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amp;lt;iframe framespacing="0" frameborder="no" src="minimoving.infoateway. com/votd/get/?format=html&version=NIRV">View Verse of the Day</iframe>. 1 Corinthians 6–7 (New International Version). 1 Corinthians 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always. You know how I feel about reading a random Bible verse and calling it quits for the day. Not a great idea. BUT what is a good idea is getting nuggets of Scripture in your inbox that you can look up, study, memorize, and encourage others with. Bible Gateway makes this easy for you. Check out the Bible Gateway verse of the .

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. On more than million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the 1 rated Bible App—completely free.

Listen to audio Bibles. Download the best rated Bible App. Access everything online, or download select versions to use offline.

Read, study, and share with friends. Enjoy honest conversations about faith in trusted community. Grow together every day with friends, sharing your discoveries. Thousands of Devotionals, Bible Plans. Study topics or portions of the Bible. I had to drop this from 5 stars to 4 do to the fact I can't listen to it while my phone is off.

It used to work great I had no problems with it and loved being able to listen to scripture while I worked. Now it will only play for a couple minutes once I put my phone back in my pocket. So I have to pull it out of my pocket and start playing Icarly When Sam And Freddie Start Dating and it Bible Gateway Scripture Of The Day doesn't start off where it ended.

It usually start at the beginning of the chapter is on. This is a big hassle. I've deleted and downloaded the app and also used multiple headphones thinking that might be the issue but with no luck. I love this app, it keeps getting better and better with all of the updated options and so many bible studies, daily devotionals, daily bible verses, you can add go here friends and share with them, highlight verses, write notes on fav verses, create your own pictures with verses, so many versions of different bibles, you can compare the versions.

Now you can watch videos. Its a must have app! Only issue i have is finding people in my contacts from phone when Bible Gateway Scripture Of The Day to invite or share with a friend. Hope that gets easier. Oh and its freeee! I absolutely love this app! Not only can I read and highlight scripture but I can create and save verse images plus there are a lot of good devotions that you can Bible Gateway Scripture Of The Day for free.

The only recommendation that I would love to see is I would love to have it where I can set up multiple accounts within the app for my children on their shared device without having to sign in and out each time. The daily scriptures are a sense of clarity on my dark days and much needed guidance on all others. I especially love the devotional plans.

You can even have friends all over participate in a plan with you. It allows you to leave a comment about what you think the reading is saying to you and share it with your friends. I love it, I tell anyone willing to listen about this app. Sometimes some saved plans are sadly forgotten. A reminder click help. At first I thought it was poor internet connection, but even on Wi-Fi and when I'm sure network is great it's still the same.

Loving the group plan update! It would be great if there was the option of scheduling personal plans as well. User reviews Chick Morris February 1, Randall Barnett February 12, Kristle Box January 27, Tia Walker January 25, Wilma Bean January 24, This bible app is a well rounded coverage to accommodate almost any area of study you desire. I also appreciate being able to use it in church off line.

I am a lazy reader, so having the choice to have the scriptures read to me is mire than I could hope for. This app makes it impossible to give excuses for not studying God's word. Gina Cunicelli-Carlton February 11, What better way to have the Bible with you at all times?!

Bible Gateway Scripture Of The Day

And I really love all the Daily Devotional plans!! Sometimes I find myself doing 3 or 4 plans at a time. I like the search feature when you can find any time of plan you're looking for, any word or topic in the Bible that you seek, etc. I can't recommend this more. For new or experienced readers of the Bible. Out 4Now February 3, Unfortunately I have to give these folks a one-star review.

They over inundate you with notifications. It's just a pain in the ass to get notifications all day long from any application.

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When are people going to figure this out. Incidentally, this application has nothing to do with the Bible. It is simply a money-making tool. These people could care nothing about the word of God Full Review.


MMO Pipe February 9, The worst part of this app, is that it always shows you the daily verse in the NIV version, which is the version satan would have you read.

You can not change this in the settings either. KJV should be the only version that anyone should read. The NIV and other versions leave verses out or change them completely. Ask yourself, who is the Mourning Star? Link go and compare from each version. The only version that anyone should should read. A Google User January 27, I have waited a long time for the side by side version option, thank you!!!!!!!

This the the best bible app I've found!!!! Would go here be nice to have the availability to a direct link to the verse that is connected to a phrase in the passage that you're reading, instead of having to type that verse in the search bar. I like this app but will be uninstalling it because even though I have all notifications turned off I'm still getting notifications about things they're doing and stuff that's going on.

Takes me to their website. I'll read the Bible the old fashion way if they must act like this. Thanks though for an otherwise good app.

Bible Gateway Scripture Of The Day

J S January 25, I am a bible reader. Why do you not have Hebrew scripture? I would like the real scripture, not a translation only. Alexis Eirene Suarez February 8, I love this app so much and use it everyday. I'm doing so many plans because whenever I wanna look for guidance there are always a lot of plans to choose from. It is awesome studying the word of God with friends too!

I love the "Talk it over" feature. I also really like the highlight feature for verses that stick out to me especially when here can edit it onto an image.

You can add as many widgets with different translations as your theme will allow. The only version that anyone should should read. Would be great if added. For new or experienced readers of the Bible.

My church recommended this to usher in and I love it so much. Molly Marine February 11, What i have realized over the years is that i don't like the fact that you cannot copy your comments from a bookmark to your notes.

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Also, the app doesn't automatically save what you've written. If you accidentally back out of screen, you've list it all. Not Jesus's way at all. In fact, Jesus saves.

There was an error signing you up. When I can listen to the audio without resetting and restarting it every 30 seconds then it will return to a 5 star app. I rarely ever have any issues with the app too Full Review. Sign up to get this Verse of the Day delivered directly to your inbox.

Austin Presley February 14, But I am not able to use the verse of the day widget on my home screen, I really miss it. I had it, but then when i switched the memory from the internal storage to external storage, it disappeared. Would really appreciate it if you fixed