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[We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 - Adult Only! Min Suk ♥ Ye Won show off overripe affection 20151219

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And how they overcame the age gap Email required Address never made public. I remember watching my first episode of WGM, and then around episode 8 or so, when Ssangchu couple came in. I think JB and GF need to put a restraining order on me or I'm going to hug them till squeezed for choosing a Suju song!!

This time we tackle We Got Marriedthe show where stars pretend to be newlyweds in front of the camera. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Crown J got catch smoking marijuana. I agree - they really have that real married couple vibe. Ani January 24, at Nay Jack January 24, at 8: I find the Woojung couple was very natural in the Source special where they seem like they were in their own little world.

Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Okay, so before we start, a few things. I have to say this right off the bat: See, I can understand the fun of watching a reality dating show, right?

Like Bachelor even though I hate that show. There are real feelings involved within the falsified setup and the hope of a real connection, even if it never works out. Oh see, I hate real reality dating shows. Even if the couple ended up with no chemistry, it would be fun watching how they dealt with the show turns. I just mean that conceptually, I see why you make shows like that.

Trying to have both sides of the coin and then eating that cake too. You know what I mean. If the coin were a cake. Yes, the scripted nature of the dates and stuff are silly, and totally obvious.

Jokwon & Gain (Adam Couple) | wegotmarriedengsub

But the awkward interactions ARE real. Okay so there are some Suju boys I recognize. Wait, am I watching the right show? Well Leeteuk and Kang Sora are one of the couples, and sometimes the Super Junior boys are featured in their stories. How come every time we do a Variety Roulette, the Suju boys show up? Did somebody sneak something into our morning article source And he leaves… in the morning when people are going to work?

Ohh, that makes more sense. So they go there once a week or something? Oh, one thing I should probably mention about the setup of the show is the studio commentary.

So basically, when this show started, it had a studio setup and the couples would be present along with MCs to watch the footage here comment along. At some point they ditched that concept and went all footage, zero commentary, but that was actually super boring.

I guess this is why superstars like Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-seok are so good. I guess you need somebody stringing along a narrative. So Jang-woo nags Eunjung about the messy house, We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup she reminds them of some tea they made three months ago for their day anniversary.

We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup

Although I do like how he asks her how to wash the blankets and she stutters for an answer before telling him to go online. Do the producers just give them a list of what to do every episode? Is Jang-woo trying to give his blanket a bubble bath? He just keeps pouring detergent into the bath, over and over…. Okay, this is hilarious.

{ENG SUB} ADAM COUPLE 54 - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

You can see that this guy has never washed a single thing in his life. And then he takes the sopping wet blanket, which is still dripping onto the floor, and drapes it on the drying rack. In the middle of his living room. This is like watching a monkey trying to figure out We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup to get the banana in the laboratory cage test.

I love that they show the perfectly suited balcony, all empty and unused. He really IS new. If he breaks the drying machine, will his management pay for a new one? Is he really shoving that sopping wet blanket into the tiny dryer? Visit web page lord, he finally heads to the phone to call for help. Is he just going to outsource the problem?

He finally trudges back to the machine, wrings out a little more water, and then sits there, foot on dryer door, to keep it shut. He feels safe with that running for a while, and heads to the kitchen to work on the fruit tea. He really IS like a monkey in a lab. He takes out the blanket from the machine tugs it out violently, more like and puts it on the drying rack. He just figures, to hell with it, and drags the thing into the bedroom.

We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup

And then he heads out, not caring that by the time he gets back, his bedroom will have a pond in it. He heads back to the club and brings Eunjung the tea he made, and she catches him staring slackjawed at one of her groupmates dancing.

Is We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup one of those fake-upsets, manufactured for the purposes of this storyline? I can see how little jealousies can crop up in a cute way, but that seems like a stretch. Heh, so Eunjung finishes her take and wonders where Jang-woo went, and finds him talking to the girls. She catches the drift of the conversation nods approvingly, with the girls pointing out things he needs to do better.

Then Jiyeon leads him in role-playing an argument about the kiss scene, so he can practice smoothing things over. He promises to try harder on their winter trip, and Eunjung comes out, sending him hiding in mortification.

It makes it that much harder for him to actually try those lines out on her later.

Adam Couple Cheek kiss

Next we open on a cafe, where four Super Junior dudes sit on one side of a table. From left to right: Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin. Are they on a group blind date? Oh it must be time for their sogaeting.

Leeteuk and Sora arrive first, holding hands and ignoring them, which they seem severely offended by. Sora outlines their preferences: Eunhyuk and We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup both like girls with pale complexions and large eyes.

Kyuhyun likes a girl with a pretty forehead. They decide on a signal, for if they like a girl at first sight. The sign is to smooth their sideburns. The visual cracks me up. The door opens and the first girl comes up the stairs. Aw, their anticipation is so real. The boys are giddy and speechless. The second bachelorette arrives, and this time Eunhyuk is first to reach for the sideburns. The third arrives, and is Eunhyuk just gonna be greedy and claim everybody right away?

Wow, his face is visibly red. She was also in Treeas another of the court ladies. I was thinking Bae Doo-na. Oh, Kyuhyun likes her. And Eunhyuk goes for the sideburns yet again, haha. I guess I just take that for granted. Hence the sideburn code. More info stereotypes and all, since she looks so sweet and demure.

The boys are given the chance to ask her questions, but they can only stutter and stare, which is endearing. He finally asks if one of the guys here matches her ideal type of guy, and she says yes. That slays the room. I think the guys spend half here time with their faces buried. Se-na says she likes guys who smile, and We Got Married Adam Couple Hookup smiles on cue.

I love that the guys get in digs at each other whenever they can. Even the way she clunked up the stairs in the beginning. She seems like the coolest to hang out with. Maybe Eun-seo would be too, if she let her kickboxing side show through a little more. How are they so awkward at this, when they are by far the more experienced half of this table? But Leeteuk was hilariously awkward when he started on this show too. It was so strange.

It was really cute. But also a little painful.