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Publication Date, 3 May Cite as, Reporters Without Borders, Reporters Without Borders Annual Report - Bangladesh, 3 May , available at: [accessed 4 February ]. Disclaimer, This is not a UNHCR publication. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it. OPPOLD BUS. STAND, KANGRA,. (H P) HIMACHAL. PRADESH SHIMLA. CANARA BANK Branch in Charge. [email protected] SIMLA BR . Branch in Charge. [email protected] THIRUSSUR HIGH RD BR, XVII/24,. Rame Raj Building,. Round SouthTrichur. All sources tell us that the singular item that dominated the business history of Bengal in the preBritish period is the cotton industry. So far foreign trade Elephants were captured from forests surrounding Dhaka and other places and brought to Dhaka Taming elephant after kheda for their marketing. Catching elephants by.

Bangladesh is a land of violence for journalists: There was only a continue reading period of respite for the media — during the July-September interim government — because the two prime ministers who ruled the rest of the year, Sheikh Hasina and Khaledia Zia, allowed their supporters to attack the press.

The media are plentiful and free in Bangladesh, but the level of violence and threats is such that journalists investigating issues like corruption, organised crime, political and religious violence or massacres carried out by the Pakistani army and its Bangladeshi allies during the War of Independence, take enormous risks.

Intolerance and political animosity have become the watchwords of Bangladesh. Groups of young activists, gangs of thugs, corrupt police officers and armed underground movements do not hesitate to attack journalists All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus disturb them. The confusing relationships among these different predators of press freedom make it even more difficult for media to carry out their work.

The impunity of those who attack the press encourages this constant violence. In most cases of murder and attempted murder, the police are unable to find the perpetrators' exact identity and motives, and it is pointless to think of them discovering who ordered the attacks.

The court only granted one additional day of detention. Last year in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh enjoyed, perhaps, their best-ever away tour. He had just published an article about corruption involving an illegal market set up by a local leader of the Awami League. Advanced Search Search Tips. Seriously injured, he was taken to a hospital where doctors had to give him 25 stitches.

When police investigations are successful, the judicial system drags on, delaying trials. Yet, occasionally, investigations do bear fruit: It is important to point out that his wife and the press never ceased demanding that justice be rendered in this case.

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Pressure from journalists' and human rights organisations can force the authorities to react against impunity. On 24 August, the interim head of government asked the police to speed up their investigations on the murders and attacks of a dozen journalists. On 26 October, the Prime Minister, Khaleda Zia, asked that new investigations be opened into the murders of six journalists while the Awami League was in power. According to journalist Saleem Samad, the level of violence against the press mainly depends on "journalists' capacity for mobilisation".

In cities such as Chittagong and Faridpur, where journalists' organisations are united and active, violence is less frequent, and, above all, attackers are arrested more often. Press mobilisation can be very spectacular: During the final months of the Awami League government, violence, often orchestrated by activists of the party in power, reached disturbing levels.

Jayed started preparing for the BCS exams months before his honours final tests in The Press Club president filed a complaint, and the journalists protested to the local BNP leader, especially because the chief of the group was the son of the BNP vice-president. Bangalore to Goa Flights. Between 5 and 7 October, three journalists were violently attacked in Satkhira south-west of the country.

The Prime Minister covered up the acts of violence perpetrated by his activists to the very end. After a landslide victory, supporters of Khaleda Zia and the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami party took vengeance against journalists they accused of supporting the Awami League.

More than 50 reporters were attacked or threatened with death in the first three months of this conservative government. Even more disturbing, the government arrested Shahriar Kabir, a well-known journalist who had just denounced violence against the Hindu minority on the BBC, and charged him with "sedition".

The government's intransigence in this case raises fears that Bangladesh's independent press will face new ordeals. On 23 AprilNahar Ali, correspondent with a local Bengali-language newspaper Dainik Anirban in Khulna south-eastern Bangladesh died of his wounds at the town's hospital. According to police and his family, Ali was kidnapped on 18 April in his village of Dumuria, a few kilometres from Khulna. He was found unconscious two days later, near his village, after being seriously beaten and tortured by his kidnappers.

According to the doctors, he died of brain damage and severe bleeding, and his attackers broke his legs and arms. All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus accused a radical leftist group, the Biplobi Communist Party, of being responsible for the killing. A minority of this armed movement has refused a general amnesty from the government and roams All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus in the south of the country. The rebels frequently target civil servants and journalists who denounce their activities.

A few days after the murder of Nahar Ali, the police announced the arrest of four suspects, militants of the dissident wing of the Biplobi Communist Party. They appeared before a magistrate and were then detained in Khulna police station. Another journalist was murdered in But, as of 1 Januaryit is impossible to say whether this murder was related to the victim's activities as a reporter.

On 22 July, policemen found the mutilated body of Ahsan Ali, 48 years old and father of six children, correspondent with Dainik Jugantor Narayanganj province, south Dhaka. Ali's hands and feet were tied and his body bore signs of torture, notably source wounds and acid burns on his face and chest.

The police brought his body to the Narayanganj hospital for an autopsy. Near his body, investigators found a camera and a notebook where it was written, "They brought me to Kanchpur to kill me. Police arrested two people, including Ali's stepbrother, with whom he had a disagreement about the ownership of some family land. Shahida Akhter, Ahsan Ali's wife, said that Ali had received death threats from Meher Ali, a local leader of the Chattra League, the student front of the Awami League, five days before his death.

According to Shahida Akhter, this is the most serious lead.

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The file included charges against 16 people accused of "murder" and "conspiracy to murder". The suspects included five journalists and one member of the ruling party, Nasiruddin Kalu.

