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Queen Creek! We are open in central Queen Creek on Ellsworth Rd (behind Serrano's). We are pleased to serve Queen Creek and San Tan Valley residents at Banner Gateway Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center or Chandler Regional Medical Center. Call to schedule an appointment. Valley Women for Women. A Medical Group Practice located in Queen Creek, AZ . Primary Office Location S. Ellsworth Rd, Ste. , Queen Creek. Educational Background University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ Degree: MD . Biography I am a proud graduate of Frontier Nursing University and absolutely thrilled to be a certified nurse-midwife with Valley Women for Women.

Make Your Weekends Even Longer. In my most recent visit at 38 weeks of my high risk pregnancy I have had enough. Your just a dollar sign. This all started with the billing. So basically receiving a final bill for everything. I was under the understanding that this is the final bill, there was no mention of payment plans or a due date of this few thousand dollar bill not to mention my insurance is paying here this.

My bill got brought to my attn when they started asking for payments and I didn't understand why. They then told me that since I haven't been making those payments they revised it and my monthly payment was now I explained to the receptionist that again I was never informed or knew that this bill was to be paid in full by the time my baby is born.

Also explained that if I would have been informed of this "payment plan" in the first place I still would article source have been able to make a monthly payment of ,let alone So from the start of this "miscommunication" about the billing I have been making small payments to make an effort to show that I'm willing to pay, just not what they are expecting of me.

Then a new billing policy supposedly was put in place and every time you go in for an appt if you can't make your designated monthly payment they call the billing dept right there at the Valley Women For Women Queen Creek in desk, and hand you the phone to talk to billing, with all of the patients sitting there at your back and people standing in line waiting to be checked.

I worked at Banner Good Samaritan in labor and delivery with high-risk antepartum patients. In click grade health class I watched the NOVA program "Miracle of Life" and was amazed by the process of human development, from conception to birth. I strive to treat all my patients with kindness and respect and want to foster an environment for learning, growth and collaboration. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a physician, taking care of women and participating in the miracle of human life.

In while your there on their phone being questioned about why your not making your payment and how much you can make that day etc. Every time I give them the same answer and they threaten me with we will not be able to see you if your bill is not paid in full after the baby is born, or that your debt will go to collections. And every single time i leave I'm angry and stressed out about how they handle things.

Reception here decided to ask me about payment, unfortunately my paycheck doesn't come til next Monday so I told her I'm more than willing to call Monday to make a payment since i can't this time. She called billing and told Valley Women For Women Queen Creek that I "maybe" able to make a payment next week sometime She got put on hold and they were ready for me for the Dr follow up and she told the MA to wait so read article could put me on with billing then Stood there for about 5 min and billing was going to call back so they took me back.

Got undressed from waist down so they could check for any dilation waiting for the dr.

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And I get a knock on the door and in comes someone I've never met before. If that wasn't crossing the line I don't know what is. Not to mention click all the Dr's are so hands off and don't even try to get to know you as a patient They don't listen to what you have to say and for my first time being pregnant I'm sure glad i looked up Alot of things because they sure don't inform you of anything, they give u a packet where you can look up stuff.

Your just another cattle in the heard.

I look forward to getting more involved in the Phoenix East Valley community. We love trying new restaurants, cooking, gardening and catching up with friends. In my free-time I love photography, hockey, and hiking.

When I first came here5 years ago, I had an unbelievable experience. Loved the drs, loved the staff, the atmosphere just everything. This time around, I felt like they just didn't care, they were rude, and unwilling to work with with me.

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It's really such a shame. This review is based on our experience with vwfw. If you want personalized care where the doctors, nurses and staff know who you are personally and not just from a clip board, vwfw is not for you. My wife was seen by 1 or 2 good doctors, 5 or 6 average doctors, and Dr. Tetreault who was the rudest, most unprofessional and uncaring doctor my wife has ever seen, and she seen a lot of doctors.

My wife had to explain the same details at every appointment and would get different care instructions from every doctor. Nobody in the front staff knew my wife when she went in for an appointment, some nurses were excellent and some were down right rude, and Valley Women For Women Queen Creek doctors were nice or could care less.

We also had some weird stuff with the billing department too, but that worked to our benefit so can't complain about that I guess in summary, the best way to describe vwfw is hit or miss. If you get more hits than misses you will like them, if you are like us and had more misses some really bad ones you won't. The atmosphere was unwelcoming in my situation. I went here on a referral from a doctor that found some very large fibroids in my uterus.

I was the only woman in the waiting room that wasn't pregnant. When I saw the doctor and explained I wanted a hysterectomy she told me I seemed hesitant and I should think about other options.

The other options didn't really seem appealing but she told me I should think about it.

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I've never wanted children so this was an easy decision for me. Needless to say I don't think this is the place for woman to go with these kind of issues. It seems like they are geared towards woman who want or are going to have a child. The doctor also said that laparoscopic surgery would not be an option and that i would have to essentially have a c section scar and 6 weeks recovery. So I sought out another doctor. And so thankful i did. Just seek out all your options when link know what is right for you in your heart.

I cried so hard after my appointment with this place thinking I had to choose one of her other options. It's your body, you make the decisions not some doctor who doesn't Valley Women For Women Queen Creek you and thinks she knows what you want.

I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and this was my first time trying valley women for women. I loved the queen creek office.

The midwife I saw was super nice and took her time getting to know me.

Valley Women For Women Queen Creek

The nurse who took my labs was lovely and very nice to talk to. The ladies up front were friendly and welcoming. I'm excited to continue my care with them. Please use "Flag This Place" to alert us about content that is inappropriate or needs immediate attention. Nothing you submit will be shared with other site visitors.

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