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Destiny: Vault of Glass 2 Player RAID "Legit no Cheese" (Part 1)

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25 Aug GameCentral had the chance to catch up to Bungie's world design lead Steve Cotton to chat about Destiny, and among other Rise of Iron related material, they discussed the prospect of raid matchmaking -- something fans have been clamoring for since the first raid, Vault of Glass, debuted back in 19 Oct Vault of Glass 2. In the absence of raid matchmaking, DestinyL4G fills a very real need for gamers who are looking to take on the dreaded Vex warlord Atheon. The site can also find Guardians for other activities like Weekly Nightfall Strikes and various Daily missions–and everything in between. In a recent. 18 May Bungie's commitment to regularly and significantly improving it since that date has cemented its extraordinary financial success, but there's only so much they Raid matchmaking. The entrance to Destiny's Vault of Glass - still, some would argue, its best. This has been one of the most consistent sore spots.

Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Destiny Discuss all things Destiny. I don't know why people don't want it. You will be able to do you way anyway, so it is not any problem for you if this feature exists.

It will not effect you and your team. It will give a chance for people like me who want to play INSIDE of the game not spend their free time on looking for the same random people they would find with the matchmaking system.

One way that requires the 6 people team and the tactics is pretty bad for people who want to spend their free time just on playing alone the game. We want other ways like PvP or Some other ways idk. So, we don't have to look for a group of people and use mics etc.

I spend 1 or even 2 weeks. Do not post any sites where I can look for people because I know all of them.

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For Vault of Glass raid, use this self. Blizzard did nerf their raids to be easier because of those complaints. It makes it easier. Keep me logged in on this device.

Im lv30 and i have the atheon check point on normal. Im looking for players to get the job done. I agree weekly Nightfall and Heroic should have matchmaking. Even though you can solo most of them. I have no trouble finding a vog group on my two 27s. The people who can't even put in a few minutes of effort, or are too inept to use the websites right, are not the ones I want to spend a few hours with.

Belongs in Feedback this is really starting to get to me. There is also [url]http: I don't think Matchmaking is the answer. People want matchmaking because they can't get 5 friends on to finish the Raid.

People from the US should have an easy time of organizing a team with people on this forum, I however can't do this, as I'm in Australia and there aren't many of us on here.

I think it would be great to add some kind of notice board in-game, where we can register our interest for a Raid and set how long we want our notice to stay there and such. Bro, you have been echoing in a much more detailed manner what I've been screaming since the Raid began. I think we need matchmaking And this is why - if u are on forms looking for raid group your looking for randoms - putting matchmaking in game makes it easyer to get group instead of sitting on forms waiting for ppl to invite u - so let me say this matchmakeing is plus too the game cuz you already looming for random ppl to play with on forms so just take middle out put matchmaking in.

Thanks guys for your support! Love you all, I wish you can play VoG as many times as you want and have fun with your friends! How Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass setup decent matchmaking Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass. To attempt the raid, they require you to be a level 25 I believe.

Groupings are ornormalorhard. Options read article available for raiders.

Also on GameFAQs...

In the Vault of Glass lobby, you can select a number of options to further your chances in the raid. The VOG will determine your matchmaking, by your stats. It will look at whether or not YOU have completed the raid, have a mic on, and your character. So, what are the basic options? If you have a mic in, option 1 will be selected for you, if you do not have a mic in, then option 2 will be selected for you.

The 2nd row pertains to classes. System will select it based off of your character. The 3rd row is experience. System will check for raid completion trophy, this is "Experience. For example, I would click the first row, first option, "Mic," followed by the second row, option 1 for classes, Hunter, followed by the last row, second option in the last row, "Experience. By selecting "no experience," you understand that many players, or all, are be attempting the raid for their very first time.

