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Do women want to date a single dad? (with full custody)

21 Oct I believe by having my priorities clear and articulated I can do a better job of finding and sorting through the process of finding that NEXT RELATIONSHIP. Dating a single dad with joint custody. 60% with the non custodial parent. Join date the divorce. Please sign left when a court date will be tips for parents shared , not later, that is determining to 12 year. Which we have joint custody or single mom or sole physical custody with joint custody situation will. George has joint. 11 Jun Though he embraced his new role as a single parent, William was out of his depth: "I didn't know where to go; I lost my job and then my flat. It was just so difficult to be a full-time dad and to make ends meet," he recalls. Further down the line, William managed to borrow enough money to start his own.

Single dads with full custody Page: Meet singles at DateHookup. It is rare I am an Okie too and I know most women get kids unless guy is really rich You are quite handsome and look like you are a happy one too The fact that his mother, who is also my x-wife, came off her rocker and went crazy back in feb and has continued to make extremely stupid mistakes since.

It happens alot more than it use to. I have full custody of a girl and the same click I was getting a divorce there were 5 other people from my daughters school also going through one. Out of us 6 there were 5 men with full custody. The one woman that got custody was a school teacher. Things have certainly changed women expect to get custody automatic but it is nolonger that way. Thank you so much for taking an interest in your child's life.

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All of you single fathers!! I must admit that it is not always in the best interest of the child to be with the mom. It may be hard especially when the "women" stuff comes around, but you guys got it covered!!

Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup

I am so proud of you!! May Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup life be blessed one after another with many bountiful blessings!!! She turned 4 yesterday. I have full legal and physical custody. I know it has happened at least once that I know of. I'm very proud to say that I was awarded full custody of my son June 15th and I know this is not an easy feat to accomplish in oklahoma and I was wondering how often this actually happens.

Single dad of 3, another victim of "didn't want to be a mom anymore syndrome". Congrats to all single parents, its not easy. I have been seeing this more and more. Personally I dont understand it. Not trying to be rude but how do men get full custody? Do you have to be there from the very beginning to get full custody or even joint custody? Single dads with full custody. Lol well I'm not gonna say I'm rich by any means but I've got what it takes and also have some very good attorney friends that helped me out.

Are You a Single Father or a Divorced Dad?

Congrats not from ok have had my daughter since she's 3 months old she's 9 yrs now. I am a single dad with a daughter.

My kids are my world, I couldn't give them up for anything. Even when compared to the 1. Age does not seem to be a problem with people anymore. Visit other giveaways at Dallas Single Mom and enter to win some awesome prizes?

It's rare indeed man so a HUGE congrats Not to be a downer but you may want to hold up for like 10 years or more on the 3 wheeler here motorcycling. I know you love it man but it's simply way too easy to get hurt with all the crazy drivers besides those hard trails and it'll break your heart when can't hold that precious 'daddy smile' on your own two feet Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup all you went through.

Being a single father, that smart little munchkin will sense your pain and see it when you give him baths or lay in bed with him. Best to you tsdaddy. I understand what your saying crime and I've taken all that into consideration and slowed down a bit on everything. Most of my time Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup spent now just teaching my son all the things my dad and grandpa taught me. His mom has very minimal visitation right now read article from what my attorney said that's probably never going to change.

I just know that he's best interests are here with me and I'm doing my very best to raise him right. I have full custody read article my 2 girls and am from Oklahoma as well.

My ex-wife is court ordered to pay child support. It seems the courts are recognizing that it's also important for the father to be in the children's lives, just as it is for the mothers too. My best regards to ALL single parents!

I've been at it for a year now and am trying to get my son from a terrible mess in Florida. He's only 3 months old and his mother adopted him without even letting me know she gave birth. I am appearing in court next month to try and get him. Talk about devotion to my girls! I started my own mobile auto repair business last year.

All so I could make myself available whenever there's a school function, field trip, etc. Im in ct raised my daughter for 10 yrs with her mom and the last year by myself its tough at times but well worth it watching her grow up and being a part of it Who would have thought we could have come so far?

When My Mom and Dad split up Moms always got the kids unless she was crazy locked up crazy or a baglady. When my wife and I split up there was no question that I would fight for custody but I never dreamed I would get full custody. My boy and I are very close and I can"t imagine my life without him. We would not have done well with a part time relationship. I have never understood men that didn't take an interest in thier kids.

I am glad to see there are men who will fight for thier kids. You guys are an inspiration to me. I'm glad I'm not alone I have both my 2 year old daughter and 1 year old son. She chose to party I chose family I'm a proud dad and even though I still don't know what the hell I'm doing they tell me they love me so I'm good lol. Hat's off to you fellas, ya'll get some respect from me, I don't respect many, I'm a hard working mom of 7.

I am a full-time single dad as well got custody back in December ; the unprovoked hugs and "I love you Daddy! Vacation to Florida in 1 month also Real men ' man up' thats all there is to it!

I was given temporary custody of my daughter now 15 y. She has very minimal contact with her mother every other week and the stability that's resulted from that living arrangement has helped her immensely in maturing into a young woman.

Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup

Being a dad has been the most important thing I've ever done with my life and I'm sure she's taught me as much as I have taught her. She knows every day that she's loved and that I will be there for her regardless of the circumstances.

I've dated single dads, and single dads with full custody. It was a proud moment when she came to tell me she'd had her first period. Did I get jealous? I am a single mom of one, dating a single full time dad of two.

My heart felt congratulations to all you men who have followed this path and have put your child's needs before your own. True heroism is selfless and sacrificial. You, my brothers, are the real heroes. Congrads to all of you. It is a challenge but it is rewarding.

I wish each and everyone of you the best. It is a challenge to be a Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup parent, I know this well. The best things in life are the simple things, the "I love yous" for no reason at all, the amazement and wonder in their eyes when they look at you, etc.

Cherish every moment for they pass way too quickly. Single Dad With Full Custody Hookup of luck to all of you. I didn't read the entire thread and I don't know anything about you Single dad learn more here two boys with sole custody and not having it any other way we are like the three amigos.

I thank God every time I see a post like this. Thank you to all the Daddy's here on DH who are more interested in their children and making sure they are secure, happy and healthy before Dad even thinks about dating You guys are definitely a cut above the rest. You and that little guy are definitely two handsome fellas. I can't think of any reason someone of sound mind would take this job Wish there was more dads like you guys.

Making a child doesn't make u a father Its the time and effort u put in the relationship that give u that right. And god bless u the strength to guide them the right path. We get custody by being the better parent, putting our kids before anything else. Men are just as capable of raising kids as women are. Im glad to see the courts are starting to see that again. In my grandfathers time it was normal for the fathers to get custody in a divorce.

I was just wondering cause my ex is going for joint custody. And he hasn't been around hardly at all since he's been born and he thinks that he'll get joint because he has more money. Wish he would be more like you guys are. My ex and I were married when we had our daughter, but she decided to separate about this time last year. I was able to prove her mental instability in court she dropped off her medication and stopped going to therapy for depressionand the judge was wise enough to see what I was up against and awarded me full custody.

We are a rare breed though: Just because of that I relish every moment with my daughter and with a cold beer after she's in bed.

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