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30 Sep Whose type are you?. 2 Sep Be sure to comment and tell me what you thought of your result and if you liked the quiz!. Who's the most attractive? Someone who can do a mean slam dunk. Someone who can out-drink you. Someone who takes her grandparents out to dinner every week. Someone who has never called in sick at work. Someone who always reflects on her actions and apologises if she\'s in the. Someone who always reflects.

I am an athlete! And I'm proud of it! I am the lead singer in a band. I love to pick up chicks and to practice my smooth moves! I love making poems and drawing. Sneaking by my parents to buy some marijuana.

What Kind Of Girl Do I Attract

I always see you in the halls and I wrote a song about you. Girls that are care free, have at least one tattoo and piercing, and hate school. Girls that are H-O-T. Or Jessica Alba, either one works. Girls who are calm and go with the flow. Smart, shy, and sweet bookworm girls. Girls that are kind, creative, and have a good heart.

The reason I live. Druggie, alcoholic, dark and mysterious. Http:// am smart, sweet, funny, cute, and adorable.

I am spiritual, classy, I have a lot of cute in me. I am hot, hot, and I am a babe magnet. Oh and I am HOT!

QUIZ: What kind of girls do you attract?

I am sweet, romantic, and I love to write and paint. I want the power to sing the world to sleep at times of chaos. I want telepathic powers. I want a gun that shoots needles 3 feet tall. I want to have a huge flames word. I want to have a whip and a big finger. They are like rock stars in the animal world. They are really smart you know! They get all the lionesses. They are so red. How do think I get all these hotties? How do you think I have never gotten a girlfriend before? No, you don't have to.

Click know that I am beautiful in the inside. They will see my true self. Boulevard of broken dreams. I am too sexy.

I write sins not tragedies. Yo excuse me miss By Chris Brown. Take what's left of me.

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You have the possibility to design the text. The answer didn't match my true thoughts.

You and your friends are making plans, what do you suggest? Time to find a chick that likes Green Day metal rock Slipknot and lil pump lol. You flirt and ask her out again. Amy This post was created by a member of our community, where anyone can post awesome content.

Almost all of the answers I got were none of the answers that I would say. Dustin sounds cooler than Dustin.

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I am 10 continue reading i like girls. I am smart with the fact that I mostly get A's and couple B's but I act like a retarded fagot how do I attract smart girls. OMG it was someone in my class it fits her description perfectly I hope it's not her cause we are such good friends and I want to keep it that way.

Man that was rigged Talk about loaded questions to like dang. Ya boi jcaff Time to find a chick that likes Green Day metal rock Slipknot and lil pump lol. Oh well time to find hilary duff. Hook me up on fb: Gotta love all the loaded answers.

What kind of girl do you attract?

I'm not smart though. I am with sir Mr. But overall I find this the results on me pretty spot on;hehe!!

At least who I was 5 years ago. Being that I'm pushing thirty I realize my window is closing and in the future if I'm still waiting on the right one aka the perfect one I'll need a miracle or a girl straight off the movie "shallowhow"! I've seen stranger things in my life tho!!!

What Kind Of Girl Do I Attract

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