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RHONY: Carole Remembers Her Late Husband (Season 7, Episode 17)

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Toggle navigation No Agenda. Directory Archive of Shownotes includes all audio and video assets used archive. Pay ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets clips etc The clasp serves two purposes: Safety pins are commonly used to fasten pieces of fabric or clothing together. Safety pins, or more usually a special version with an extra safe cover, called a nappy pin, are widely used to fasten cloth diapers nappiesas the safety clasp prevents the baby from being jabbed. Similarly, they can be used to patch torn or damaged clothing.

Safety pins can also be used as an accessory in jewelry, like earrings, chains, and wristbands. Sometimes they are used to attach an embroidered patch. Size 3 is often used in quilting and may be labelled for purchase as a "quilting pin". Size 4 and larger may be called "blanket pins" and deemed acceptable as kilt pins for informal dress, depending upon design and appearance.

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Contents The fibula, a form of brooch, was invented by the Myceaneans on the Greek Peloponnesus between the 14th and 13th Century BC, and is considered source early precursor to a safety pin since they were used in a similar manner.

However, it had a major flaw. It had no clasp or spring at the end to help put it in place. Over the centuries, the fibula became forgotten.

The safety pin included a clasp that covered the point and kept it from opening, and a circular twist at the bend to act as a spring and hold it in place.

‘Real Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill: It’s A ‘Season Of Therapy’

He used a piece of brass wire that was about 8 inches long and made a coil in the center of the wire so it would open up when released. The clasp at one end was devised in order to shield the sharp edge from the user.

What Hunt failed to realize is that in the years to follow, W. Grace and Company would make millions of dollars in profits from his invention. This is larger and stronger than the typical safety pin. Modern nappy pins have the sliding cap to lock the pin. Chevalier Jackson devised special instruments for removing swallowed safety pins. Because small children often swallowed them and open pins could be lodged dangerously in their throats, Jackson called them "danger pins" and sometimes displayed arrangements of those he had extracted.

Safety pin ingestion is still a common problem in some countries, including Turkey, today. British punk fans, after seeing the clothing worn by visit web page punk forerunners, then incorporated safety pins into their own wardrobe as clothing decoration or as piercings, shifting the purpose of the pins from practicality to fashion.

The safety pin subsequently has become an image associated with punk rock by media and pop-culture outlets.

And it makes no sound. Whatever event or movement created the regeneracy, it would be driven by the toxic combination of debt, civic decay, and global disorder. Part 1 can be found here: Ethnic violence is framed as a remote and alien force that belongs to a bygone era. They not only corroborated your story, but even said you totally mentioned wanting to start a company someday.

As political statementEditAfter the UK Brexit vote and again after the US presidential election, safety pins were worn as a symbol of solidarity with minorities, refugees, immigrants and others who had been blamed and demonised in the press in the lead up to the vote.

Ring of Fire Science Company. National Inventors Hall of Fame. United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Ironic Emojis Iphone Png

Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Fibulae.

Winchester boys

Armed confrontation usually occurs around the climax of Crisis. If there is confrontation, it is likely to lead to war. This could be any kind of war '' class war, sectional war, war against global anarchists or terrorists, or superpower war. If there is war, it is likely to culminate in total war, fought until the losing side has been rendered nil '' its will broken, territory taken, and leaders captured.

The linear fixated establishment, who fancy themselves intellectually superior to the irredemables, are too blinded by their sociopathic, increasingly audacious subversion of the Constitution, to grasp the level of rage and disillusionment of a white working class that has been screwed over for decades.

As the Wall Street shysters frantically accelerate their embezzlement of what remains of middle class wealth, with the Fed and the corporate media propagandists as their wing-men, the country devolves into a corporate fascist state.

The disposition of the nation grows dark like the sky before an approaching deadly blizzard. As passions boil over and violence portends, this Fourth Turning hastens towards a bloody decade ahead with an uncertain climax.

If you think this is just hyperbole, you either haven't studied history or your cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias prevent Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Ironic Emojis Iphone Png from seeing the unavoidable societal altering clashes, which occur like clockwork on an eighty year cycle, when the portents are right in front of your eyes.

Historian Arnold Toynbee's great war cycle that arise every 80 years or so, aligns perfectly with the Fourth Turning generational theory. Great wars occur when the generation that doesn't remember the last catastrophic war ascends to leadership of the country.

We are eight years into a Crisis period which won't end until the mids. As this bitterly vicious presidential campaign accelerates towards a finale which will leave the country divided and irate, the hostile opposing forces will be seeking revenge, retribution, and retaliation no matter the outcome. There is no doubt the regeneracy is well under way. Around the yeara sudden spark click catalyze a Crisis mood.

Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. He thought the protests were all passion and no depth, engineered by anarchist Boomers.

I thought OWS might be the start of the regeneracy, but it flamed out quickly. It was only a foreshadowing of what was to come. Whatever event or movement created the regeneracy, it would be driven by the toxic combination of debt, civic decay, and global disorder.

