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How to Date a Dead Thing

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I sort of understand the principle behind carbon dating, but I was wondering, if the age of an artifact is measured based on it's radioactive decay how does that tell us when the object was created?

How does carbon dating a neolithic spear head tell us when the spear was fashioned and not just how old the rock it was made from is, shouldn't pretty much everything on Earth carbon date to around the time of the formation of Earth?

How Does Carbon Dating Work Reddit

The issue is that, in the areas where carbon dating is effective, it's not telling you when the spear was fashioned, but when the thing the spear was fashioned out of died.

A good analogy for carbon dating would be this: Imagine you come across a dead body. You want to know how long it's been dead, but there's no obvious clues.

You are breathing in carbon 14 in carbon dioxide with each breath, and plants are using it to make sugars. The Carbon levels in a body or tree branch or whatever starts to go down and decay only when the thing dies because if it was alive it would naturally replenish so using halflife decay we know how long it's been since the thing died. This is an archived post.

When you do the autopsy, you open up the stomach, and you find a half-rotten Turkey sandwich inside. Now, you know how long it takes a turkey sandwich to rot because your that kind of weird scientist and you know that the turkey sandwich must have been eaten while the guy was alive, and wasn't eaten already rotten.

As a result, by measuring just how far gone is the sandwich, you can know the time of death.

Carbon Dating: (How) Does It Work?

With the actual dating, you're not looking for sandwich rot, but instead for changes in the ration of two isotopes of carbon. When trees are alive, since carbon is coming in and going out, the ratios are the same as the atmosphere. But after they die, the ratio changes as one type of carbon decays into the other.

That's why you can only really use carbon dating on things that more info organic, and it's why it doesn't work on some things like the shells of sea animals where the ratio might change because of how they add carbon during the time the animal is alive.

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But for land plants, it works pretty well. And hence, as above, we can use it to date not when the spear was fashioned, but when the tree the spear is made of died.

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Ah I see thank you. I was always confused as to what it was that made carbon something that could be measured back to specific time when they seemed to use it to date everything.

You just say "Hey, sweet carbon wanna go have a drink? They cite examples where carbon is way off to try to refute radiometric dating, even when carbon was an inappropriate element to use for that specimen in the first place. We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. Tree rings offer thousands of years of data, neatly organized, which can be averaged over many trees, to obtain a very good calibration of the amount of C14 in the atmopshere.

I came up with the question because I was reading somewhere that they carbon dated the Turin Shroud and I couldn't figure out how they could use it to work out when it was made. Makes sense now, what they actually found out was when the flax was harvested to make the linen.

The reason why carbon dating works is because we know Carbon takes a certain time to decay to half its original mass. Carbon is different from normal carbon and so its pretty special. Carbon occurs naturally in living things, but not with things like rocks.

How Does Carbon Dating Work Reddit

The Carbon levels in a body or tree branch or whatever starts to go down and decay only when the thing dies because if it was alive it would naturally replenish so using halflife decay we know how long it's been since the thing died. When you find a carved rock you can test organic material found next to it. If the wood in the fire pit is 6, years old the spearhead is probably about the same age.