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Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs for 2017. [Song List]

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12 Mar Everyone's relationship with their dad is different, so when you start looking for an appropriate father daughter dance song, it can be very hard to find something that fits! Although 'Butterfly Kisses' still seems to top the list of many wedding website song suggestions for this purpose, I don't know that many. 1 Jun Lots of ideas for the best non cheesy, alternative father daughter dance songs at weddings. By Aria Melody DJ. Heather (January bride) has seen Les Miserables with her dad 10 times so they danced to “Master of the House.” Perfect. #8 & #9 – absolute classics and such fun to dance to! I hadn't. 18 Feb The father-daughter dance is a little bit sappy, but that doesn't mean that you have to choose a trite tune. Here are dozens of modern father daughter dance songs from every genre. Ray Charles This is not only a really fun song to dance to, but it repeatedly celebrates the love of a father and daughter.

The father daughter dance is a very important and often emotional part of any wedding. It serves as a reminder that even though the bride is married, she'll always be daddy's little girl.

But not every father and daughter want a sappy slow song to sway to. Many father daughter duos instead want to celebrate and have fun on this big day.

While many guests at the reception are expecting something soulful, changing it up with an upbeat and funny song to dance to will surprise and thrill everyone. Many people may not think about this for a traditional father daughter dance. But that makes it absolutely perfect for a chance to have fun on the dance floor. It's especially perfect if the bride had a bit of a wild streak while she was a teenager.

Fogerty wrote this song for his daughter before she could even walk. It's all about a father's promises to his daughter as she grows up. Despite the sentimental meaning behind this song, it has a great upbeat tune. You get a little bit of the best of both worlds: Not many people would expect to hear this famed Bob Marley song during a father daughter dance, but it works really well, especially for a more casual or outdoor wedding.

It's a an upbeat and relaxed song with a great message: Fun Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance Songs a perfect song to add to our list of funny dance music for the father and daughter dance.

I'm having exactly the same issue. Every girl with brown eyes loves this Van Morrison's song. Oh, this is awesome. It is a little bit country, which appeals to many dads and daughters, but is sweet and memorable.

You can't hear this song without putting a smile on your face. The beat will make for a really bright and enjoyable dance. It's definitely a great choice to make your guests sit up and pay attention! One of the best songs by the Temptations, this is a great non-traditional Fun Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance Songs for a father daughter dance.

It'll make the guests giggle when it comes on, but it actually works perfectly for the check this out. The entire reception will be clapping along. This definitely qualifies as one of the best funny songs for the father and daughter dance.

If you like the song, but it's a little too intense for your wedding, check out the cover by Vitamin String Quartet, which has a beautiful instrumental and would also work really well. This is certainly an unexpected father daughter dance song. But for all the Bowie fans out there, this is the perfect choice.

It is a little bit country, which appeals to many dads and daughters, but is sweet and memorable. Well, my dad and I are kind of nuts anyway, and neither of us or into the sappy stuff, so we actually did our father daughter dance to RHPS Time Warp and got everyone to going in! If you are looking for father-daughter wedding dance songs with a specific theme, check out our list of country wedding dance songs and our list of favorite traditional wedding dance He used to sing it to me when I was a kid, and it holds many memories!

No one will accuse you of being sappy. It's such a great song for the bride and her father to have a killer time on the dance floor. It's perhaps not the funniest song to get down to on the dance floor, but it's upbeat, positive, and unexpected.

The bride and her father can really choreograph a fun dance that is sure to impress all your guests. I can guarantee no one will expect the Dropkick Murphys' music to be played as a father daughter dance song. This is perfect for families with some serious Irish pride. And while you'd never think this would be a good song for a dad and daughter to dance to together, the lyrics are surprisingly poignant: Here's a song that is sure to get everyone laughing.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs for 2017. [Song List]

It doesn't have any special here, but it's a great jazzy tune with fun lyrics. I'm sure all brides are like a rainbow to their dad. So this has a great meaning while not being a slow and sentimental song. Plus you can't beat The Stones. Queen is such a crowd pleaser. And in practice, it's such a great fit.

The lyrics work great for a dad and daughter who really are each other's best friends. Another great choice for country lovers. This fast-paced song is unexpected compared to the soft, sappy songs you're used to.

Plus, this could be a really fun song to dance to, especially if the bride and her dad are willing to do a little choreography. For the crazy Rocky Horror fans, this is such a perfect choice. Plus it has a built-in dance! Have some of the fellow fans of the film join you and your dad on the dance floor.

The entire reception will enjoy this song with you both.

Fun Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

This song definitely will have everyone on the dance floor smiling. You can already see everyone singing along with: Definitely not the craziest song on this list, but the uptempo beat combined with some cute lyrics like: You won't hear this song at many weddings, yet it still shows the love between a father and daughter.

Every girl with brown eyes loves this Van Morrison's song. This is another great song source a summer, outdoor, or beach wedding. It's an easy song to sing along to. This isn't the most upbeat song, but it's definitely different.

It gives you the feeling that the bride and her father should be doing the cha-cha. It also has some silly and funny lines like: This song is sure to grab the attention of everyone at the reception. Especially when the bride and her dad jam out on the dance floor! This should definitely be considered if you're looking for funny music for the father and daughter dance. Now, go here isn't an uptempo song, but who can pass up The Muppets?

Fun Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Giggles will fill the room when you hear Kermit's voice in the reception area. There are lots of covers of this song, but nothing is quite as great as the original. Here are 16 best classic rock music for father and daughter dancing for you!

Choose a special one to have the perfect dance with your father on the big day. Check out our list of grandfather granddaughter songs with catchy lyrics, full of nostalgia and meaningful messages! Want to find Spanish father and daughter songs?

Here are 15 ones you can choose from. Listen to them and choose one that you and your father love both! The bride and bridegroom wedding speech is a traditional speech that often leaves the newlyweds nervous.

Father daughter wedding songs

Some tips and samples here will help you better write and deliver your speech. How to Shop for It? With Sleeves or Without? We Have the Answers. Not sure who pays for the bachelor party? Generally, all of the guests who are attending the bachelor party should contribute, while the groom should pay for nothing.

3. "While You Were Sleeping" by Elvis Perkins

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