Neil was particularly worried about the Federal Reserve zero interest rate policy and how it was ruining our economic system, creating disincentives to saving and encouraging warped, debt driven speculation.

And that was in The Fed keeping interest rates near zero on behalf of a corrupt establishment for the last eight years has been the primary factor in creating the anger, disillusionment and revolutionary spirit driving the regeneracy. No critical thinking human being can deny this tumultuous presidential election and its equally turbulent primaries have been fueled by the dreadful self-serving response of the establishment to the Wall Street created financial collapse; the geopolitical anarchy created by U.

And, as an afterthought, what's up with the hole in reality? It took twenty months, but we did all the work on the house ourselves, so we know exactly how much work goes into a restoration project, how much it really costs, how long it This ruse appears to have chimed with the Indian electorate: Their most recent book — MILK: Unless the message is too long, in which case it gets converted to voicemails, and I think I'm locked out of my voicemail.

The widening Grand Canyon gap in wealth between the haves and the have nots, produced by solutions from sociopaths in suits has reached the pitchfork and torch level. The linear thinking ruling class has been in denial go here this Crisis catalyzed in September Their looting, pillaging and ransacking campaign, designed to enrich and empower a small cadre of shadowy, powerful, wealthy men, had been successful for decades.

When click control the currency and interest rates; rig the financial markets; buy the politicians; write the laws and regulations; own the corporate propaganda machines known as the mainstream media; operate a high tech surveillance click create a dumbed down populace through government school indoctrination; and distract the masses with iGadgets, reality TV, hero worship, professional sports, social media, irrelevant cultural issues, and literally thousands of other modern day bread and circuses; you become arrogant and careless.

These sociopaths are so consumed with their ravenous fleecing of the middle class, waging wars for profit, and shredding the Constitution, they failed to for the seismic earth shattering event that will change everything.

The mood of the country shifted like tectonic plates beneath the nation. The mood continues to grow dimmer, as the Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Ironic Emojis Iphone Png grow poorer and the modern day aristocracy Wall Street bankers, corporate executives, corrupt politicians, shadowy billionaires accumulate obscene ill-gotten wealth through their complete capture of the system.

This perverted, degenerative, criminal degradation of our society is powerfully summed up by Jesse from Jesse's Caf C Americain: Some wear suits, and are exceptionally intelligent and articulate, obsessively driven, and are able to use and undermine the law and the rules for their advantage, like weapons.

It is never about the win, never about the money. It is about the kill, the expression of their hatred, about elevating themselves with the suffering of others. Not only with ropes and knives, but also with power and money, and the subversion of law. Lawlessness is their addiction, their will to power. When societies become lax and complacent, these sociopaths can possess great political power through great amounts of unprincipled money. And over time they become almost anti-human, destroyers of all that is good, all that is life, all that offends their insatiable sickness with its goodness.

They twist the public against itself, and turn a broad sweep of society into their killing grounds. This is the undeniable lesson of the last century. There are monsters, and they walk among us. But the regeneracy is more of an era than a date. With only three previous American Fourth Turnings, I imagined the regeneracy to be a specific event where the American people, faced with growing peril and danger, put aside their differences and rallied around a strong leader to build something new.

Boy was I wrong. In retrospect, the American people were numbed by the Great Depression and the bloody initial battles of the Civil War. They just let FDR and Lincoln do whatever they needed to do. The regeneracy marks a growth in centralized authority and resolute governance at a time of great risk and urgency. I believe this era of regeneracy began at the outset of the presidential primaries early in Based upon the reaction of the citizens in the last ten months, the dire problem facing the nation, perceived as the largest threat to our future, happens to be the Deep State establishment currently ruling the country.

Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Ironic Emojis Iphone Png

The captured mainstream media and grey beards running both political parties were completely stunned, horrified, and irate at the unprecedented success achieved by the two anti-establishment candidates, Trump and Sanders. This election was supposed to follow the script as planned and coordinated by the establishment, with Hillary Clinton defeating Jeb Bush and continuing the corrupt status quo policies agreed to by the bought off leaders of both parties.

They badly miscalculated the mood of the country and the whirlwind of change seeking to sweep away the stubborn remnants of a crooked, decrepit, putrid, existing social order. This collective middle finger to the establishment could only happen during a Fourth Turning.

This regeneracy is well under way and is poised to transform and replace the very source of this crumbling empire of debt, delusions, and denial. The unanswered question is what happens next. I posed that question to Neil Howe five years ago and he said the specific events of a Fourth Turning are unknowable, but the reaction to those events by the generational cohorts is consistent over time.

We are seeing the reaction of critical thinking Americans as they come to the realization the system is rigged against them.

A revolutionary spirit is once again rising among the deplorables. I also asked Neil about the theory Fourth Turnings alternate between external conflicts and internal conflicts. He found the subject fascinating, but didn't think there were enough data points to make a determination. Based on the current path of this Fourth Turning, I'm now convinced of this alternating sequence between advancement cycles and atonement cycles. The advancement cycles can be seen as establishing, whereas atonement cycles are disestablishing.