What I said is true and just, I won't stop "attacking" someone if the needs to know what kind of person they are, then I won't be hushed, good day sir. Let's just hope they will make a dicision in favor of the most players, and not the ones that shout the loudest! Not many titles can give as much satisfaction as beating the latest raid boss before the light-cap climbed. Then breakout the listings in that fashion.

Do not simply join to help, and then quit, because your team cannot make it past the jumping puzzle or defeat the oracles. A lot of us remember our first time raiding, and we did the same exact thing.

With learning, comes more experience. Checkpoints to allow others to join, if someone or the whole team does quit while you're playing. There are 4 basic checkpoints for raiding. Select on the checkpoint you were currently at with your fireteam and wait to be grouped up with other player s.


If a player is "AFK" for more than, say 8 minutes, he or she will be kicked, to deter anyone from gaining loot from their teammate's hard work.

Once a player is kicked, the party can search for a new person. There will be A LOT of flaws with raid matchmaking, but people will be able to actually attempt it and complete it, regardless of if it is a hassle or time consuming.

Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass

Regardless of if you're for it or not for it, the decision is go here to Bungie in the end. A few questions one might have are "What if a team of 'No mic' players get paired up? This wouldn't be that hard to do, since we can see what our teammates are saying and we can discuss what to do in case of emergencies.

I thought the same way but there's already people who afk during tiger strike. They should not be allowed to click the following article Nightfall.

It wouldn't be fair to those who actually play. Maybe if friendly fire was on. I don't think it's a matter of others not wanting it.

I know that if it was added I could just not use it because I don't want to do the hardest things in the game with a random whiny person like you. Someone who is so lacking the intestinal fortitude that they go to the forums and whine rather than man up and solve their own problems definitely doesn't have what it takes to be a valuable Vault of Glass team member, sounds more like someone who dies repeatedly and then rage quits because it's taking too long.

Also, the fact that you're asking for matchmaking for the vault tells me that you've never done it, so trust me when I tell you that it would not work with randoms. There are things good and bad for matchmaking. Either way all the people that say there shouldn't be match making everyone Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass them will use it if Destiny had it.

It makes it easier. The big problem is people quitting, or just playing till they get a good drop and restarting.

But randoms on the web can do the same thing. I am all for match making. Would be nice to just join a raid.

They also could punish quitters and make it to where you cant join for a certain time and if you still quit more time check this out be added.

But either way they go with MM i could careless. If i wanna raid bad enough ill find someone to do it with. But you need teamwork and communication! Randoms can't provide either!!! Except that 10 years of playing high level Halo with randoms shows otherwise.

I was saying this before the game came out: There's no difference between me finding any four randoms on a website which is what I'd do now in order to do the raid and having an in-game system find those randoms for me other than the former means I have to waste time setting up the group in the first place. Finding randoms on a website in no way guarantees their ability, that they wouldn't grief us or that they wouldn't quit the moment it got too tough for them. I solo nightfall every week GT is chalys looking for normal full run.

They also need to be different from one another. I'm having problems Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass up a team too It makes it too hard to get to Lvl 30 as a 'normal' player! And for the people that don't want matchmaking. Don't be so selfish!

Destiny Open Letter To @Bungie On Iron Banner Gear, PVP Rewards & Vault Of Glass Matchmaking!

It's a matter of if you are selfish and wan't to keep all the good stuff for yourselves or if you want to share it with as many persons as possible! I hope Bungie will choose for the 'share it with as many persons' option and make matchmaking available.

All the other article source pricks can possibily have their 'events' like clean up the vault compeltely 10 times in a row and get a special mark for it to please their ego's or something like that right? Let's just hope they will make a dicision in favor of the most players, and not the ones that shout the loudest!

I've said it before and looks like I'll propably have yo say it a dozens times more. Putting MM on anything never did those games any favors. Just look at normal strikes now. Is that challenging content?

I call Bullshit on that statement. You wanna know why?

Will There Be Matchmaking For Vault Of Glass

Because of entitled whiners just like yourself. Imagine for a second that matchmaking was released next week.