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No.1 Popular Farmer Dating Site. Mingle with s of Single Farmers seeking Friendship, Love, & More. Find Rural Romance Online Today. 27 Nov Just ask Jerry Miller, founder of, the dating site aimed at anyone who doesn't count themselves as a city slicker. . biggest cheerleader, also cites a lack of understanding of not just the hours but the importance of farming and ranching by those outside the community as a hurdle to dating. is a dating site for farmers, ranchers and country folks. You don 't have to be lonely thanks to FarmersOnly! Read more. My review. Review from. Reviews. 1, total. 5 4 3 2 1 Helpfulness. Newest; Rating; Helpfulness. Randy Sanders. Like all "free" dating apps it is free to sign up.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from Dating Site For Farmers And Ranchers. You don't have to be lonely thanks to FarmersOnly! Like all "free" dating apps it is free to sign up. But you have to pay to actually contact a person. People sign up then realize it's not free and bail leaving their profile up. There are thousands of old, dead profiles on FO. I can run a search within a 50 mile radius and get 75 or so hits.

Maybe 5 are paying members, the rest standard members and of those standard members maybe another 5 are active. And of those 5 paying none are even close to compatible. I think paying is ok but if it were cheaper it would have more active members. And FO needs to clean up it's data base. I can meet people elsewhere without having to pay. Pretty girls aren't going to pay to meet guys. That already comes easy so you can guess what the girls on there MAY look like.

I received lots of emails the first day but was unable to see them unless I paid. Also, there is no way to put contact info and no form of communication with anyone unless you subscribe. I do NOT Recommend anything affiliated with this I purchased learn more here 6m membership and then I met someone not affiliated with this site.

No more crazy bitches calling at 3 am! Once you upgrade you realize the truth, and you realize the majority of the people are not premium members therefore a waste of money. Item added to wishlist. The customer service also sucks. Cannot log in due to not remembering my password.

They refused to cancel my membership and refund my money for the additional six months. These people are crooks, I do not recommend this service. The company that runs this are Con Artist This site is less than worthless. Nothing but con artist trying to get you to purchase premium accounts. I also think they send out random contacts to keep you interested.

Don't buy the premium. Cheap poorly written software Won't even let me upload a pic of myself without crashing. I know it supposed to be a backwoods dating site but I think they're taking it a bit too seriously. Have a nice dayo.

Don't even bother Not a very good website, the app is worse, and they make you subscribe before you can even send a message, if I wanted to pay for a website I'd sign up for eharmony. User reviews Randy Sanders January 9, Shelly Ramos May 26, Sarah Rhoades December 8, Dating Site For Farmers And Ranchers Stephen Harper May 24, Have a nice dayo Full Review. Roger Bayless February 28, Becky Anderson July 28, They get you to upgrade to premium by saying you have click at this page likes and emails.

Once you upgrade you realize the truth, and you realize the majority of the people are not premium members therefore a waste of money. And most have little to do with farming or an agriculture background it's just another site for them to be on.

Also no reason to hide your profile Had my profile hidden and kept getting emails and likes which I found rather disturbing.

This is the third time on in 2 years have 2 profiles because they wouldn't let me reactivate my old one a year ago In January of this year I could reactivate it. Regeena Button February 28, Paying money for a dating app does not mean you're interested in a relationship, it means you're desperate. The site has not worked well for almost 2 weeks now. I've emailed customer service at least 4 times now but, have not received any response from anyone to help with the site issues.

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Im article source a paid member, so sad very bad customer service and site. Angelicaa Rodriguez April 2, You don't get a free trial. So I upgraded and nothing changed still said I needed to upgrade in order to unlock messaging which is stupid. They refuse to talk to me and settle this out. They do not want to give me my refund! Might sue If I'm able to.

So mad right now Full Review. Crash Can't upload a photo without it crashing on me! Set up to find a girl who is in to the same outdoors stuff I am but can't use it because it doesn't work!

Robert Clyburn January 19, Fake profiles and scam artists.

Waste of time and money. Premium required just to communicate. App controls and navigation sucks. There's no way to go back after looking at a profile.

Dating Site For Farmers And Ranchers

The app jumps to the menu screen before you can finish typing a message and you lose everything you typed. Mark Paiz December 26, You don't have click here be lonely, you're related. Wouldn't it be easier just to call your cousin or talk to them at a family gathering in stead of using this app? Just seems like an extra step. Why does it say free when you literally cant do anything unless you pay you cant even text or find out if anyone is interested with you at all unless you pay wich is a bunch of bull they should either make you pay up front or actally make it free cut the bs games Full Review.

I'm not paying for a site that I may or may not find anyone on. Its a shame, I have a couple messages from people that I can't read unless I pay money.

Dating Site For Farmers And Ranchers

I'll try my luck the old fashioned way, without a site. Thanks but no thanks Full Review. Ashley Brown February 19, There's no parameters for which to search. I've adjusted the desired age range for example and it continues to remain on the default setting. At 26 years old I do not want to be hit on by a 60 year old man. Peg June 3, Not perfect To everyone complaining about having to pay, If you are seriously tring to find someone real then paying shouldn't be a big deal. - This life is meant to be shared

It's a way of weeding those who actually want more than a hook up. Pof, okcupid yeap all free and While the app is very slow and old, it could def use some upgrades. Kirk Erickson December 1, No data required Must have been updated, because many of these complaints dont apply in Nov.

Take your dating game to a new level. I can meet people elsewhere without having to pay. More from developer See more. If it was free I would expect it to be an unpredictable app. You don't have to be lonely thanks to FarmersOnly!

Much less annoying startup than eHarmony, and reasonable cost to upgrade. Also, you can send and recieve messages via text, which will be sent to them via account, so you don't need data; and you don't have to give out your number! No more crazy bitches calling at 3 am! founder on why rural Americans need their own dating site

Do not pay for this scam. Google and Mac pay them for every app download. Any respectable company that cares about customers satisfaction would make a free service and get revenue through advertising, have a five star rating and have over a million downloads.

Jennifer Wettlaufer February 21, I think the app sucks. Its a waste of time. Dont bother paying for the app unless you want to talk to someone over miles away. The customer service also sucks. Bobbi Parker February 2, This app is absolutely pointless. The only thing free about it is the signup.