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Fernandes Stone Logo Stratocaster Demo

dating fernandes guitars by headstock shape & logo. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by pickslideDec 8, Log in or Sign up. Guiars of July 1, we will no longer allow any ads. 19 Apr Dating a Burny or Fernandes can be loosely done by looking at the truss rod cover. The Gibson bell-shaped have any idea how old it is? EDIT2: Maybe this can be helpful for you: Headstock-Shape-amp-Logo-Design_W0QQugidZ A guess, and only a guess, but I'd say around due to the pressed saddles and Fender shaped headstock. Chances are you may know of this resource already, but if you don't, here's a link to Fernandes guitar catalogues, dating right back to Earlier Fernandes had a Fender font logo.

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It shows the different headstocks and Logo's used on Fernandes strats. If anybody has any other info please join in.

View the Media Kit. Yeah, I wouldn't expect to get money back out of it if you're going to spend a lot on repairs. Will LefeurveJul 7, Thampen on April 19,

Hopefully with all the knowledge on this board, we can get some type of diffinitive timelines. From the left, you have the design that is used on the Revival series and the "Stone" logo Fernandes's.

The heavy block logo isn't typical for the early Strats. I'm not quite sure why it has this logo.

I have a old FERNANDEZ guitar that needs identification! HELP!

Anyway, these were made from '78 through approx ' They used the exact Fender headstock design and shape.

Third from the left is the next evolution.

These are now known as the LE1 series. They have an ever so slight little point on the upper curve. I guess that this little alteration wasn't sufficient, so the LE1 series was changed. FYI, if you grind off the little point, and apply some tinted laquer, you have an exact Fender headstock.

The LE1 is the exact guitar as the Revival except it has the headstock change. I think in around '86 they changed to the second headstock from they left and called it the LE2. At this point several things have changed from the original Revival and LE1's.

The last design is what they are using today.

Dating Fernandes Guitars By Headstock Shape & Logo

I can only date these from info I have read and actually buying my LE1 new in ' I remember my buddy getting my guitar into his store and pointing out the slight headstock change.

He was one of the first dealers to recieve the Le1's and I grabed it. What I find wierd is that I have the serial number on the neck plate.

I have seen Revival series that have higher numbers. I would love to find someone that has the real answers.

Dating Fernandes Guitars By Headstock Shape & Logo

PS I don't want to piss on anyones parade, but the whole story about a shipment of guitars getting stopped at the West Coast ports and getting the headstocks cut off is total B.

Dealers in New York came up with this story as a sort of way to push the quality. My friend was one of them.

I'm really bonding with it. He tells me that Fernandes headwtock stickers and that he has no way to find out where and when it was made Dec 8, 2. They are Fuji Gen manufactured pups and came in several flavors. Share This Page Tweet.

The 2nd is a LE1 post lawsuit mid to late 80s. The 3rd is a lawsuit era.

I have a old FERNANDEZ guitar that needs identification! HELP!

The last one is a late 80s to date headstock and it looks like the guitar is a LE2G. Chriswith what I have learned and what you know we need to put together a Info page for the site and Declan. PM or email me. Dating Fernandes Guitars By Headstock Shape & Logo email youlater today or during the week. In my never ending quest to seek the truth and origins of the Fernandes strat line, I came across this picture. I hope someone could help us with some good information. I have a Fernandes R-8 made in Japan, bought new here in Sweden in or Same headstock shape and same block letter logo as the guitar to the left on your photo.

There was a R-9 model as well, not really sure what the difference between them was. Mine is a sunburst R-8 with maple fretboard and the VS-4 pickups. Might I add that I really love this guitar Sounds great and feels great. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.