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HORSE BOYFRIEND SIMULATOR?! - Dan and Phil play: My Horse Prince

I Played a Game Where I Dated a Horse and It’s as Weird as It Sounds

20 Dec When I heard about My Horse Prince, a game where you virtually date a horse with a human man's face, it was an immediate *download.* It sounded absolutely insane, and since my all-human boyfriend was working most of the weekend, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get me some side. 12 Dec My Horse Prince is an dating sim with a simple concept: what activities would be funniest when done by a horse?. 16 Dec Hello. If you're just joining us, you should know about My Horse Prince, a new mobile game about dating a horse with a human face. . This reviewer said she can't even look at her boyfriend anymore "without being bitter." New horrible dating sim idea: My Horse Prince, only the horse is Nic Cage.

As any riding aficionado knows, going for a trot can do wonders for a girl's figure, giving her toned legs, a shapely bottom and a flat stomach, as well as better circulation and reduced cellulite. Now, the latest home exercise craze from Japan - the iJoyRide machine - may mean we don't have to saddle up at all.

Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym high-tech machine claims to give the same fitness benefits as riding, helping you to tone and condition your core muscles, and to improve click posture. We persuaded four out-of-shape women to use the iJoyRide machine twice a day for 15 minutes as recommended, for eight weeks. The results are remarkable. She is a secretary and is 5ft 4. I used to be very slim - at 16, I was a size source - but I put on five-and-a-half stone when I had children and I never managed to lose it all.

I had a horrible fold of fat hanging over my Caesarean-scar and no amount of sit-ups made a difference. I also hated my huge, flabby thighs. They made it difficult to fit into size 14 trousers, but a size 16 gaped at the waist.

My stomach is back to the size it was before I had the kids. Share On more Share On more More. There is more than one way to buy this game. There's an exercise regime you can do on the iJoyRide too, moving your arms and legs to ensure you tone up all over.

Being a working mum with two young children made going to the gym almost impossible. As for dieting, when I went to one slimming club I put on weight because it made me think about food all the time, so I ate more than I had before. I'd virtually given up trying to get my figure back until I found out I had to wear a formal gown to a ball. That was the incentive I needed to try to get in shape. The iJoyRide machine looked like one of those rodeo machines you get click a fair - utterly ridiculous.

But using it was fun, particularly as I could sit on it in front of the TV. It was hard work, though.

Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym

The machine mimics the motion of a horse, so you can't just sit there. It does mean the machine can't be used by anyone with a back condition. You have to use your muscles to hold yourself up - just like riding.

You can adjust the machine to go faster or slower, from a gentle trot to a gallop. There's an exercise regime you can do on the iJoyRide too, moving your arms and legs to ensure you tone up all over. After the first 15 minutes, I felt as if I'd done two hours' legwork in the gym and for the first week or so, I walked around like John Wayne. At one stage I was worried my thighs were actually getting bigger, but the tape measure told a different story.

I think it was just my muscles tightening up. When I eventually went out to buy my party dress, I was thrilled to discover all the size 14s were too big.

I bought a size 12 black satin corset dress and felt fantastic in it. Two weeks later, when I put it on for another party, it was too big and I had to pin it to my bra to make it stay in place.

Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym

Soon I think I'll have to get it taken in. My stomach is almost back to the size it Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym before I had the kids. My cellulite has really improved, and best of all, my bottom has become really shapely, like a little heart.

I no longer feel I have to cover it with long jumpers and jackets. People compliment me on it all the time. My next goal is to be able to wear a bikini again and to take the kids swimming without feeling self-conscious. There's been another, unexpected result. My mother got so jealous of my changing shape that she started inviting herself round - not to see me, but to use the machine. Now she has a much flatter stomach, too.

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Polly Bealby19, is a business studies student and lives with her parents in Muswell Hill, North London. She is 5ft 9in. I didn't need to lose weight but I did feel I needed to tone up - particularly around my stomach.

WEIRDEST Dating Simulator EVER!!

I wanted to get rid of what I call my "cupcake", the flab that pokes out over the top of my jeans. I have a very low boredom threshold when it comes to exercise, so I've never been able to keep up anything I've tried before - jogging, going to the gym - for more than two weeks. Learn more here first reaction to the iJoyRide machine was to giggle.

