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LATINO ACCENTS: Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Cuban

Difference Between Mexican and Puerto Rican: Mexican vs Puerto Rican

27 Apr I'm not Mexican! Cultural Differences, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, Mexican, Peruvians, etc. 1. Votes. Janean. I've found that a lot of people are ingnorant to the fact that people who speak Spanish are Especially if back in their countries there is a history of disagreements between those countries. Very different cultures. Different geographical areas. Different indigenous people before the Spanish Conquest. Extremely different histories. One can't be confused for the other. It's not derogatory, but a fact. 6 Sep In the last 10 years, Mexican immigrants have been arriving in a huge influx to the crowded streets of what has long been a Puerto Rican enclave. While the two groups share a language, a common tongue does not ensure a common bond. As far as ethnic rivalries go, the friction between the Mexicans and.

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West coast Mexicans vs East coast Puerto Ricans

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Tengo que reconocer que los juegos olimpicos de han ayudado mucho a que la gente conozca a la grecia de hoy en dia. Tell us what you think. Since my son is of mixed race I want to learn Spanish and as much about his other heritage to teach him and to know for myself.

First of all I don't mean anything racist by this thread nor do I want to Offend the spanish community. What troubles me is how do I tell the difference between a puerto rican and a mexican? For me it seems they are visually indistinguishable, almost impossible to tell from appearance. I've had many friends who I've thought are from some spanish origins, probably mexican. When I gave a fellow student directions on how to find my friend, I told him to look for a mexican guy with a red shirt etc.

Is there some on going hatred between Mexicans and puerto ricans?

Difference Between Mexicans And Puerto Ricans

Honestly, whats the big deal? I don't speak mexican neither do i speak puerto rican. This is why EU thinks their forum is better, because it is. Stupid people like you post stupid threads that flood out decent topics.

Difference Between Mexicans And Puerto Ricans

The way you avoid this is by saying 'hispanic'. That's just dumb to get offended over something like that when it's a totally understandable mistake to make. Now, if someone knows you're not Mexican already cause you've told them, and they keep saying Mexican on purpose or out of laziness, then that's where it starts getting a bit offensive.

Little but Language in Common; Mexicans and Puerto Ricans Quarrel in East Harlem

Firstly, there is absolutely no hate between mexicans and puerto ricans. We Puerto Ricans are trained from an early age to make fun of Dominicans, which have no relation to Mexicans.

Most Puerto Ricans dont really take it seriously, but you get racist elitism anywhere and of course we've got a few gems as well.

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Visually speaking, telling Puerto Rican vs Mexican would be akin to pointing out the different types of asian people. Also in Puerto Rico are your black black puerto ricans and your white white full on caucasian puerto ricans. However, our black black puerto ricans dont resemble African Americans in fashion source all, and our white whiteys tend to be tanned not burned!

After reading this, im sure you'll be able to tell who's who from the pictures below!

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All variations are small, and stubtle enough for everyone who can speak spanish can understand them. Why exactly is the N word a good thing after it was created to degrade Blacks? So a lot of you don't know what you are talking about.