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Grand Teton National Park

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Three months ago, before Christmas, I was in debt, fretting about how to pay every bill. Well, last month I had it.

So there are two things I want to touch on. The second is why I still feel fraudulent writing about this. In January I launched my course to a list of existing customers and grossed around 2k. Then I promptly started worrying about how I would duplicate that success. All month long I wrung my hands, adjusting the text in my sales letters, making sure my landing pages were sending buyers to the right place, making sure Google de-indexed my private payment pages, lest people end-run my sales flow.

Finally, on March 1, the funnel a word referring to the automated sales flow that a customer opts into when she joins your list roared to life. For the first two weeks, I sold nearly a course-a-day. Put another way, Nate from December would admonish April Nate to get a fucking grip and appreciate what he had.

And April Nate would remind December Nate that the ultimate goal was never stasis at 1k monthly profit. If you can find a product-market fit more on that phrase below in one niche, earn the trust of one audience, build a list then sell to it in one modality, you can probably do it in another. If you can do things in 6 months completely DIY you can probably do it in 3 using the leverage of people working for you. But now back to the other side of the coin. Because Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult have to keep two things in your brain at once.

Because business income is not steady like a paycheck. How much does it cost you to make one sale, and how much do you net from that sale. If you do a launch and you make more from the launch than you spent acquiring the customers, you have product market fit.

If you can build a funnel that sells at a profit i. But a profit could be a dollar-a-day. Because in some niches, with some products, scaling is a lot more like reaching miles-an-hour in a Civic than turning up the faucet in the bath: Maybe… no — actually the first Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult is the only one that matters. Anyway, unofficial title — Mid Month Post: Not as good a title. CD is the most sexy thing with the least sexy name ever.

In my niche that consisted of calling customers who bought my video series and peppering them with questions, all with the goal of identifying the Venn diagram of a problem painful enough to pay a premium price to resolve, and one that I have the means to resolve. How did you discover me? Googling the other Nate Smith [for readers of this blog not familiar with jazz I have the same name as a much more famous drummer] and found your videos on Youtube instead.

The first should come as no surprise. The second, the personalized feedback, is also not surprising. A two-way conversation with an expert, in which that person looks at you and makes personalized recommendations. Just as an aside, what this is turning into is changing my mind about teaching, to a degree.

For starters, this is motivated, advanced click the following article good enough to push me to get better.

So this is the fun part. Hmmm okay quickly what else is new? Chatted with another newbie this morning in what I thought was a helpful exchange. With the mastermind piece, the pricetag is waaaay worth it.

Without it…more of a tossup. Also doing some hustling Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult copywriting gigs, offering — as I have in the past — to do work for free for some of the people I admire in the podcast sphere. Definitely no endgame there. Need 4g signal for skype lessons…. He has to meet me in person to let me in. But gotta enjoy the small successes along the way.

To start, my new VA paid for himself this weekend. During the trial week his mission was simple: Had I known this weekend what I learned today I would have had far less fun.

And what good would that worry have done me? Still, I have to face my profit and loss soberly at least once a week. And today was sobering. Tweaking and optimizing and re tweaking and re optimizing ads to stay ahead of the cash flow with razor thin margins is no way to do business. The good news of the week, which ironically heightened my anxiety today, is the mastermind network I joined.

I mentioned my aspiration to do this in my New Years resolution post. He earned my trust because another podcaster I trust vouched for him, then I checked out his own podcast for a few months before read article purchasing his product.

Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult

Anyway, at the end of the call I asked the dude if I could take one minute of his time to ask him about masterminds. Put simply, masterminds are small groups of entrepreneurs that meet and function something like support groups or AA.

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Sounding out problems for each other. Where can I get that? After I hit up just everybody I know for mastermind advice — from Pat himself to random strangers at Blue Bottle who turned out, serendipitously just one year and two months late, to be shoe designers — I was still at square one.

Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult

The solution — to join a paid, by application, service — is one I would have been suspicious of, had not the proprietor of Abroaders, whose product I was buying, been a member himself, and been recommending it heartily. I wrote down the web address on a notepad, and went to the site, prepared to pay a small premium in order to join. The price was lower than I expected, so I pulled the trigger. There were two ways this could go — it could be culty and a ripoff, in which case I could cancel and not be out too much, or it could be perfect.

In theory, the small admission fee might screen out unserious applicants. Oh yea — you have to apply. Yes, my head is also spinning. Anyway, the first thing I saw, poking my head into masterminds, was a phalanx of pros, many of them in business for a decade-or-more, for whom entrepreneurship and geo-arbitrage were as natural as breathing.

As I started to explore the forums and introduce myself, one thing was clear above all else. So much the better.

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Be the easy guy to get along with. Want to buy a SAAS company? Determined to learn from my friends who are social butterflies, I set out to be the most positive, most game guy in the chat room.

I messaged anybody with whom I had even the most minor thing in common. This was what I wanted. An OG to look at my business, tear me apart, and offer me advice. Anyway, to return to the story of my chagrin, it was after this Skype meeting with the varsity player was inked that I turned to my sales… Uggh.

And the fact that I was now a part of this community made it even worse. But in the practice room a really positive thing happened.

Says paleontologist Richard Jenkins of the University of Adelaide, "As oxygen levels rose, there was the potential for the proliferation of animal life. This build-up of oxygen in the atmosphere did not become significant enough to support life, until around 2. And I've felt the same way too.

Commit to a Market. Be Flexible about your product. With the Friday Skype meeting looming, ideas started to come.

Some of the Ediacaran fossils, reach as much as three feet across and lived at the close of the Precambrian, between million and million years ago. Were I to venture out, I would know my worth on the dating scene and that is something I can never face. The second is why I still feel fraudulent writing about this.

When Chapter Five is released, prices are going up. How will I determine to what figure? Ask them what THEY want. What about a service that hooks musicians up with end-to-end digital portfolios? That would be an appropriate use for an application process, to link for clients whose abilities would excite potential viewers of their media.

Will I report earnings accurately, to the best of my ability in this post? Did I delay reporting the earnings until several strategies I had hoped would work started to bear fruit.

For some reason Facebook disabled their feature that used to let you track your spending over the last Why Is Relative Hookup Of Precambrian Rocks Difficult days right on the front page. I think I know the reason…. It was the darnedest thing. And guess what happened? What was going on? Are you ahead of me? Go here do you think I found? Home 1 — 45 hits. Hardly any checkout page has any hits except for checkout 1.

Grand Teton National Park

So that means Ad 1 is converting the best, right? To get a more nuanced picture, consider this number. People who landed on the main homepage — 45 as we said.