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Do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Then again, I've always been a straight shooter when it comes to these things. I don't call hanging out with a chick 1 on 1 dating her, I know people who do. I don't call her my gf unless we've agreed we are at that point, just like I wouldn't call her my fiance randomly before talking with her about it. My 25 May Hi everyone! I met this girl online and we get along amazingly. I've been talking to her for a few weeks now over text everyday and we never run out of things to talk about. I've gone of a couple of dates with her, that went amazing and she's been to my house (where we got intimate a lot) and she's even met. 21 Aug When it comes to admitting love, avoiding your feelings is easier than ever making a move. This can cause you to lose out on one of the best opportunities of your life: having an amazing relationship. Years from now, if you never asked her to be your girlfriend, you will still be thinking about what would have.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I met this girl online and we get along amazingly. I've been talking to her for a few weeks now over text everyday and we never run out of things to talk about.

I've gone of a couple of dates with her, that went amazing and she's been to house where we got intimate a lot and she's even met my family and got along really well with them.

This girl is incredibly smart, funny, beautiful and we have great chemistry and a ton of mutual interests and a few mutual friends even.

Glad to hear things are going well with you, man. I could be off; what's your take? Thanks for letting us know. Messages You have no messages.

I feel something special with this Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend and I haven't been talking to any other girls since shortly after I started talking to her.

I'm pretty selective with the girls that I do let close to me and I don't date a ton of see more, so this is kind of a big deal for me.

We are both in our early 20's and I am fairly inexperienced because of my pickyness. I know however that she is fairly experienced. So there are a few things that I need help with. Is it as simple as telling her how much I like her and I'd like to take what we have to the next level and be in a relationship? I need help how to do this and word it because I'm pretty terrible at this stuff. My other concern is my lack of experience compared to her. She is super open with me but I feel like telling her this is probably a stupid thing to do or is it?

Should I just act like I know what I am doing and hope she doesn't figure it out? Anyways, any advice on this would be really appreciated. I like this girl so I want Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend do this all the right way and limit the screw ups. Thanks in advance for any replies and advice!

Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. ALady Send a private message. If things are great between you and you genuinely enjoy her company and would like her to be your girlfriend, you have the right idea, just ask her! Although If you haven't known her for at least a month, wait a little bit and just keep things fun until you know each other in person a little better.

Many women appreciate a man who doesn't shy away from "the talk" it shows that you have confidence and respect her. As far as how to do it, try to be a little more casual, you're asking her to be your girlfriend, not your wife. She might respond with an enthusiastic "Of course!

You won't ever know unless you ask. As far as your lack of experience, I don't think that it would hurt to talk to her about it when the topic is relevant. Communication is crucial in maintaining a relationship, particularly when it comes to both parties getting their needs fulfilled.

Edited on May 25, at Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Bombtastic Send a private message. Do you want to be in a relationship with her? Girls have different mindset, the "we're having fun", "he's my boyfriend", "he's my husband", and "I'm a mother".

Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend

Each one the woman gets more and more anal and has more and more extreme expectations. If you really want a relationship with her Do you know if she wants the same? Let her know that you have options. If she wants to be with you, she'll let you know. It eats at them all day if they want it defined and it's not defined.

Should You Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend

Just have fun with her before you're her "boyfriend" and you have to start abiding by all these different expectations. Well, if I were in the same situation, the first thing I would do would be not texting her so much. Reason being, you are texting her a lot lets say, and when you go out with her, the conversation would be very minimal due to you guys texting all the time.

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Cause for me, I want to build a relationship in person not digitally. Second, you can't ask her to be your more info. She knows that's ultimately what you are hoping for because you clearly have an interest in her because you keep asking her out.

Don't bring it up, the reason is, on every date, you want to keep things light, positive, and more importantly fun. If you ask her right away, it just comes off as needy, and that's the last thing I am sure you want to do. Here it is, let her be the one to bring it up, you don't ever want to chase, cause it doesn't work.

You want her to bring it up and when she does, you know when SHE is ready to start a relationship. If both parties ultimately want a relationship, but neither of them are afraid to broach the subject for fear of looking needy or being rejected, how do they become sure they're on the same page?

How do you know thats what the other person wants? How do you know if the girl just wants to hangout and have fun first, how do you know if she just is dating around and seeing what kind of person she can meet before she wants to be in a relationship? You can't until they bring it up.

The reason I am saying is that he shouldnt ask is because what happens if he asks see more she is not ready click a relationship or its not what she wants at the moment, she rejects him cause in her mind, he came off way too strong. Thats why its always better to let her ask to be exclusive, especially if she is confident thats what she wants.

The same issues arise with women as well. How does she know if he just wants to hang out and have fun?

How does she know if he's not just dating around? Aussiejustme Send a private message. Can't stand mind games and guessingas a woman I much prefer an honest man who knows what Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend wants and asks not guesses no one has a crystal ball how on earth can you have any relationship ever without crystal clear communication from the get go?? Supervillain Send a private message. For this situation, the only thing that'll work is giving her the best sex she's ever had several times and then making it clear through your actions that if she doesn't toe the line you're gone.

Nothing else will work. Just toughen up and pretend you know what you are doing.

Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend

She may not even notice your nervousness. Depends on the type of girl. If you think she should or would bring it upthen by all means wait and let her be the one To initiate.

Ask a New Question expand. If she likes you it wont be more than a couple dates at most. BUT, she mentioned not being ready for anything and how she wanted to just be friends with a guy before even thinking about a bf. Clearly you guys are into each other.

Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous If a guy you've met online and talking to for six weeks suggest meeting at an airbnb for first date? Anonymous A tip for men who are on-line dating statement, not question:?

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Anonymous Was she trying to get my attention? ThatConfusedPerson Do you think this guy likes me or not??? What's wrong with this question?