Eight suspects had already been arrested and the police in Jessore were searching for the others. According to the investigation's conclusions, Rahman's murder was related to his articles regarding corruption and organised crime activities to which the suspects were allegedly linked.

The file given to the magistrate included formal evidence of their complicity, said a police spokesman. The suspects included Mizanur Rahman Tota, bureau chief of the right-wing daily Inqilab in Jessore, and Benzin Khan, correspondent with a now defunct local newspaper.

On 24 June, the government asked that Salim Reza, a Bangladeshi recently arrested in India for illegal residence, be extradited. Salim All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus was suspected of ordering this murder. This extradition request has still not please click for source fulfilled. For the last ten months, the widow of Shamsur Rahman and local journalist organisations in Jessore have maintained pressure on the authorities for a fair investigation on the case.

On 15 JuneAtahar Siddik Chowdhury Khasru, correspondent with Dainik Ittefaq, in Sitakundu a suburb of Chittagong, south-east of the countrywas kidnapped while returning from a wedding.

Two days later, the kidnappers asked his family for a ransom of almost 9, euros. His family said that he might have been kidnapped because of an article he recently wrote about a gang plundering boats that had washed up on the coast of Sitakundu. Sitakundu police saved him just as his kidnappers were attempting to throw him off a bridge.

He was read more unconscious to a hospital in Chittagong. Shortly after, he spoke of the torture he had undergone: On 16 June, Monirul Islam Dulu, correspondent with Dainik Inqilab in Bagherat south of the countrywas kidnapped by a gang in broad daylight, then taken to a remote location.

From the heart of Bangladesh. .. … …. …..

He was hit with iron bars and forced to drink homemade alcohol. His attackers then took him unconscious to the police to file charges against him for extortion. He was presented to a court the next day and released on bail.

According to Monirul Islam Dulu, this incident occurred because of an article he wrote about gang activity in the port of Mongla, in the east of the country. The article told about an "unofficial meeting" between gangs and a Mongla police official. On 20 October, Jalal Chowdhury, correspondent with Dainik Janakantha, in Chandpur south of the countrymanaged to escape the village of Shahdebpur where he had been held prisoner. He had gone there with a All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus of journalists to investigate violence against religious minorities.

He managed to contact the police who freed the other kidnapped journalists, two hours later, and arrested the two kidnappers. These two men were repeat offenders who had defended the Awami League, before the elections, before joining the BNP. On 26 FebruaryLytton Chakravorty, correspondent with Bhorer Kagoj, in Rajbari west of Dhakawas arrested following a "slander" complaint for his articles on irregularities and corruption in the management of Sadar hospital in Rajbari.

Chakravorty click beaten, splashed with boiling water and forced to sleep in a four-foot wide room. He filed a request to be released on bail on 1 March, but this was turned down.

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Lytton Chakravorty was finally released in August. On 9 March, police arrested Panthanibas Barua, correspondent with Daily Purbokone in Rangunia south of the countrywho they accused of publishing articles on corruption among local police.

Some people said that officers framed three correspondents in Rangunia. Barua was released on bail one month after his arrest.

This bombing killed 22 people and seriously wounded more than a hundred, including Shamim Osman, a Member of Parliament. Before being arrested, Litton was beaten by activists of the party in power who wanted to lynch him.

Police said that Shamsul Alam Litton belonged to a former right wing party, but gave no explanation of his involvement in the bombing.

He was released after several months of investigation, but charges are still pending. On 6 August, police arrested link free-lance journalist and writer Mahmud Musa in Raninagar north-west of the countryfollowing charges filed against him for "possession of banned publications".

Police officers searched his house and seized several books, copies of the independent weekly Jai Jai Din, newsletters on human rights, and other magazines. According to police, these "banned publications" were related to clandestine far-left movements. This decision by police officer Aminul Islam was widely criticised, and the interim government recalled in a press release that these publications were sold freely in the country.

Nevertheless, the district judge of Naogaon refused to release Mahmud Musa on bail. Musa had to wait more than a month to be released.

On 22 November, Shahriar Kabir, click to see more free-lance journalist and documentary filmmaker, was arrested at the Dhaka International Airport when he arrived from Kolkata.

The police questioned him for several hours. The police chief told the press that Kabir was "in possession of inflammatory documents that could endanger the stability of the country. Kabir had gone to India to cover the humanitarian situation at the Bangladesh border. Thousands of Hindus, suffering from religious violence at the hands of supporters of the ruling parties, had taken refuge in India.

A few days before his arrest, Shahriar Kabir was interviewed by the BBC and gave some details about the violence committed against Hindu civilians.

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The coalition source power recognised these attacks, but accused Kabir of exaggerating their scope. Shahriar Kabir is a highly respected columnist in Bangladeshi liberal circles.

He regularly writes for the daily Dainik Janakantha. He has published several investigative books notably about the War of Independence and the massacres committed by the Pakistani army and its Bangladeshi allies. Shahriar Kabir could be detained for 90 days, for "reasons of the investigation. The court also ordered the police to investigate him for "sedition" and "treason", charges punishable by the death penalty.

In a press release dated 24 November, the government said that Shahriar Kabir was arrested "because it has been proven that his videos contained regrettable and false declarations which are prejudicial to the harmony of the community and subversive to the state", and "because he contributed to tarnishing the image of Bangladesh and its government overseas". On 9 December, the government told the police to file charges against Kabir according to articles A which sanctions anyone condemning the creation of the State or calling for the abolition of its sovereigntyA concerning sedition and A which punishes damages while using language or other means of the Penal Code.

On 10 December, Shahriar Kabir was All Dating Sites Available Around Chandpur Barta Bus by plainclothes policemen from the central prison of Dakha and placed in an interrogation cell, used both by the police and the army, in a police station in the capital.