It's quite big and unwieldy, although it looks nothing like a horse. I didn't have any great expectations of it. But here game for a laugh, I thought I'd give it a go. My boyfriend thought I looked hilarious on it - he even tried riding pillion. I used the machine twice a day while watching TV, so it didn't feel like a workout. It meant I could indulge in multiple episodes of Desperate Housewives without feeling guilty.

Once you've mastered how to stay upright using your muscles, it's quite easy to do the exercise routine of arm and leg movements. You feel like you're working out, but you don't get sweaty, so you can do it in your make-up. Afterwards, I felt a satisfying muscular ache, so I knew it was working. By the end of the first week, I could even eat my breakfast on it, while using the most gentle programme.

Ride a mechanical horse for 15 min a day - and drop a dress size in eight weeks | Daily Mail Online

Initially, I couldn't see any difference in my body, but after a couple of weeks other people started to make flattering comments. Three weeks in, my jeans felt looser and I no longer ached after using the machine. The more I toned up, the more motivation I had not to give up. When I discovered I could get into my old size ten jeans, I was delighted.

Keith Urban reveals how he and wife Nicole Kidman keep their family together 'There was an actual man at the door! As a nanny, I work irregular hours and I find going to the gym difficult, so I need a form of exercise that I can do quickly and in my own time. How were at least 15 warning signs missed? Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Now, at the end of the eight weeks, my - in my boyfriend's words - "cute little tummy" has completely disappeared, and he certainly won't be calling me thunder-thighs again. Somebody referred to me as "lanky" the other day, which has never happened before.

I'm very surprised I've lost half a stone. I wasn't intending to lose weight, and I didn't change my eating habits at all. Stephanie Thomson25, is a nanny and lives in Wokingham, Surrey, with her parents. She is 5ft 4in. I was very unhappy with my shape - particularly my stomach, which has got big and flabby over the years as I ate too much and did little exercise.

It made me feel self-conscious about my appearance and so I'd cover it up with baggy tops. As a nanny, I work irregular hours and I find going to the gym Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym, so I need a form of exercise that I can do quickly and in my own time. The iJoyRide seemed to fit the bill. The machine left my legs in agony for the first few days - the inside of my thighs felt sore when I walked, just like they do after the first time you go horse-riding.

But soon I started to notice that my clothes were looser, particularly around my waist. A couple of weeks in, however, I went away for a weekend in Exeter for my brother's birthday and ate far too much. I was really annoyed with myself and scared I'd undone all the good work. I felt even keener to use the machine religiously when I got home. Although I wasn't dieting, the more I toned up, the less I wanted to eat fatty food.

I think doing regular exercise motivates you to be generally healthier. Being able to fit easily into an old pair of jeans that I couldn't do up three weeks before made me feel really good. People paid me compliments and my mum said my skin looked better - now she wants a machine for herself. I feel happier, healthier and I have more energy. I'm amazed that I've lost three inches from my tummy and Horse Boyfriend Dating Simulator The Gym from my hips.

This is the slimmest I've been in years. Unexpectedly, I've also lost an inch from my calves, which meant that I have just bought my first pair of knee-high boots. I could never find any that fitted before. I'm looking forward to going shopping for some new clothes, too. Losing weight is expensive. I'm going to carry on using the machine indefinitely and I hope to get down to a size She is 5ft 4. I've always been reasonably slim, but I didn't eat healthily and because I work long hours, I rarely exercised, so I was very out of shape.

I was particularly self-conscious about my stomach. I probably wouldn't have done anything about it and just carried on feeling dissatisfied if I hadn't been told I'd have to wear a formal dress to an important work function. The thought terrified continue reading I had never worn a dress in my life and I knew my wobbly belly would be on show.

I decided to use the machine once a day for 30 minutes, because I have to be at work at 8am and knew I'd never manage a session before breakfast. It was tiring at read more - the 30 minutes felt like an hour - and my legs and bum hurt, but by week two I could see that my "muffin top" tummy was decreasing and my trousers were getting looser.

When, in week four, I tried on a size ten, strapless, black party dress, it fitted perfectly. I felt great showing off my toned shoulders and I got lots of compliments. Immediately afterwards, I let things slip and pigged out. Last week, I bought my first pair of size ten jeans.

I was so excited that I could do them up that I was jumping around in the changing room. Now I'm going to have to buy a new work wardrobe, as my current outfits are too big. The pencil skirt that eight weeks ago Click had to squeeze myself into now fits beautifully.