pisces often has a much bigger influence on me than the Aries at times.

In time they will both understand that Aries grows through this relationship and widens their entire system of values. Oh yeah our sex equals two thumbs up. He wsa my first and we were in a relationship for over 7 years!

I've had interactions with Sagittarius men so it is an ideal match but being a sentimental sensitive Pisces doesn't sit well with the somewhat detached rather flirtatious Sagittarius. Although, his Venus was in Aquarius Im an Aries woman with a Sagittarius man partner and we fell in love in high school, although we went our separate ways for about 6 years we re-connected last year and 4 months later we were engaged!

It's now 8 months along with another 6 months till our wedding and we are as strong as ever. I can't tell you what an amazing relationship I feel I have, he's in the British Army and I live in SA and we're moving in together when we get married and moving to Germany! Full of adventure and also the need for maturity and communication. And he has it ALL. I'm ecstatic, but also treading softly as I don't want to lose it x. I am with a Sagittarius man and let me tell you, we are in love.

I don't think I have ever been with anyone who has read me better than my man. It's definitely a solid match! I Sagittarius Man In Love With Aries Woman a Aries woman with a Sagittarius man.

Never in my life have I been with someone who reads me like he can. His touch, his mind, his overall senses and mine are combined. I am an Aries woman and I have only been dating my Sag for a month, but the connection was immediate. I have never dealt with a man who knew when I needed to be touched, held, kissed or hugged without a word from me.

I hope our story ends as good as some of these.

Sagittarius man and Aries woman

I love that man I am an Aries woman married to a Sagittarius man for almost 20 years. He is the one person who knows me inside and out. He is smart and great in the sac! He goes off with his friends a lot but that go here bother me.

He always takes good care of me and I do the same for him. I love my sag! I am Aries woman and have been trying to go out wit Sag man. He asked me out maybe 5 times and only 1 time we got together. He constantly changes his mind just few days before we actually have to go out but after some time passes he AGAIN asks me to get together. It is getting really annoying.

Sagittarius Man In Love With Aries Woman

What is wrong with this pic, Sag men, please can you maybe explain to here. If he doesn't not like me and does not have intention in getting together with me WHY he keeps asking for a date????

Ok, I am an Aries woman in love with a sag man.

Sagittarius Man In Love With Aries Woman

We have been just friends communicating on and off for 8 years now - with this attraction that seems to get hotter as time goes by. He is everything I want in a man and always tells me I am beautiful He has talked about dinner and we still have not gone!

He has told me he has been attracted to me outside and inside since the day we met, but he has not tried to sleep with me He periodically answers my quarterly emails and annual calls! I am married, but recently ended that relationship and he says he did not want to come in between my family Does this man really love me? Or did I just quench his thrill of the chase?

Aries because they want to win, and Sagittarius because convictions are their forte and something they have surely thought about a lot. Passion and adventure will always rule their lives. I've been dating my Sagittarius for a few months now, but we couldn't be happier! They never fail to make a great first impression.

Im an Aries woman with a Sagittarius men. Idk help me plz. I'm an Aries girl in love with a Sagittarius guy, we went out for nearly a year and accurately, he was very much romantic as he was intellectual.

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I want him back so wish me luck, he's both so stubborn and clever but I'm so attracted by see more blushing and flirting with our eyes. Aries and sag do get along not when then are too young.

It works when they are older because you find out soon there are too many other zodiacs with that kind of compatibility. Not when they are young Sagittarius Man In Love With Aries Woman true that. Both too feisty and have trouble appreciating each other unless you've seen how bad other signs are lol. I know I wouldn't trade my Aries gal for anyone else, though 10 years ago I might have given up due to some of the fights. Now I just think of them as a necessary evil and look forward to the make up sex.

Another reason we work so well. Same Sag guy who posted above. I forgot to tell you how funny this woman is. She can get me in stitches most of the time. I've never met a girl who has timing and ideas. I generally tend to be a funny guy but she keeps me on my toes. My Virgo friend helps to keep me on my toes too but she is something else. She seems -kind of- tomboyish but growing up those were always the hottest girls in my opinion along with athletic girls my ram tends to be a little athletic and tomboyish!

I respect her strength and confidence. Never tell her she can't do something - she'll prove you wrong, but not before she's hurt that you underestimated her. This girl is also smart. I'm not too sure on how well people see this besides me.

All of her advice is good and thought out. She has the ability to pick optimistic outcomes and they usually happen for her. When it comes down to problem solving she always amazes me and makes me jealous when it comes so naturally to her. The combination of confidence, grace, humor, sexuality, intelligence and honesty just steals my heart. Nothing else in life can even come close to touching.

I'm an Aries and have been talking to this Sagittarius for almost a year, and we finally admitted our feelings. I absolutely adore him! He's funny, intelligent, confident, outspoken, and everything I love.

I'm so happy I found him! I'm a 20 yr old Aries girl who is best friends with a 20 yr old Sagittarius guy. I love everything about him. His humor, personality, character, the way he looks. I feel like he's my perfect soulmate.

Aries Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility – An Exciting & Adventurous Relationship

I feel like he's broken my heart. One of our mutual friends could tell that we were very close, closer friends.

We talk everyday and he calls me on his breaks at work. He asked me how I really feel and I couldn't deny that I loved him. He has told me that he loves me before but as a good friend. This friend took my secret and told him despite my wishes to keep it a secret and keep our friendship above anything else.

When he found out, he told me he was willing to admit he cared for me more than friends as well but I told him he didn't need to change or do anything. I know he needs his freedom more than anyone. He's in a band and looks forward to meeting many girls and having experiences that I can't give him.

I would feel selfish taking those experiences away fro m him.