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Posted 24 April by admin Comments In the first in a new series of blogs, writer and journalist Sarah Lester investigates the strange story behind paranormal researcher Stan Gooch and his magnus opus Total Man.

The mark of greatness is always intuition, not logic Colin What Is A Gooch On A Man World. Towards the end of his life the psychologist and paranormal researcher Stan Gooch lived in isolation and poverty in a rented caravan in Swansea. Hailed as a pioneering visionary and criminally underrated writer by a smattering of followers — including high-profile, outsider philosopher Colin Wilson — the rest of the world pretty much ignored him.

Gooch gave up a successful academic career in child psychology to embark on an eleven-book, half century-long odyssey of oddness. As Noel Rooney states in the Fortean Times obituary: If Gooch is remembered in any way, it will be as the proponent of hybrid origin theory — an original concept which posited that interbreeding between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons explained the roots of all conflict and even the dual nature of human culture itself.

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Naturally this division extended to politics too, and Gooch insisted that left-wing movements were expressions of our Neanderthal instincts, whilst right-wing movements were Cro-Magnon-driven. When compared to members of the Conservative party, they show:. With a strong emphasis on intuition over logic and innumerable leaps of faith Hannah recognised that the book was brimming with potential.

In the opening chapter of The ParanormalGooch describes how as a 26 year-old he discovered a previously untapped gift as a medium. The experience, he says, reached such levels of intensity that it was as if a dam or barrier had suddenly collapsed.

She originally used Total Man to create a short cut-up poem about being left-handed. As part of her research Hannah has been in touch with Dr.

Brent Loganwho had a long correspondence with Gooch in the later part of his life. Logan said of his correspondent:. Gooch refused repeated offers from people who wanted to buy him a computer and turned down valuable introductions to major players in the field of radical anthropology.

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He stubbornly insisted the only thing that would lift him out of hard times was a dramatic change of situation, or major stimulus such as a Nobel Prize! When Gooch died on Monday 13th September he was distinctly lacking in accolades.

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Still, even in death, he was able to vindicate his belief that Monday 13th held potent psychic significance. Nathan Jones charts the development of EVP.

What Is A Gooch On A Man

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What Is A Gooch On A Man

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Static Trapped in Mouths. BLOG Better night vision, more vegetarianism: Initial funding from Arts Council England.

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