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The Game - Letter to the King (Feat. Nas)

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[The Game] Second floor of my hotel. I'm rollin' up bout' to blaze. It's on now. To this Frankie Beverly and Mase As our days about to pass. And our days in the past. He said my mind free. So my mind free at last. So much that I don't even drink from a glass. I'd rather find the first fountain I can. And do it fast. Didn't understand. 24 Aug Lyrics of LETTER TO THE KING by The Game feat. Nas: Sample from Memoirs of the Traveler by The Jaggerz, The Game, Second floor my hotel im rollin up bout.. . Sometimes I wanna give up Or at least take a break Thats when I close my eyes And see Coretta Scott's face [Nas] Word up Game, Standin at the Pu Panoramic view of the seating Greeting I've been meanin To do me some letter readin' To the king, he forever breathin' Your message is never leavin' Some of your homies.

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The Game Letter To The King Lyrics

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