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28 Apr The teacher just said to turn to page 69 and the dudes behind you started snickering. Okayyyy. *69 used to be the number that let you dial back whoever just called you. And clearly, 69 is the number between 68 and 70, but, um, what gives? What is a 69? And what the hell makes it more funny than, say, After a few minutes he turns to her and says, “Can I smell your pussy?” The woman looks at him in disgust and says, What comes after 69? Mouthwash. Vote: Joke has % from Husband looks her straight in the eyes & calmly says, "I'll explain the toy, you explain the kids.." Vote: Joke has % from votes. 69 is a sexual position in which both partners simultaneously perform oral sex on each other. Mouthwash is required in order to remove the aftertaste. permalink; embed; save; give gold. [–]BurtKocain 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children). What comes before 69? Cuntwash. permalink; embed.

Peter says to them "Sisters, welcome to Heaven. There was this one time There is no rush!

See also best jokes rated by other visitors or new jokes. Joke Girls are like biscuits - they are tough until they get wet.

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A bus full of Nuns falls of a cliff and they all die. They arrive at the gates of heaven and meet St. Peter says to them "Sisters, welcome to Heaven. In a moment I will let you all though the pearly gates, but before I may do that, I must ask each of you a single question. Please form a single-file line.

Peter turns to the first Nun in the click and asks her "Sister, have you ever touched a penis?

Peter says "Alright Sister, now dip the tip of your pinky finger in the Holy Water, and you may be admitted.

Peter now turns to the second nun and says "Sister, have you ever touched a penis? There was this one time Now at this, there is a noise, a jostling in the line.

Do you use mouthwash at all. Anything you want to do or not do with it is completely up to you. For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version: I like giving it but not getting it so much.

It seems that one nun is trying to cut in front of another! Peter sees this and asks the Nun "Sister Susan, what is this? There is no rush! Lady teacher rubs it off.

What Comes After 69 Mouthwash Explain

Next day he draws a bigger one and writes: Chuck Norris invented the internet? Just so he had a place to store his porn. Why did the lumber truck stop? To let the lumber jack off.

Boy - "dear Santa, for xmas, I would like a baby brother. Why don't witches wear underwear? For a better grip on there broomstick! A teenage girl come home from school and asks her mother, "Is it true what Rita just told me? A couple wants a divorce, but first they must decide who will be the main guardian of their child. The jury asks both the man and woman for a reason why they should be the one to keep the child.

So the jury asks the woman first.


She says, "Well I carried this child around in my stomach for nine months and I had to go through a painful birth process, this is my child and apart of me. The man replies, "OK, I take a coin and put it in the drink machine and a drink comes out, now tell me who does the drink belong to me or the machine" Vote: Roses are red violets are blue. My dick has glue I offer it to you.

What Comes After 69 Mouthwash Explain

I dreamed that we were making love and next to our bed there was a black man from Africa who was waving a fan to us and that gave me great satisfaction. The three of them went home and the couple started having sex while the black man was waving the fan.

So she proposed that they should change roles. She would make love with the black man and the husband would wave the fan next to them. The husband accepted and started waving the fan… After a while, the wife screamed of pleasure and asked for more! So the husband said to the black man:

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