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"Democrats need to think seriously about how to appeal to those voters Trump has shaken loose from the GOP." –Jennifer Rubin .. Washington Post editorial: " All along, Republican leaders, including Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan, have insisted that the memo fiasco is about transparency and evenhanded oversight. Now is the. 16 Oct It's awfully tough to narrow these down to just four, so feel free to list more ways the Republicans are full of shit in the comments. And since we're. This is where new student Steven Karp (Jay Baruchel) takes his love interest Lizzie (Carla Gallo) on their first date. Karp tries to heckle Nugent during his speech in an attempt to impress Lizzie, with disastrous results. FOX didn't like the idea of Nugent and his political views appearing on this show, so the episode was.

He declined to name the venues. Those details will be worked out with the College Republicans. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said the place and time ultimately offered depends in part on whether College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En students are willing to use a venue with a fee. He said it is customary for student groups to hash out these details with the campus before extending an invitation to a speaker. To the students involved, the chain of events feels frustratingly familiar.

After the university tried to reschedule the Coulter event, the speaker and her supporters indicated they were coming on the original date anyway. UCPD came out in full force, but the related rallies were mostly off-campus and peacefulas few counter-deomonstrators showed up. The struggle between the students and administrators has inspired a range of reactions.

Others say a small student group is demanding attention and monopolizing resources, while Cal is acting to protect the community from violence. The draft of the policygoverning student use of campus facilities, was released earlier this month. It is designed to communicate the parameters to student groups who want to host read article events, while addressing security concerns and minimizing headaches for the university.

The new document clarifies existing rules, streamlines current policies and introduces new details — including a strict timeline students must adhere to in order to schedule an event.

The draft policy directs groups to reserve a facility, and in some cases request a security assessment, at least eight weeks before an event. If UCPD finds there are significant security needs, the student group must meet with the department at least six weeks before the event. There are other deadlines for submitting publicity materials for campus review and acquiring event insurance. The university would attempt to approve events two weeks in advance if the organizers have followed these rules, the draft policy says.

There will be a public comment period in October before the policy is officially implemented in early Any events held in link fall, including College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En potential Shapiro appearance, would be subject to the interim policy.

Naweed Tahmas, a BCR spokesman, said the group requested a person venue in the evening for the Shapiro event because he typically gets large audiences when he comes to college campuses.

I called him a gay supremacist in another comment. Berkeley is a disgrace. Free speech not allowed.

College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En

It is nothing more than an indoctrination factory. If you represent a normal group,you will have to wait for your turn to have a venue available, but if you are a subnormal republican group full of trumpeters, you can skip the waiting list because cheeto voldemort could take the research funds away from UC Berkeley.

I have to thank Antifa for introducing me to Milo who I find witty and entertaining and often times thought provoking even though I often disagree with him, especially about women. No one should take him seriously. Although not a fan of his politics so much Milo is just a comic, Farrakhan is a conspiracy kook and the head of a weird cult. Where have I heard that College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En Funny, that is what I see when I observe Trump.

Here are his two most famous lies: Both of those were helpful to his campaign, and he said both without any regard to whether they were true. Can you give me two recent lies from the left that match those? The fact is that, on both ends of the political spectrum, there are liars and opportunists and there are also honest people. Yep, Farrakhan is about on the same level as Milo — more evidence that student groups are not able to use this policy responsibly.

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I posted the link below. Well now that they are allowing him to speak it is looking slightly better. Yvonne Felarca made bail and was released yesterday at 7: Seems College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En people are more offended with pointed comments challenging their worldview than those who choose to communicate by beating people up and breaking things.

It is important to know and tell the read more. Leftism is predicated on irrationality, falsehood, and immorality. It is a core feature of leftism that leftists say whatever they perceive to be good for the cause without regard for what is objectively true.

If you observe leftists, this is what you will see. You start off by sounding sensible, and then you shoot yourself in the foot by making this absurdly biased statement. Now, no one will take you seriously. I bet if she was given the electric shock treatments that she is desperately in need of, he would be willing to pay the utility bill.

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

Hell, I would chip in a bag of pop bottles myself. Antifa and Bamn need to be labeled the terrorist organizations that they are, and left a smoldering crater. At least we have a federal government that will enforce the laws now.

Cross that line, and pay the price. Wow that in all of my years online I still managed to be surprised at how awful people can be in the comments. We should all be embarrassed to have one of our best known citizens be Felarca. I would not put it past UCB to cancel the speech at the last moment.

That way, they can appease the Leftists. The College Republicans are inviting a speaker, and you think Trump is going to punish UC for letting a Republican speak?????

UC has a policy of allowing student groups to invite speakers. Once they have adopted this policy, it is illegal for them to exclude a speaker that a student group invites on the College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En of content. I think it is a mistake to have this policy and that UC should drop it.

Student groups have shown that they are not able to use the policy responsibly. So if the Cal Optometric Society invites a controversial speaker and their dates get moved, why does that never make the news?

Does it ever happen that other groups try to book speakers and get turned down? I feel like this is something that should happen all the time. It would be wonderful if, given this commitment on her part and on behalf of UC to the principles of College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En speech, the campus Republicans would make an equal commitment, and to non-violence. When 50 US-senators from those states which are still living in the frontier [less than two person per square mille] represents as many people as the 2 senators from California… I see powerful reasons for Californians to leave this unbalance Union.

Ok, students are supposed to be learning. They obviously did not learn from their prior experience that they should not be asking a speaker to speak on a given date until they work with the Uni on a site. They have repeated the same actions that failed to work before. The SHOULD have sent the Uni a request in writing see more have this speaker, providing several date options they could work with, and suggesting several sites that would work.

In the interview, Griffin and Johnston joked that they were in a serious relationship. Griffin has been a long-time critic of Sarah Palinand has made fun of Palin's daughter, Bristol Palinusing the Palin family as material in her comedy routines. He claimed that rejecting the idea of the right to self-defense being expressed in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitutionwhich Nugent called "gun control" policies, is most likely to destroy American society. Retrieved September 11,

If the Uni — at that point — failed to accommodate then it would be clear and convincing evidence of censorship. Sorry, this student group screwed up again. Anyone know the timing? Be part of the story: By Natalie Orenstein July 20,3: David Yee Update, 4: Free speech lawsuit is unfounded I see the Ministry of Truth is hard at work. From the Wiki article on Milo: If he was this reasoned when he was Bill Mahers show his brand would have taken off.

I think he is a troll.

Holmes guitar, vocalsRob Grange bass and Clifford Davies drums were the primary additional band members for his s multi-platinum [19] albums: And far from cutting debt, Reagan borrowed more heavily than previous presidents. But thinking like that is really playing small ball.

On the one hand that is hilariously insane, while I feel sorry for having to deal with that. Me venting about previous events, apologies. What part was awful? That her opinion diff re from yours? Like when the Afrikan Black Coalition invited Farrakhan. She does use her real identity.

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Did you read the article? Here is the first sentence again: Yvette and Eric Clanton down, with numerous whack jobs to go. Yeah, I know YOU would. The optics for Cal are not looking good.

College Dating Gay Republicans Suck Facebook En