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Is ‘EXO’ Member D.O. And Park Sojin Of ‘Girl’s Day’ Dating?

7 Sep On a popular Korean online community, Pann, a picture that is allegedly evidence of EXO's D.O and Girl's Day Sojin's dating rumor has started up a giant storm among Korean netizens. 17 Nov EXO's dorm is in Gwangjin-gu. Sojin graduated elementary-middle-high school and even university at Daegu, until she turned 24~ So there's no way her first love was in Gwangjin-gu. She hinted on D.O as she was mentioning Gwangjin- gu. 7. When the members got associated with other female idols on. 20 Nov D.O is going out with a female idol 7 years his senior?! D.O, a member of EXO, dating rumor with Sojin, a member of Girls' Day. EXO's D.O(22) was found out to be dating Sojin(27) by Korean netizens. All these happend with last five month. The dating rumor was started from the pictures at fishing hole.

Girl’s Day Sojin attacked by EXO-L fans on Instagram after dating rumors with EXO-K’s D.O emerge

Though the fact that D. About a week or so after, D. They were also at the same press conference there. It was about their Music Bank in Mexico performance.

In an interview, Sojin mentioned Gwangjin-gu while talking about her first love.

Exo D.o And Girls Day Sojin Dating

But you know, Sojin could have met her first love in college, and he could have moved to Daegu from Gwangjin to study. Baekhyun unfollows everyone Instagram. EXO to return as an 8-member group next comeback.

EXO filming music video for mid-July comeback!

In the comments, someone said that the op later on posted a comment saying this: Natalie Wolff says 3 years ago. You currently have javascript disabled.

First, that picture of the fishing trip, the guy has a different build and hairstyle than D. O Second, the shoes… Really D. O considering that I have the same running shoes as he does. In summary, I take this lightly. Even the hair is the same color as D. The poster is simply basing things off the original post, which the re-poster attached a screenshot of. In the comments, someone said that the op later on posted a comment saying this:.

1. D.O and Sojin “together” at a fishing trip.

But as I thought about it, I thought I had written the post too conclusively so I erased the original post and posted the second post that sounded like I was just basing off of allegations instead but I think someone captured the original post and spread it. I will keep modifying the post. That was what the original poster of theoriginal post said, which the re-poster completely missed out and only posted the post that the op deleted.

I know this might sound confusing but, in other words: O and Sojin are not dating.

A fan just saw two similar looking people and, even though the girl might have been Sojin there were picture evidences showing that their clothes were the same and Sojin went fishingit has been confirmed that the male is not Do Kyungsoo. I wonder if bashing will come, I hope not D:.

The First Tour in America Pt. Her Instagram account has since become private. O's relationship on popular Korean portal websites such as Pann and Instiz.

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Next Post Baekhyun unfollows everyone Instagram. You might also like More from author. Croarkin says 3 years ago. Javier Ignacio says 3 years ago. This is so scary.

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In the comments, someone said that the op later on posted a comment saying this: Please stop spreading this false statement around! ShyQuietGirl says 3 years ago.

Exo D.o And Girls Day Sojin Dating

I wonder if bashing will come, I hope not D: LiLithepanda27 says 3 years ago. Girls' Day Sojin has "I 3 years ago. Natalie Wolff says 3 years ago. Shamsul Azwan says 3 years ago. EXO to return as an 8-member group next comeback Jun 23, Prev Next 1 of Welcome, Login to your account. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you.