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What Makes You A Man?

"man" in English

Definition of man - an adult human male, a human being of either sex; a person, a group or person in a position of authority over others, such as a co. its kinda hard to define this cuz there is not that many in the real world. but a real man is someone who will hold ur hand in public, hang wit u wit there friends,tell u ur beautiful wit no makeup on and wearin nothin but sweats and a t shirt, NEVER play you, always tells the truth no matter wat, says he loves u more then once a. To a man definition, an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman. See more.

A1 [ C ] an adult male human being: B2 [ U ] the human race: Sign up now Log in. What time is it?: How to say the time. English English American Business.

Steve can solve anything - the man's a genius. The gas company said they would send some men to fix the leak. The man from the newspaper wrote some positive things about the movie. Our man in Washington sent us the news by fax yesterday.

The military expedition was made up of officers and men. He ordered his men to fire. One of the men is here to see you, sir. My man will show you to the door.

Source hear she's got a new man. Is there a man in her life? Hey, man, how are you doing?

What Makes You A Man?

More examples Her eyes were immediately drawn to the tall blond man standing at the bar. My father never spoke a lot, but when he did speak it was worth listening to.

Do you recognize that man in the grey suit? Jon has developed from an awkward teenager into a sophisticated young man.

See man defined for English-language learners See man defined for kids. Used as the last element of a compound. The gas company sent a man to fix the heating system. A1 [ C ] an adult male human being: No one was manning the front desk.

I believe women should be paid the same as men. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: People in charge of or controlling other people. Man is still far more intelligent than the smartest robot.

Meaning of “man” in the English Dictionary

Man is rapidly destroying the earth. This is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Try to imagine what life must have been like for Neolithic man 10, years ago.

All men are equal in the sight of the law. Grammar Manmankind or people?

Idiom s as one man. The phones are manned 24 hours a day. Barricades were erected against the advancing government troops and they were manned throughout the night.


Phrasal verb s man up. Man, we had a good time - we drank all through the night! The gas company sent a man to fix the heating system.

See Usage Note at -ess. But in our survey only 26 percent of the Usage Panel considered this sentence to be unacceptable. Words near man in the dictionary. Nonsexist language advocates recommend the use of humanhuman beinghumankindor persondepending on context, instead of man. In the survey, 86 percent also accepted The first manmade fiber to be commercially manufactured in the US was rayon, insuggesting that context makes no difference on this issue.

Hey, man, got a light? Man, what a storm! A man's coming to fix the photocopier later. Our man in Washington has this report on the election.

What Is The Definition Of A Man

The place was full of men in suits from an insurance company. Extra staff are brought in to man the phone lines during busy periods. All parts of the buildingapart from toilets, are manned by security staff and covered by cameras. What is the pronunciation of man? Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!

What Is The Definition Of A Man

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