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Eugene Cussons (born July 6, ) was the Managing Director of "Chimpanzee Eden" as well as Rescue Director of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in South Africa. He is also the host of Animal Planet's Escape to Chimp Eden, author of the book Saving Chimpanzees and is the Executive Director and Ambassador of the . Escape to Chimp Eden is a television series broadcast on the Animal Planet network that premiered on February 8, The series examines the rescue of abused and neglected chimpanzees. Contents. [hide]. 1 History; 2 Featured chimpanzees; 3 See also; 4 References; 5 External links. History[edit]. Caught up in the. 1 Jul This time, though, the attack was at his own Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden in South Africa. And Cussons, host of the Animal Planet show Escape to Chimp Eden, is without an explanation. In telephone interview on Saturday, Cussons said he would have to wait until the severely injured victim.

As Andrew Oberlethe Texas graduate student who was mauled by chimpanzees in South Africa in late June, recovers in a hospital, a director of the center where the attack took place said the chimps were victims, too. Nikki was raised as a human child, and Amadeus watched his family be killed and cooked to sell as food on the roadside. He was just a baby and a product of the bush meat trade.

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Some of his family members were being cooked and served. Oberle, 26, was leading a tour group at Chimpanzee Eden when he was attacked by two male chimps, Nikki and Amadeus. Cussons said he believed Oberle crossed the public fence and entered a "no-go zone" just before he was attacked.

Why Was Escape To Chimp Eden Cancelled

From witness reports, it's believed that Oberle stepped on a rock under an electrified fence that Nikki and Amadeus viewed as their territory. Cussons said that's when Oberle was dragged halfway under the mesh fence, struggling for his life. The electric fences had no effect on the chimpanzees. Even though he was being shocked by the fence, he was in an absolute enraged state and he kept on trying to drag [Oberle] underneath the fence.

Oberle's body became stuck halfway under the fence, forcing Nikki and Amadeus to push Oberle back out of their compound and into the public area. The two chimpanzees then escaped their compound using the hole made by Oberle's body, grabbing and dragging him for nearly feet. Cussons said the two chimpanzees continued to maul Oberle for at least 12 minutes before Cussons himself was able to force the animals into submission by shooting Nikki in the abdomen.

He felt that he could take me on," said Cussons. He rolled off the bottom of the vehicle, but then he just started running, and I could see from the expression on his face that he was subdued. Cussons Why Was Escape To Chimp Eden Cancelled ABC News that people don't necessarily understand that JGI Chimp Eden's goal is to rehabilitate chimpanzees to the wild, not to showcase them as a petting zoo attraction.

Cussons said no matter the upbringing, at a certain age chimps like Nikki and Amadeus will revert back to some wild instincts, and they will become uncontrollable and extremely dangerous. Cussons said that's part of the reason the Jane Goodall Institute rescues them.

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Oberle was placed into a medically-induced coma after the attack but is now awake. Nikki is recovering from his gunshot wound and will return to Chimpanzee Eden. Cussons said both Nikki and Amadeus will be studied before fully being reintroduced to their family group.

But they will not be euthanized. They didn't plan an escape to attack human beings. They just reacted to what was perceived as a territorial breach by another primate. And, unfortunately, it ended with Andrew being injured. Andrew Oberle Moved to U. Hospital, Awake and Talking; Chimps Won't Be Put Down, Official Says Cussons said no matter the upbringing, at a certain age chimps like Nikki and Amadeus will revert back to some wild instincts, and they will become uncontrollable and extremely dangerous.

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That is not a good reason for the rescue of chimps to stop. You got out and gave that chimp some much needed attention and it truly brought a tear to my eye. He should have known better. May 2, at 8: We need an update at least!

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Why Was Escape To Chimp Eden Cancelled

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It takes less then 1 minute. I so agree with you about visiting Chimp Eden—if I had not retired I would be saving up like crazy to visit—-it would be worth the thousands it would have cost—so I continue to watch the reruns—sure hope it comes back on with at least updates—Bless Cuzzons and all who are so dedicated to chimp preservation! This is one of the best animal showes on the air. Chimp Eden was canceled in

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