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Guru Talk: Would You Continue To Date A Person With Herpes?

Stop Saying Cold Sores Aren't "Real Herpes"

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on dating someone with oral herpes (HSV1) when the other partner is disease free. She told me yesterday night, right before we were about to have sex that she had oral herpes. This surprised me a bit but I tried my best to play it cool and told her that we should. 25 Nov But oral herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) is communicable and you have the potential to give your partner oral herpes or genital herpes through contact " Well, because they're contagious and caused by a herpes virus, I think it's important to let someone who I'm interested in dating know that I get cold. 7 Dec A guy I was dating at the time went down on me, as you do, with no disclosure of previous cold sores he'd had. He didn't If you've ever gotten a cold sore on your mouth, you have herpes. A recent World Health Organization study found that 2 of every 3 people has herpes somewhere on their body.

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In the same way that he only got a cold sore once, I've only ever had an outbreak once. My limited reading on the subject suggests there's definitely less evidence for Valtrex for HSV-1 transmissions, most of the data is on HSV The disease itself isn't fully understood, transmission and infection rates aren't predictable or consistent between studies, it's difficult to tell if someone is "active" or not or go here or not the blood tests don't give the full pictureand literature on prevention and severity of infection range from "This is the worst STD ever next to AIDS, ever" and "Everybody has it and it's totally not a problem so chillax, dude! Article Is Chicken Pox Herpes?

There is a good chance you already have dated someone with oral herpes, most have no idea they have it. You could have gotten oral herpes when you were a child for sure. Although its not typically sexually transmitted, you can give oral HSV1 to someone with oral sex and infect their genitals. You can also have genital herpes HSV2 and infect someone's mouth As stated above, you need to specify a test which will run around 90 for the blood test.

However, I don't think it's necessary to tell them before kissing. I just image googled "cold sores" and my first reaction is, "The fuck you say? Only instead of getting a cold sore on my mouth, I get one in my genital area. After working in a doctor's office for many years, I can tell you that people getting tested for Herpes is exceedingly rare, so the percentage of people who know they are asymptomatic carriers is very small. That said, you absolutely must inform your partner before performing unprotected oral sex on them.

The most conclusive and accurate test is during outbreaks, where they swab the fluid in the blisters and test them for the virus. Originally Posted by 1w0n. Originally Posted by savoytruffle.

Can You Sue Someone for Giving You Herpes?

To all people saying they wouldn't date a person with non-STD cold sores I don't get it, but whatever. That would still be HSV-2 but in the mouth, right? Or does it become HSV-1 somehow?

Dating Someone Who Has Oral Herpes

I really don't know I know much more about syphilis, lol. To clarify for people, Herpes 1 is not the sexually-transmitted one. So what you have are intermittent cold sores. I would not rule out dating someone I really here for this reason, but I would probably avoid kissing them when the sores were active. I don't think you can get Herpes Simplex 1 without the cold sores actually present. If you had genital herpes, I would probably feel differently.

Herpes, freckles, moles, clams, pimples, dandruff, glasses, blisters, broken nails, scabs, missing eye lash, - not a chance.

Would you date someone with oral herpes (HSV1)? : OneY

Only guys with perfect skin and genes. A trillion people get cold sores. Most people contract that particular form of HSV in childhood.

Like somebody else said, if you've dated at all, it's highly likely you've already dated somebody with it.

How to start dating with oral herpes?

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Dating Someone Who Has Oral Herpes

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Would you date someone with oral herpes? View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 2 of 6. Redwood Shores, Ca posts, readtimes Reputation: Advertisements There is a good chance you already have dated someone with oral herpes, most have no idea they have it.

Sango, TN 24, posts, read 18, times Reputation: The Great West 1, posts, read 1, times Reputation: Originally Posted by savoytruffle To all people saying they wouldn't date a person with non-STD cold sores Santa Monica, Ca 4, posts, read 2, times Reputation: Originally Posted by savoytruffle To clarify for people, Herpes 1 is not the sexually-transmitted one. Greater LA area 13, posts, read 9, times Reputation: Middle America 33, posts, read 34, times Reputation: