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If your boyfriend constantly finds ways to bring his ex into the conversation without you initiating it, he's definitely still missing her. [Read: How to get to know a guy you want to date]. #2 His browser talks. Unless your boyfriend is a sneaky ex lover, he'll definitely leave a few signs now and then on his computer or phone . IF you feel she's being ridiculously unreasonable (if she's demanding that you don't talk to any girls ever, etc. etc.) then end your relationship with her because those are signs of bigger problems. Ultimately your current gf's feelings should take priority to any friendship with your ex. If you're not ready to make. Explain to your significant other that it bothers you and if you're important to him, he needs to stop. If he doesn't understand or continues to fight you on why he needs to still talk to his ex, it's your call. Either you tell him that the communication with his ex is a deal breaker and you leave him, OR you decide that as long as.

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A lot of hurtful things were said that I unfortunately can not apologize for now. While I think what you guys said in comments is great, I think what you are saying applies when two people break up, healing happens, and later they chose to be friends because they valued each other as a person. This is not your personal soapbox.

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We have flair for men, women, trans folks, and gender neutral people. Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not speak for all women. While men can still offer input, if your view conflicts with a woman's, we ask that you do not downvote or invalidate her response. Would you date a guy who was still friends with his ex? Let's say they haven't dated in well over 4 years but have kept their friendship, and still hang out from time to time.

I'd much rather date a guy that was on good terms than bad terms with all of his exes. As long as he was transparent about it and was happy for me to meet her it wouldn't be an issue. Yes, as long as he was open about his relationship with her and didn't avoid us meeting it would likely be fine.

I'm still friends with some of my exes, and at least on friendly terms with most.

The Guy You're Seeing Keeps Talking About His Ex. Red Flag?

It might make me a bit uncomfortable at first, but then I just try to keep in mind that I also have friends who are exes and there's nothing sexual or romantic there! I don't want to be the next bridge you burn. What might bother me is if he didn't allow me to meet her - if they hung out together one on one all the time and I was never invited.

There's a girl my fiance briefly dated casually who I now consider a very close friend. We hang out with her regularly. And then, he also has an ex who was a more serious girlfriend, and this person actively tried to get him to leave me and go back to her during the beginning of our relationship. I'm not ok with there being any kind of friendship between them. Personally I don't have much advice for you as I could never do a long distance relationship myself and thus don't understand the dynamic.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like some advice, or just want to talk. If he's "friendly" with an ex, in that if they run into each they can be civil, then that would be fine and preferable.

If they hang out together a lot, then I would think there's still some old feelings there and I really don't want to deal with that.

I'm a person who prefers to keep my exes in the past and I'd rather be with someone who feels the same way.

Dating A Guy Who Talks To His Ex

Your test if you can stay friends. Think about if you'd feel comfortable being in a situation with your ex and your current girlfriend in a social setting. Would your rapport with your ex make her uncomfortable? Because what's more important is that if your current girlfriend were here in the situation, she wouldn't feel that uncomfortable ex making moves on you, etc.

Explain to her that you haven't dated her in over 4 years and that you've both moved on since then. Let her know that she should tell you when and what specifically makes her uncomfortable and you'd either explain it or if the explanation wasn't enough that you'd just stop contact. Express your reasons why you're still in contact, but understand that if here still feels uncomfortable about it you should offer to just stop.

IF you feel she's being ridiculously unreasonable if she's demanding that you don't talk to any girls ever, etc. Ultimately your current gf's feelings should take priority to any friendship with your ex. If you're not ready to make that step, then break up with her. I'm still friends with exes too, so just being friends wouldn't be a problem for me. It would depend on the relationship that they had with the ex. If I thought that they were still interested in each other romantically or that it was an unhealthy or codependent relationship, then I would not become invested in a relationship with him.

If I really adored this person, it wouldn't matter. My feelings for them would outweigh any of that other shit because you can't change your past. If the dude isn't a total asshole, you shouldn't have any reason to be insecure and Dating A Guy Who Talks To His Ex to the point you don't want to invest in him. It would upset me, but it would upset me a lot more if they hung out together doing things that seemed like a date. Grabbing lunch together is a little easier to swallow than going to see a movie and have drinks after dinner.

My husband is very close with all of his ex-girlfriends. I've met most of them and they are awesome women. I am friends with all but one of my prior SOs.

22 Reasons Not to Worry About His Ex-Girlfriend

My husband has met most of them and gets on with them quite well. I would be quite worried about someone who has a string of exes with whom they did not speak or of whom they had a poor opinion. It would point to either them making awful choices or possibly being an awful person.

Continue reading enjoy that my husband has kept up his friendships with these women. He is a great man and it shows through the levels of friendship and loyalty he has from those with whom he was intimate.

I trust my husband. I trust that he would not put our family in jeopardy by his actions, and I trust that he would talk to me if any old feelings did come up that he was having difficulty dealing with. If I didn't trust my husband to go out and hang out with a person I would have to seriously question why I was in the relationship. Jealousy can be an ugly and destroying emotion and I want no part of it. I'm glad you guys are in the same boat and have such good experiences.

Dating A Guy Who Talks To His Ex

Most of my and my SOs relationships ended with other people hurting us, so us keeping our exes in our lives is out of the question. People who cheat on you or are cruel don't deserve a place in your present or future, personally. I have one ex that for years I blamed for ruining my life. It ended horribly with him moving out of our apartment while I was at work and I did not see or hear from him for over a decade.

And then last year we happened to be in the same city and we met up for drinks. Over a decade of hatred and pain poured out of me at him and that is when I realised that the entire time I spent hating him for hurting me I did click here think for one second that I had hurt him as well, and that we were headed for complete destruction together.

I made peace with him and myself and it was one of the best days of my life.

Eric Charles Sure, I agree with that. Or a broken-up one. As my feelings for him grew deeper, it seemed to bother me even more.

I realise this doesn't work for every situation but This web page thought I would share.

I am still friends with exes who have cheated on me and on whom I have cheated. We were young and stupid and life was ahead of us. Every single one of them have put it behind them because it really doesn't matter anymore. I'm happy that, despite thinking I only picked awful partners, I actually was picking guys who would turn into amazing men. Each one of them helped shape who I am through their actions and words and for that I am thankful. I am of the mind that every person you meet gives you a gift, not a tangible one, but a gift nonetheless.

It is up to you what you do with that gift. It took me a long time to accept these awesome gifts of growth and experience that every one of these men has given me. Even my ex-husband who emptied our bank account to pay for hookers and blow gave me a gift I appreciate I never said that I am not thankful for my past experiences, or that I resent the people from it. I just have Dating A Guy Who Talks To His Ex different system for handling it than you do. For me, I process it, learn from it, grow, and close that chapter of my life.

I'm not sitting here stewing over past wrongs I know I did stupid things too, and I don't harbor any ill will towards people in my click.