Why Men Hurt The Women They Love. Hookup!

Love Women Why They Hurt Men The

6 Reasons Men Leave The Women They Love – Must Watch

Why do men hurt the person they love? If they love a woman why they do crazy thi

Don't second-guess if your man loves you. Read these signs and know for sure. Azle, TX · #1 Apr 4, I'm just curious as to why guys always do things to intentionally hurt the ones they are supposed to love. I'm no saint, been married and divorced I have kids, but so has/does he. He's not the first guy to do this to me and frankly I'm sick of it. I'm a good woman I've made mistakes, but who hasn't ?. Why do some men hurt the women they love. loving someones cause for loving that person with all they faults saying to someone that you love them "sometimes do not meant comes from deep within, it forsaking others some men blames it on the cave man inside of him he must pursued other.

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Why Men Hurt The Women They Love

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Why Men Hurt The Women They Love

Not a Topix user yet? Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Why do guys hurt the ones they are supposed to love? Leave a Comment Track Replies. I'm just curious as to why guys always do things to intentionally hurt the ones they are supposed to love. He's not the first guy to do this to me and frankly I'm sick of it. I'm a good woman I've made mistakes, but who hasn't? I keep ending up in abusive relationships.

They promise me the world and don't even give me a twig. I cook, clean hell I even make tortillas from scratch and I'm white! I just don't see what I'm doing wrong I've lost so much already at times I just want to give up completely. Bc they don't truly love you. You'll find it honey, just bring your trust back a lil.

I just keep asking myself what's wrong with me? What did I do to deserve this? Why doesn't someone love me? How can I love him so much and not have it returned? Not to toot my own horn but Why Men Hurt The Women They Love really a great person, I'm open minded, honest, loving, giving, plus so much more, yes i have faults but everyone does.

And I am good looking or so I'm told by alot of people even strangers i deal with at work I just don't know how I ended up like this.

Why do guys hurt the ones they are supposed to love? - Discussion on Topix

I sound like a kid but I'm so lost I feel like a kid. As a guy i have been in your shoes! Do not put blame on yourself. Things will align for you in the future. Ive been thru all of the same things u are going thru but i keep moving foward.

Darling, Why Do We Hurt the One We Love? | Psychology Today

Ive been hurt and i have hurt others but all i can do is learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes. We are all humans and we all make mistakes or let our gaurds down but we the tools to fix it and do better for ourselves. So look foward,everything in the past has made you the awesome person you are read article. I think we all know what you are talking about i my self been thwr alot that i can say we been thrw hell and back and still dealing with a relationship that "he just wont change"!

Drugs are what is best for him now i sit here 9mths pregnant and scard to do it all over again! But you do get tierd of all the lie's,playing games,the abuse, ect!

Women don't have quite as much of the hunter instinct as men do they are the gatherers. If people only do things that gives them some sort of good feelings, I guess they are just sick. Especially if you have children, welfare dont do much for anyone any more, section 8 is gone, shelters ,HA!

You name click would never change if you dont change it Where did you meet this dude. If he was a riger you ladies should know that they lie,cheat and are married.

If a guy tells you his single and is in his 30" s 40"s 50"s and has no kids chances is his fu. Or his been locked up most of his life or has been banging guys most of his life. So ladies stop giving up that so fast and do some reashear on him. Start by checking his phone if you xan get a hold of it. Take my advice or leave it. I used to do it to and or tricks you ladies are to slow to pick up.

Know i am divorced. To be honesr i went out more when i was married then now that i am single. I've known him most of my life, I know he is divorced.

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We live together and when he's sober he's great. My kids love him and he's good to them even when he's acting like a jerk to me we both hide our arguing and all from the kids I just don't understand why he acts so mean then just turns around and is the sweet, loving guy again.

He did just that yesterday, was hurtful and mean and saying he Why Men Hurt The Women They Love leaving and then when I got home turned around and has acted like everything is fine. He is crazy ever heared of bi -polaror is he using drugs some thing is up with him. Gef rid if him something can happen to you and your kids.

From what you just posted i can see you let him be that way! Get rid of him,let him realize his faults and if he wants to change he will but you cant do that for him. He knows your sweet spots and he knows how to get to you. True love never dies. If they truly love you they will do anything for you and they want to make you really happy.

Im a guy and what Why Men Hurt The Women They Love have to say is that there is no intsruction manuel on life nor love. We try to do what is best for us and sometimes. It is unfortunate but thats the way its. Thats life, always full of surprises and then some regrets. Finally i will say that the closer you are to god, the more likely you are to understand what is going on in your life and you might feel less pain.

Well there is always reasons to stay or go but only you know what to do! Im just saying that there is no way i want to be in a relationship where someone does not respect me.

What would that say bout me and who i am?! Sometimes you have to step back to see whats ahead. Sonetimes people just don't understand. Guys r stupid ladies Wen a man got a good woman who does everything for em they not happy.

It scared him so much he kept pushing her away. Oct 28, Your approach should be one of love and understanding.

Now a days men like to b treated like shyt n they very happy. Idk they some gud men out there u jus gotta find him ladies.

Play all you Why Men Hurt The Women They Love with this hoes. At the end she will find a good hard working click and your kids will be calling him dad. Your hoe will most likely move on to the cute one i am better of here life style. You will get old then what having strangers care for you. Tell me when this thread is updated: Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker.

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True love Houston, TX. I had a friend that was bipolar.